Operator Grading in Garment Industry

Unemployment rate is increasing day by day in our country. At present, educated youth are choosing government jobs as well as private jobs. Of these, the garment job market covers the largest area. Like other jobs, there are different positions in the garment job. Again, their salary allowance varies from position to position. So anyone can easily establish himself by working in this garment industry. In this article I will discuss operator grading system in garment industry.

Operator Grading in Garment Industry:
Bangladesh ranks second in the current garment industry. Garment factories are growing in the country. As a result, workplace arrangements are made for many unemployed youth. Through this, the problem of unemployment has been solved a lot. Therefore, the various positions and salary allowances in the garment industry job, known as operator grading, are discussed in detail below:

Let’s talk about the operator first. Production in garments largely depends on the operator. They are skilled in operating different types of sewing machines. No one can be an operator without direct prior experience. For this one have to join as a helper or go to different training centers and become an operator with training. Operators are the main force in a garment industry. From the current 2021, the salaries of the operators are different in different fields. However, the salary of a new operator currently starts from Taka 6,500; and the maximum is up to 15 thousand Taka. This is the basic salary. Garments have the opportunity to work overtime; As a result, there is an opportunity to earn much more money than the basic salary.

garment operator
Figure1: Garment operator

The helper’s job is to help the operator. Anyone without prior experience can easily get a job in this position. Helper usually refers to those who are new. That is why their salary is the lowest. Their salaries start from around 8,000 Taka.

Whose job is to supervise. He oversees the work of the operator and helper and keeps track of the amount of work; and some operators and helpers work under him. Supervisors have a lot of work experience. It is worth mentioning that there are various categories of supervisor posts in Garments.  E.g. Including Junior or Senior Supervisor and on the other hand Swing Supervisor, Cutting Supervisor, Finishing Supervisor; Supervisors have different grading. The salary for the post of Garment Supervisor varies from Tk 12,000 to Tk 16,000.

garment supervisor
Figure 2: Garment supervisor

Line Chief:
A few lines work under him. He oversees the work of supervisors, operators, and helpers. He is an experienced person. The salary of line chief is 20 thousand to 24 thousand Tk.

In Charge:
He is in charge of all the responsibilities of a floor. Everyone on the floor works under the in-charge. The salary of the in-charge is 25 to 30 thousand tk.

Marker man:
Marker man’s job is to make designs on paper, which are cut according to the size of the cotton or lace garment. It takes experience. Marker man’s pay is similar to that of operators.

Lay Man:
They spread the cloth from the cloth roll. The cloth is cut with the design on it. In this case many times recruitment is done without experience. Lay Man’s salary is similar to that of a helper.

Cutter Man:
In Garments, they cut the machine by placing the machine on top of the design. Cutter Man is basically a senior operator. So the salary of a cutter man is 12 to 14 thousand like that of a senior operator.

Number Man:
Their job is to number the clothes. Jobs are available in this position without experience. The same grading as the helper or the salary is slightly higher than the helper.

Bundle Man:
Bundle man’s job is to bundle the numbered body or cloth and prepare it for sewing. Previous experience is not required. Bundle Man’s pay scale is the same as Helper’s.

Input Man:
They keep track of different jobs. Input the fabric for sewing if necessary. This position requires experience. Even inexperienced people are sometimes trained by recruitment. The salary of the input man is close to the salary of the operator.

Iron Man:
They iron clothes. Jobs are offered without experience. The salary of an Iron Man is the same as that of a helper or a little more.

They check the quality of clothes. Identifies immovable clothing. Educated people are recruited even if they do not have experience. The salary of quality is equal to the salary of the operators.

Quality Controller (QC):
They are responsible as supervisors. This work requires experience. The salaries of the qualities are similar to those of the supervisors.

In addition, the positions of a textile engineer in the textile industry are discussed below:

Management Section:

He may be the owner of the company himself and the field may be just an investor, depending on the policy of the company.

Managing Director:
In this case the person may be the owner of the company himself or may be employed in a particular field, it depends on the policy of that company. The managing director manages the marketing directly, travels around the country and oversees the finances of the company.

They are usually recruited and paid. Depending on the organization, the salary of the officers of this rank (from two lakhs to five lakhs may be) but in special cases this class of officers also gets a percentage of the total income of the company. Large groups of companies have 3-4 people and directors together. To get this position you need to have 20-25 years of experience in garments depending on the field. Must be highly skilled at production and marketing level. Originally, executives in these positions traveled around the country and met with buyers to help bring order to garments, but also the chairman and managing director of the company.

Marketing Section:

Merchandising / Marketing Manager / GM:
The head of this department is the person holding this title. This person is responsible for the production / shipment to the management. This person has to be responsible for why production is not done on time, why shipment is not done on time.

garment merchandiser
Figure 3: Merchandiser

His subordinate post holders are –

  1. Assistant Merchandising / Marketing Manager.
  2. Senior Merchandiser.
  3. Merchandiser.
  4. Assistant Merchandiser.
  5. Trainee Merchandiser.

When an inexperienced B.Sc. engineer first enters the job, his salary is between Tk 10,000 to Tk 20,000 and it depends on the institute, degree and factory compliance or non-compliance.

Depending on the area and environment, the salary structure of different grading scales exists according to the position of Garment Job. After working in the textile sector for 8 to 10 years, it is not surprising that one’s salary has gone up from one and a half to two lakhs Tk. Hard work is more in this sector. The harder people work, the faster they will improve. However, the salary structure is different in different garment factories.


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Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Dept. of Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka
Email: nazifa.099@gmail.com

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