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Textile Learner is a reference guide for textile engineering. It helps to update textile knowledge among the students, teachers, entrepreneurs, businessmen worldwide. Textile Learner is founded by Mazharul Islam Kiron on 1st December, 2010.

Textile Learner is the largest and most popular textile portal on the internet today. We are a team of Textile Engineers who work together toward a common goal to give you authentic and practical based information of textile and apparel industry.

Besides, It is like a community blog. Anybody can publish textile related articles, assignment, thesis papers, reports, news and any other reviews in this blog from around the world. You will be surprised that we have 500+ guest authors from different countries. Maximum are students and teachers.

Recently, Florida State University has listed Textile Learner as a research guide for their students, https://guides.lib.fsu.edu/c.php?g=1045767&p=7591084

It is a great platform to show your creativity among the textile and apparel related people throughout the world. If you want to become our guest author then send article with your short information (including name, university/company, designation, email etc.). Article will be published with your information.

Send your article at textilelearners@gmail.com