Drafting Procedures of Palazzo Pants for Women

Drafting Procedures of Palazzo Pants / Trousers for Women

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Palazzo Pants for Women
Nowadays teenage girls and middle aged women are eager to wear this lower torso wear because of its comfort and ease is more to the wearer.

Though this is a very old dress during 70s as a party wear and at the beach wear. But in modern times used as an office and even at wedding celebrations and so this dress is so popular.

Palazzo pants / trousers are suitable for pear-shaped women, having prominent hips, heavy thighs and a full rear portion. Short women, tall women, athletics women, hour-glass shaped, apple-shaped women are wearing this dress as the fashion trending.

palazzo pants
Fig: Palazzo pants

Palazzo refers a large building especially in Italy. This is a pant cut with a loose, extremely wide legs that resembled more flared out from the waist region. During winter season palazzo pants are so popular among the women.

Palazzo pant means the wide leg pant with relaxed fit, straight cut from thigh to ankle but the fit of this type of pant is more common wear.

Wide legged pants are positively back on trend this 2020s onwards. This is a very good choice of trousers for many women over forty years, due to its ease, comfort and esthetic appearance.

More suitable fabrics are wool, terry-wool, Heavy synthetic fabrics. Medium weight denim, poly viscose cotton blended is also being preferable. While wearing this pant, crop tops, short sleeve /long sleeve shirts are suitable for the upper torso wear.

Measurements Required:

  • Side-seam = 40”.
  • Waist girth = 30”.
  • Seat girth = 38”.
  • Bottom = 34”.
  • Working-scale = 19” (1/2 seat measure)

Drafting Procedures of Palazzo Pants for Women (Front-part):

Drafting of Palazzo pants
Fig: Drafting of Palazzo Pants

1-2 = Side seam +1/2”.

1-1A = Waist band width is 2”

2-3 = Bottom fold 2”.

4-1 = Body rise is 1/4th seat +2” (medium waist position)

4-5 = 1/6th working scale.

6 is mid-point of 2 to 4 in seam portion.

6 to 7 = 2 1/2”as per draft.

8 to 5 = 1/4th seat measure.

9-10-11 = Draw a vertical line.

12-4 = Seat measure/3+1/2”

13-10 = 1/2” downward.

14-13 = 1/4th waist measure+1”

15-14 = 1/2” as per draft.

11-16 = ½” is noted.

17-16 = 1”is noted as per draft.

18-2 = Bottom/2 is noted.

18, 17, and 19 draw a line as per draft.

19-7 = Is the wider knee position.

Drafting procedures (Back-part)

20-17 = 1/2” downward as per draft.

21-20 = 1/8th working scale measure.

22-19 = 1” as per this draft.

23-18 = Same as 22to 19.

24-18 = 2” Difference between waists to seat is 8”/4=2”.

25-24 = 2” Difference between waists to seat is 8”/4=2”.

25-26 = 1/4th waist measure+2” is noted.

27-11A = 1/2” ½” as per draft.

27-28 = Slanting line is to be checked as 1/4th seat+1” (10 ½”)

29-26 = Dart interval is 3 ¼”.

29-30 = 2 ¾” dart interval. Each dart length is 3 ¼” and intake is ¾” to be located.

Waist band:
Measurements are mentioned in this draft, and construct as fusing canvas and allow ½”extra for seam allowance.

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