Material Passage Diagram of Comber Machine

Last Updated on 04/03/2021

Name of experiment:
Study on the material passage of comber machine.

Combing is an intermittent operation carried out between carding and draw frame. The combing process is carried out in order to improve the quality of the sliver coming out of the card. Combed sliver has a better luster compared with carded sliver because of the improved fiber alignment.


  1. To remove fibers shorter than a predetermined length so as to enable spinner to produce finer yarn than that can be spun from the same carded sliver.
  2. To remove neps and impurities.
  3. To produce uniform sliver of required wt/unit length.
  4. To make the fiber straight and parallel so that yarn become even and lustrous.

Machine specification:

  • Brand name: LAKSHMI
  • Model no: LK250
  • Mfg. country: INDIA

Main parts:

  1. Lap r/r
  2. Tension r/r
  3. Condenser.
  4. Feed r/r
  5. Top nipper.
  6. Bottom nipper.
  7. Top comb
  8. Bottom comb
  9. Detaching r/r
  10. Condenser.
  11. Table.
  12. Drafting r/r
  13. Cloth cleaner.
  14. Belt
  15. Trumpet
  16. Calendar r/r
  17. Coiler calendar r/r
  18. Coiler head
  19. Can

Material passage diagram of comber machine:
At first lap is fed by lap roller. Then lap is passed though the condenser. Material is passed under the feed roller and through the nipper. Here top and bottom nippers are used to nip the lap. Then lap is passed through the detaching roller. Here a cloth clearer is used to clean the lap. Then it passes through the condenser and calendar roller. Then it enters into the drafting zone by the feed table. Then the drafted material is passed by the help of belt into trumpet. Finally it is deposited into can by passing though coiler calendar roller and coiler head.

material passage of comber machine
Fig: Material passage of comber machine

This practical is one of the most important practical for spinning section. By this practical we learn about different parts & material passage of comber machine.

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