Tubular Compactor Machine: Parts, Functions, Working Principle and Specification

Tubular Compactor Machine:
Tubular compactor machine has four basic sections, the entry section, the edge driver section, the compaction section and the output section. Tubular compacting machine is used after hydro extractor, dewatering machine and textile dryer. By this compactor machine, compacting is done for control the shrinkage of the fabric. Here, different types of off line quality of the fabric are measured. In this article I will discuss about functions, parts, working principle, parameters and specification of tubular compactor machine.

Tubular Compactor Machine
Figure 1: Tubular Compactor Machine

Functions of Tubular Compactor:
Following objectives are achieved by the tubular compactor. They are-

  1. Shrinkage of the fabric is controlled by the compactor.
  2. Fabric width is controlled by the compactor.
  3. GSM of the fabric is adjusted by the compacting.
  4. Fabric smoothness is achieved by the compactor.
  5. Heat setting of fabric for Lycra is done by tubular compactor.

Important parts of Tubular compactor machine:

  1. Over feed roller
  2. Steam Sprayer
  3. Stretcher
  4. Cylinder
  5. Blanket
  6. Teflon cover
  7. Folding device
Fabric Path Diagram of Tubular Compactor
Figure 2: Fabric Path Diagram of Tubular Compactor

Above diagram shows the fabric path through a tube compactor. The fabric feed from the feed roller under a slack condition is heated and moistened by steam and delivered to double compacting units fitted one above another for compacting both sides of the tubular knitted fabrics. Each compacting unit consists of an endless blanket, a hot metal shoe and a big hot metal cylinder, as in the case of Sanforising units. The compacted fabric is delivered on a trolley.

Operational parameter of Tubular compactor:

  1. Set the temperature at 120°C (as required)
  2. Set the speed as much as possible (50-70 m/min).
  3. Set the overfeed % as required; to increase GSM, overfeed need to increase to a certain limit.

Machine setup parameters for tubular compactor:

Table: Setup parameters for tubular compactor

M/C parameters Set up value
Steam pressure 4-6 bar
Air pressure 5 bar
Temperature 90°C-100°C
Cooling fan motor Auto
Width control 48-114 cm
Speed setting 50-70m/min

Machine setting for different types of fabric:

For S/J:

  • M/C RPM = 22
  • Over feed = 12
  • Teflon = 15-12

For 11 Rib, interlock:

  • M/C RPM = 18-20
  • Over feed = 10-12
  • Teflon = 15-20

For PK & Lacoste:

  • M/C RPM = 15
  • Over feed = 20
  • Teflon = 22-27

Working Procedure of Tubular Compactor:
The treatment of knit fabrics in tubular form on the Tubular compactor meets the exacting standards set by customers so that garment stitched from the fabric finished on this machine will yield the lowest residual shrinkage values.

  1. Width control through a stepless adjustable special tubular fabric spreader driven by variable speed motor for distortion-free fabric guidance.
  2. Steamping with a condensate-free steam box which is easily operated and completely made from stainless stell.
  3. Compacting through two Nomex felt belts.
  4. Calendaring while passing between the felt belt and the heated shrinking rollers.
  5. Precision plaiting with automatic platform level adjustment controlled by folded fabric height. Alternatively, a fabric rolling system can be provided.
  6. The fabric is fed through the guiding system and stretcher which then takes the fabric through the steam box onto the felt of the twin compacting units.

At the fabric delivery, the machine is equipped with a precision plaiting device with its platform. The height of the platform is controlled automatically and is adjustable according to the plaited fabric height.

An optical fabric density measuring sensor can provide the means to automatically control the compaction of a tubular compactor to achieve the desired course count. An automatic compaction control system based on density measurement and control will:

  • Eliminate over- and under-weight fabric.
  • Reduce or eliminate punch-weight measurements.
  • Provide consistent results from all operators.
  • Result in uniform fabric, seam-to-seam.
  • Yield predictable residual shrinkage.

Specification of Tubular Compactor Machine:

Brand name Ferraro
Model no. Comptex/Fv200
Manufacturing country Italy
Speed range 13-22 m/min
Temperature 110-140°C
Used utilities Electricity, Compress air, Steam
Production capacity 4 ton/day
Maximum width 86”
Minimum width 36”
Applied for Open width


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