Open Width Compactor: Parts, Functions, Working Principle and Specifications

Open Width Compacting Machine:
Open width compactor machine is used for compacting the open form fabric. Here, slitting machine is used for open the fabric from the tubular form. Open width compacting machine is a combination machine of pin plate stenter and felt compactor, it is used for the processing of 100% cotton, wool, hemp natural fabrics and chemical fabrics in open width form. It is also used in continuous spreading, centering, pinning fabric selvedge on needles, widening with overfeeding and correction of the weft and width, steaming, gumming, drying, trimming fabrics selvedge, steaming, calendaring, cooling and rolling-up with automatic alignment of the fabrics roll edge or folding in carriage. The open width compacting machine allows to get high shrinkage values. The compacting is suitable to treat 100% cotton knitted fabric type jersey, pique, interlock, plush, rib fabric, dyed and or printed fabrics and union fabrics. Working width can be 2400mm. In this article I will discuss about functions, parts, working principle, parameters and specifications of open width compacting machine.

Open Width Compacting Machine
Figure 1: Open Width Compacting Machine

Feature of Open Width Compacting Machine:

  1. Perfect sanforising finishing of knit fabrics.
  2. Ideally suitable for in-line with stenter machines.
  3. Effective shrinkage control
  4. A.C. Inverter drives, PLC with touch screen used.
  5. Equipped with modem connectivity and online troubleshooting system.
  6. Metal detector.

Important Parts of Open Width Compactor:

  1. Bianco
  2. Heat chamber
  3. Weft detector
  4. Over feed roller
  5. Gripping zone
  6. Selvedge detector
  7. Steaming zone
  8. Expander
  9. Blanket
  10. Teflon
Fabric Path Diagram of Open Width Compactor Machine
Figure 2: Fabric Path Diagram of Open Width Compactor Machine

Four zone Contain in Open Compactor M/C –

  1. Input Zone
  2. Chain Zone
  3. Compacting Zone
  4. Delivery Zone

Open width Compacting Principle:
The degree of compacting can be controlled by the differential speeds of the blanket and steam heated cylinder roller.

Compacting Principle (Open line)
Figure 3: Compacting Principle (Open line)

For Montex Compactor:

  • Pressure of rubber blanket to roller  =  5 – 6  bar
  • Pressure of fabric blanket to roller = 4 bar
  • Rubber blanket thickness = 67’’
Schematic diagram of Montex compacting machine
Figure 4: Schematic diagram of Montex compacting machine

For Ferraro Compactor:

  • Pressure of fabric blanket to roller = 4 bar
Schematic diagram of Ferraro Compacting machine
Figure 5: Schematic diagram of Ferraro Compacting machine

Functions of Open Width Compacting Machine:

  1. To finishes the fabric
  2. To compact the fabric
  3. To control the shrinkage
  4. Controlling fabric diameter
  5. To maintain proper width and G.S.M

Calculation for controlling shrinkage and fabric diameter in open width compactor:
For controlling the fabric diameter and shrinkage running diameter is set on compactor. After drying the fabric diameter is calculated & the shrinkage (length & width) is calculated.

Running Dia = After dryer dia + Width shrinkage% + 5%

Heating system: Steam

Additional attachment:

  1. Selvedge cutting
  2. Selvedge safety
  3. Pinning safety
  4. Selvedge unrolling
  5. Selvedge drying
  6. Steam zone heating


  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Compressed air or Processed air (to form the tube fabric into ballon with a view to remove crease)

Controlling points:

  • Water pressure  ——- 2.5 lb
  • Air pressure ————4 lb
  • Steam pressure ——–6 lb

Work instruction:

Table: Open compactor speed and pressure

Fabric TypePad pressureSpeedOver Feed
S/J2.5 – 340 -5040
PK340 -5040
1×1 Rib3 -3.550 -6025
2×2 Rib3 – 3.56040

Manpower Required: Worker: 04/Shift

Checking Parameters:

  1. Shade check: Operator checks shade at delivery side with approved swatch.
  2. Width check: Operators measures fabric width measuring tape compares it with approved swatch
  3. Weight check: Operators check GSM by using GSM cutter and electronic balance.
  4. Design and slanting: Operators check design and slanting at delivery side
  5. Faults check: Operator check fault and take proper stapes.

Working Principle of Open Width Compactor Machine:
Open Width Compactor is suitable for open width knit fabrics to achieve exact dimensional stability and a soft feel. The machine generally consists of a feeding frame with centering device and driven scroll rollers, an equalizing stenter machine with overfeed roller and brush pinning arrangement.

The entry section of Pin Frame is provided with edge spreaders IR In-Feed device, an S.S. fabricated steaming unit for uniform moistening of the fabric. The Steaming Device has stainless steel sliding shutters that allow steam to flow only as per the width of the fabric.

A low contact Glueing and Drying unit is provided with a stainless steel trough. Four selvedge drying units with infra-Red emitters are placed on either side of the machine. The delivery side section consists of edge dryer, Selvedge trimmer and a suction device, Exit roller, Width Adjustment device and the drive to the chain are housed in a exit box.

The compacting unit consists of 2 felt compacting units, each of them consisting of a Nomex felt approx. 20 mm thick, a steam heated chrome-plated center roller of dia. 400 mm, a rubber covered roller driven by variable frequency drive, a compacting pressure roller, a felt tensioning roller and a felt centering roller. Each unit is provided with a special anti-fiction sheet type shoe controlled by an electrical actuator to control the compressive shrinkage. A fabric cooling roller is provided after second felt to cool the fabric by means of chilled water circulation. Fabric Tension through the machine is controlled with the help of sensitive load cells and variable frequency drive with PLC and touch screen.

Specification of Open Width Compactor Machine: 

Brand nameFerraro
Model no.Comptex/Fv200
Manufacturing countryItaly
Speed range13-22 m/min
Used utilitiesElectricity,Compress air,Steam
Production capacity4 ton/day
Maximum width86”
Minimum width36”
Applied forOpen width
Left over feed-20%®+20%
Right over feed-20%®+60%

Technical Data of Open Width Compactor:

Fabric width2400mm maximum
Roller length2600mm
Operating speed40m/min maximum
Air pressure6 bar
Steam pressure6 bar saturated steam
Felt thickness22mm
Material of constructionMS with powder coated
DimensionsL – 6800 mm
W – 4000 mm
H – 2800 mm


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