List of Top 10 Textile Industries in India

India is one of the most successful countries in the textile industry along with China. In today’s competitive world, the textile manufacturing industry in India has made a global splash in garment manufacturing using advanced technology. India’s top textile companies have been working to create a competitive product range and increase the number of innovative clients. Companies are constantly working to improve product quality and keep it in the global market. In this article I will explain top 10 textile industries in India.

textile companies in India

List of Top 10 Textile Companies in India:

The ranking list of textile companies is based on the total sales of 2019. The list of top 10 textile companies in India is given below:

1. Arvind Ltd.
Arvind Limited is one of the largest textile companies in India. A small calculation shows how big it is, that the total fabric made by Arvind can be wrapped around the earth 6 times. In India, 2 pieces of Arvind brand clothing are sold every second. The company is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is the largest of the top 10 textile companies in India. This company is a mega – industry of 42,000 employees, from retail to advanced materials, from environmental and social solutions to real estate, from agriculture to clothing. Its processing capacity is 240 million meters per year.

2. Vardhman Textiles Ltd.
Vardhman Textiles is the second largest textile company in India, dominating the market for over five decades. It is one of the leading textile companies in the country today. Vardhman Textiles Ltd. started its journey in 1965. Over the years, this company has become a modern textile industry under the dynamic leadership of its Chairman Mr. SP Oswal. Today it stands as a symbol of sustainable business growth and rich industrial experience. Vardhman Group specializes in the production of Yarn, Fabric, Acrylic Fiber, Garments, Swing Thread and Alloy Steel. The group has been doing business development in 75 countries around the world, including India, for several years. This company is one of the largest textile manufacturers in India. Which has Major US shares and a sustainable business model in India. Its process capacity is 140 million meters. It is the second of the top 10 textile companies in India.

3. Welspun India Ltd.
Welspun India is the third largest textile company in India in terms of sales. 2.8 billion subsidiary of Welspun Group, is a global leading company for home textiles. This company is the supplier of 16 retailers out of 30 global leading retailers. This is India – based company who manufactures high quality products. Welspun is one of the top textile brands in India. Currently 70% of revenue comes from exports. It currently has 22,194 employees. It ranks third among the top 10 textile companies in India in terms of turnover.

4. Raymond Ltd.
Raymond is a diversified group with major investments in the textile and apparel sector as well as various businesses in the national and international markets such as FMCG, engineering and prophylactics. As a Raymond Textile Vertically and Horizontally Integrated Manufacturer, this company makes the best fabrics in the world. It has more than 1100 exclusive stores in 380+ cities. With Raymond’s extensive network of 20,000 point-of-sale in India, Raymond and its brands are available at outlets in Tire Four and Tire Five Cities. This largest company has done well enough in the denim space. Raymond is a top quality ring denim manufacturer and supplier of the world’s leading jeans wear brands.

5. Trident Group
Trident Group started the business in 1990.  Under the visionary leadership of Rajinder Gupta, founder and chairman of Trident, it has become the largest home textile manufacturer in the world. This Company is engaged in the manufacture of various types of yarns, linen, paper, chemicals and captive energy. Trident Company is one of the largest exporters of home textile products and has a major market share. It currently employs 13,816 people.

6. K P R Mill Ltd.
KPR Mills Limited is one of the largest vertically integrated textile manufacturing companies in India, producing yarn, knitted gray fabric and dyed fabric and readymade garments. It ranks sixth in the list of top 10 textile companies in India. The Yarn Division has 3,53,616 spindle machines with an annual production of 90,000 metric tons (capacity doubling work in progress). KPR manufactures combed, gray, carded and compact yarns with state-of-the-art equipment of international standard for garments of the world’s leading brands. The Garment Production Facility is one of the largest in India with a production capacity of 95 million pieces per year.

7. Page Industries Ltd.
Page Industries is the exclusive license holder of Speedo International Limited for the production, distribution and marketing of the Speedo brand in India. JOCKEY is the company’s flagship brand and market leader in the inner-wear category. They are playing an important role in the progress of inner wear. Speedo is known as the most famous swimwear brand in the country. This company has 384 exclusive brand outlets across India with 286 stores on High Street and 98 stores in a large number of shopping malls. It has opened four Jockey Exclusive brand outlets in the UAE and two in Sri Lanka.

8. Nitin Spinners Ltd.
The company was formed keeping in view the apparent demand of the Indian textile industry for high quality products and services. The company has emerged as the largest and most reputed manufacturer of 100% cotton yarn and fabric in India. It has a processing capacity of 240 MMPA and employs 3130 people. The company is ISO 14000 and ISO 50001 certified for environment and energy management systems.

9. Rupa & Company Ltd.
Rupa & Company Ltd is the No. 1 knitwear brand in India today. Their clothing range includes inner wear as well as casual wear. Starting as a dream in the visionary mindset of three men, Rupa has become a leading player in the global market with pioneering and far-reaching footprints and millions of satisfied customers in India.

10. Himatsingka Seide Ltd.
The Himatsingka Group is a vertically integrated home textile major with a global footprint. The group focuses on the production, retailing and distribution of home textile products. Widely spread across Asia, Europe and North America, its retail and wholesale distribution department suppliers of some prestigious brands in the home textile sector. With a team of over 5,000 people, the group is expanding its range and expanding its capabilities in the home textile sector.

The textile industry is one of the most important industries in the history of India. Textile industry is a field which has a strange connection between agriculture and industry. The cultivation of cotton, the cultivation of silk – the ultimate outcome of which depends largely on the textile industry. India is currently emerging as one of the brightest places in the world economy for textile companies. This country is currently the most attractive investment destination in the world.


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