List of Top Ten Textile Industries in Bangladesh

The textile industries in the Bangladesh is a main sector of country economy. Bangladeshi Textiles industry has a famous reputation in the world’s competitive garments market. The textile industry of Bangladesh is specialized in textile goods, knitwear, and woven apparels. These products are top in grabbing the export income for the country. Bangladesh has so many top textile factories who are engaged in export top quality textile products to the world. Bangladesh is the second most exported country in the world after China. It is hugely dependent on the export of textiles for its national income as the industry accounts for more than 80% of overall exports. The main reason for the development of the textile industry in Bangladesh is the hardworking labor force. Here I present the list of top 10 textile industries in Bangladesh names and their details in this article.

Textile Industries in Bangladesh

List of Top 10 Textile Industries in Bangladesh

  1. Ha-meem Group
  2. Beximco Textile Division Limited
  3. Noman Group
  4. Square Textile
  5. Opex Sinha Group
  6. Thermax Group
  7. DBL Group
  8. Viyellatex Group
  9. Epyllion Group
  10. Mohammadi Group

Brief description about top 10 textile industries in Bangladesh are given below:

1. Ha-meem Group
Ha-meem Group is one of the largest textile industry in Bangladesh. The group started its journey in 1984. Now it has become one of the fastest growing Group of Company in the country. Mr. A. K. Azad is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Ha-meem Group of Companies. It is a private company and one of the top clothing companies in Bangladesh exporting to USA and Europe for a long time. It earns a yearly 560 million USD in revenue. Today the company is equipped with 26 garment factories, a sweater factory, a poly bag industry, a label factory, a jute mill, a chemical formulation plant, a tea estate, a transport company, a news channel and a widely circulated national daily called Samakal. It has 26 garment factories with spinning mills (1200 tons / month), denim (5.0 million yards / month), woven (2.5 million yards / month), washing plants (10.5 million pcs / month).

Ha-meem Group

Today Ha-Meem Group employs around 50,000 workers and the company has 26 garment factories consisting of 300 production lines and 7 washing plants to produce 7 million pcs/month. Ha‐Meem group produces 70% bottoms and 30% tops. Fabric wise 50% Denim and 50% non‐Denim are produced. All the lines are maintained 2.5 AQL at factory level. They are achieving so many rewards with their manufacturing activity. Ha‐Meem Group deals with some of the top world class retailers and buyers. The major products of this garment industry are Hi-Fashion Denim Jeans, Men’s Shirts, Dress Pants, Jackets Facility, and others. Ha-Meem group is leading supplier of readymade garments and denim fabric in the world.

At a glance of Ha-meem group:

Company head office387 (South), Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh
Phone+ 880-2-8170592, 880-2-8170593

2. Beximco Textile Division Limited
Beximco Textile Division Limited, part of Beximco group, began its journey on 8 March 1994 and commenced commercial operation in 1995 and also went into the public issue of shares and debentures in the same year. Chairman and founder of Beximco Group is Mr. Sohail F. Rahman. It is the most modern composite mill in the region. It earns a yearly US$ 500 Million. Its Annual production capacity is 3,65,00,000 per year. Beximco Textile has a yarn-spinning mill blended with cotton and polyester. It has an installed capacity of 288 high-speed air-jet looms in its weaving section, as well as a high-tech dyeing and finishing section with a capacity of 100,000 yards of finished fabric per day.

Beximco Textile Division Limited

Beximco Textile Division has Denim division, Spinning division (122,000 spindles), Woven division (12 million woven labels are produced per month), Knitting division (900 Tons per month), Washing division, Garments division, Printing & Embroidery division and Garments Accessories division. This company believes in 3 P’s triple bottom line considering- People, Planet and Profit, the first two taking precedence over Profit. Beximco textile are manufacturer, Suppliers and wholesale trader of apparel and garments, fabrics, yarn in Bangladesh. They have been Manufacturing international stylish fashion brands with quality products. YELLOW is a retailer of parent brand BEXIMCO.

At a glance of Beximco Textile Division Limited:

Company head office350 Beximco Industrial Park Sarabo, Kashimpur Gazipur Bangladesh .
Phone+880-2-58611891, +880-2-58612040
Fax+880-2-58613470, +880-2-9615523, 7701164
Web address

3. Noman Group
Noman Group is one of the largest Bangladeshi industry in the textiles and garments sector. Noman Group is the leading makers of home textile, fabric, apparel and terry towel in Bangladesh. Founded in 1997, the group focuses on 100% export to international markets of their products. The Founder of Noman Group is Mr. Nurul Islam. Its export annually about $1 billion in textile and garment products around the world, and employs about 70,000 people. Noman Group produces yarns, fabrics, home textile, bed covers, curtain, comforters, quilt covers, denim and towels. Noman Group exports to European Union, United States, Japan and Asian Countries.

Noman Group

In 2011, Noman Group opened six textile factories; by that time, the company was operating 19 plants employing about 40,000 people. Their factories are available for spinning, weaving, processing, washing, dyeing, printing and stitching, with a fully equipped research and development facility, chemical laboratory and an accessories supply chain. Noman group produces 7,500 tons of yarn per month, 21 million Meters of fabrics per Month, 3.6 Million Meters of Denim per Month, 90,00,000 pieces terry towels per Month, 400,000 pieces tops per Month and 1,000,000 pieces bottoms per Month. In 2012, Noman opened a towel factory. By 2015, the company operated 28 factories, and another five new plants were under development. It currently has 33 subsidiaries including Talha Spinning Mills Limited, Talha Fabrics Limited, Talha Texpro Limited, Zaber and Zubair Fabrics Limited, Noman Terry Towel Mills Limtied, Nice Fabrics Processing Limited, Artex Fabrics Limited, Zaber and Zubair Accessories Limited, Nice Spinning Limited, Printology Limited, Artex Knit Limited, Artex Fabrics Limited, Ismail Anjuma Ara Fabrics Limited and etc.

At a glance of Noman Group:

Company head officeAdamjee Court Main Building (5th, 4th, 3rd Floor), 115-120, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
Phone(+88 02) 7176207-8

4. Square Group (Textile Division)
Square group stepped into the textile sector in Bangladesh in 1997. Since then Square Textile Limited, Square Yarns Limited, Square Fashions Limited, Square Knit Fabrics Limited, Square Denims Limited & Square Apparels Limited are established by the Group. All are together known as Square Textile Division. Square Textiles Division is the diversified business conglomerate in Textile sector of Bangladesh. The company was founded by Samson H. Chowdhury. It offers a wide range of textile products.

Square Textile

SQUARE steps into the textile sector with establishment of its first unit – Square Textiles Ltd. in 1997. A year later, SQUARE steps on to its second unit. In the same premises, SQUARE established its third unit on 2000. The total investment of Unit 1, Unit 2 & Unit 3 are respectively US$ 20 million, US$ 13.50 million & US$ 12 million. The Unit 1 has 36,288 spindles with daily production capacity of 20,000 kgs. Its Unit 2 has 23,184 spindles with daily production capacity of 12,000 kgs and also 768 rotors with daily production capacity of 8,000kgs. The Unit 3 has 3,192 open end heads with daily production capacity of 20,000kgs. Square Textiles engages in the development, manufacture and marketing of yarns. Its products include cotton yarn, polyester, synthetic yarn, woolen yarn and blended yarn mixed of cotton with polyester. The company’s operating profit stood at Tk 444.19 million in the FY 2017-18. Within a very short time of span the company achieved some significance success. Square textile export their products to the renowned buyers of UK , USA and some of the European countries. Being a well-known textile company in the Asia pacific region Square Textile has always kept its promise of delivering value to its customers.

At a glance of Square Textile:

Company head office48 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Phone+8833047-56, +8859007
Fax+880 2 8828768, +880 2 8835021, +880 2 8828609
Web addresshttp://textile.

5. Opex Sinha Group
The Opex and Sinha Textile Group is a composite textile-manufacturing complex built on an area of 43 acres of land at Kanchpur, about 20 km away from Dhaka on the bank of river Shitalakhya. Total employees is about 55,000 people and its maximum Factories are located at Kanchpur-Rupgonj-Narayongonj, AEPZ, Mirpur and etc. places. In the apparel business segment, Sinha Group has two subsidiaries: Medlar Group and Opex Group. Anisur Rahman Sinha is the chairman of Sinha group. Opex set up its own vertical set up in 1995, named as Sinha Textile Group. It is one of the largest complexes in South Asia producing high quality yarn, gray fabrics, dyed fabrics, printed fabrics and knit fabrics. The Opex and Sinha RMG division has an annual capacity of 6 million dozen of RMG unit with a lead time of 60-75 days. The main product of Opex are in both woven and knit fabrics; such as – shirts, pants, shorts, short – all, jumpers, overalls, jackets, vests, sportswear, sleep wear, ladies dresses, T-shirts, and fleece items, with imported fabrics from all over the world.

Opex Sinha Group

However, Opex has over 18000 sewing machines distributed to 300 production lines including 44 Knit garment production lines and has specialized Jacquard Sweater Production Units. It produces over 220,000 pieces of garment every day. Opex’s in-house Dry and Wet processing units includes Hand Sanding, Brushing, Chemical Spraying, Laser Blasting, Flexi, Crash machine etc and post cure wrinkle free processing facilities. Opex has one of the most modern denim washing facilities in the country. Its Denim wash capacity is about 100,000/120,000 pieces daily. Today Opex has the entire chain of backward linkage facilities for woven and knits comprising of spinning, weaving, knitting, yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, printing and special finishes. Opex also has its own Button, Label, Sewing Thread, Elastic, Twill Tape, Carton and Poly bag in-house facility. They also have in-house embroidery and screen printing facility. This garments industry is one of the leading RMG exporters of Bangladesh with an annual export in excess of US $ 300 million. It is providing quality products in the local and international markets. Its main export market are at EU, USA, UK & Canada.

At a glance of Opex Sinha Group:

Company head officeMohakhali Tower 82, Mohakhali, C/A Dhaka-1212
Phone+8802 8828860-4, +8802 9889689

6. Thermax Group
Thermax Group Ltd. Is one of the leading textile company in Bangladesh. Thermax GROUP started its journey in 1996 and started commercial production in 1998. Since then it remained one of the leading textile manufacturers in the country to-date. Mr. Abdul Kadir Mollah is the Founder , Chairman and Managing Director of Thermax Group. He has established around 14 limited company under this Thermax Group Ltd. The companies are Thermax Textile Mills Ltd, Thermax Spinning Ltd, Thermax Melange Spinning Mills Ltd, Thermax Knit Yarn Ltd, Thermax Yarn Dyeing Ltd, Thermax Yarn Dyed Fabrics Ltd, Thermax Woven dyeing Ltd, Thermax Check Fabrics Ltd, Sister Denim Composite Ltd, Indigo Spinning Ltd, Adury Apparels Ltd, Adury Kint Composite Ltd, Adury Fashion & Print Ltd and Thermax Color Cotton Ltd. The company is focused in manufacturing quality cotton yarn, melange yarn, woven fabrics, knit fabrics & denim. Produce 3.2 million pieces of knitwear per month, 3 million yards of woven fabric per month and 2 million yards of denim per month. Since 2001, Thermax group has been 100% export oriented industry. It has been successfully exporting knit, woven and denim. Total annual revenue of Thermax Group is about $636.6 Million. The group is serving many European and north American brands like Walmart, MNS, Zara and TNA.

Thermax Group

At a glance of Thermax Group:

Company head officeGreen City Edge (12-14th Floor) 89 Kakrail C/A, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh
Phone+88-02-48312174, +88-02-9359852

7. DBL Group
DBL Group is a multi-dimensional garment and textile manufacturing company in Bangladesh. DBL Group started its journey in 1991. Abdul Wahed is the Chairman of a Family Business Conglomerate of Bangladesh, DBL Group. It is also a knitwear company in the country. Their businesses include Apparels, Textiles, Textile Printing, Washing, Garments Accessories, Packaging, Ceramic Tiles, Pharmaceuticals, Dredging, Semiconductor Design (VLSI), ICT, and Telecommunications. DBL group’s business concerns are given below:

  • Apparels and Knitting (Dulal Brothers Ltd., Jinnat Apparels Ltd., Flamingo Fashions Ltd., Jinnat Fashions Ltd., Jinnat Knitwears Ltd., Mawna Fashions Ltd.)
  • Cotton Spinning (Matin Spinning Mills Ltd.)
  • Fabric Dyeing and Finishing (Mymun Textiles Ltd., Hamza Textiles Ltd., Color City Ltd.)
  • Fabric Printing (DB Tex Ltd.)
  • Garments Printing (Thanbee Print World Ltd.)
  • Packaging (Parkway Packaging & Printing Ltd.)
  • Distribution (DBL Distribution Ltd.)
  • Ceramic Tiles (DBL Ceramics Ltd.)
  • Textile Testing (Textile Testing Services Ltd.)
  • ICT & Telecommunications (DBL Telecom Ltd., DBL Communications Pvt. Ltd., DBTEL)
  • Sports (DBL Sports Ltd.)
  • Dredging (DBL Dredging Ltd.)
  • VLSI Design (Neural Semiconductor)
  • Sewing Thread (Color City Ltd.).

DBL Group

There are 38,000 numbers of employees are in this company. Its production Capacity is 13 million pcs/month. DBL is well reputed locally and globally for its diverse set of sustainability activities. The annual turnover of this group as of 2018-19 was $600 million. They are supplying their manufacturing products in the international market. Their major markets include Europe, USA and Canada. H&M, Walmart-George, Puma, Esprit and G-Star are among their major buyers. They are the Platinum Supplier of H&M for Knit Garments. DBL is working with international development organizations such as CARE, DEG, IFC, GIZ, ILO, and UNICEF. DBL group attempt to be more productive through actions that are rooted to proper management of knowledge and transform it into skills.

At a glance of DBL Group:

Company head officeCapita South Avenue Tower, 6th Floor, House 50, Road 03, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Phone+880-2-8140367 – 74

8. Viyellatex Group
Viyellatex Group is an export oriented and leading garment manufacturing company in Bangladesh started as a family business in 1996. The company itself is entirely family owned and employs over 300 Management staff and over 15,000 workers. KM Rezaul Hasanat is the Chairman of this industry. It has many business units. All are given below:

  • Viyellatex ltd
  • INTERFAB CASUAL WEAR (woven side of the garment industry)
  • Viyellatex Spinning Ltd
  • Gothic design ltd
  • Fashion Plastic & Packaging Ltd (Textile Accessories Manufacturing)
  • Logistic Management Services Ltd (Logistics Service Provider)
  • Midland Power Company Ltd (Energy and Engineering)
  • Royal Valley Planters (Tea Manufacturing)
  • Eco Couture Ltd (Knit Green Factory)
  • Ecofab Ltd (Woven Green Factory)
  • Pledge Harbor International School (First IB accredited boarding school of Bangladesh)
  • Viyellatex Apparels Limited (Knit side of the garment industry)

Viyellatex Group

Viyellatex Group has made a major contribution to the garment exports of Bangladesh. In a very short period of time, the company has gained a strong reputation locally and globally in the textile and garment sector. It is a 100% export-oriented composite Knit Dyeing firm. It has well-designed and equipped fabric dyeing-finishing and garments unit to facilitate knitting and knitwear production. They produces 3 Million+ pieces/month. Viyellatex Group has received a total of $46M in funding for a new spinning mill.

Now It has evolved into a rapidly growing multi-dimensional conglomerate to fulfill their Vision “To be the most regarded company”.

At a glance of Viyellatex Group:

Company head officeLe Méridien Dhaka (6th Floor) 79/A Commercial Area, Airport Road, Nikunja 2, Dhaka 1229
Phone+8802 9813001-10
Fax+8802 9811400

9. Epyllion Group
Epyllion Group is the largest manufacturing readymade garments industry in Bangladesh. Reaz Uddin Al-Mamoon is the Chairman of Epyllion Group. Epyllion Group has achieved a significant position in the emerging industry of ready-made garments within a short period . It started its journey with Dekko Knitwears Limited in 1994 with 2 sewing lines and total of 200 workforce at Mirpur area in Dhaka city in Bangladesh. Now it has more than 18,000 workforce with 111 sewing lines within different project of Epyllion Group in several areas promoted by a team of young and dynamic visionaries. There are four units in garment division. These are Dekko Knitwears Ltd (Total Manpower :1609; Production Space : 40,000 SFT), Epyllion Knitwears Limited (Total Manpower : 1609, Production Space : 58,500 SFT); Dazzling Dresses (Total Manpower : 2,142, Production Space : 40,000 SFT) ; Epyllion Styles (Total Manpower :2,361, Production Space : 2,60,000 SFT).

Epyllion Group

Epyllion have backward linkage of all kinds of knit garments, textile, wet processing & garments accessories. Its two textile units are Epyllion Knitex Limited [EKL] and Epyllion Fabrics Limited [EFL]. They have a Testing Laboratory which is called Epyllion Testing Lab Limited [ETLL]. Epyllion Washing Unit [EWL] is the only washing unit of this company. Epyllion have accessories units and they are Epyllion Limited [EPL] –(Accessory Hub) and Epyllion Limited [EPL] –(C&F). Sailor fashion brand by Epyllion group.

Epyllion also have Real Estate Unit (Nina Holdings Limited [NHL]), Food & Beverage Unit (Epyllion Food & Beverage Limited [EFBL]) and Retail Business Unit (Epyllion Holdings Limited [EHL]).

The product of this industry is knitwear and garments. They are supplying their manufacturing products all over the local areas of Bangladesh and the international markets including Europe, Australia, and the USA. Epyllion Group became the exporter of the year with annual export turnover less than $50 million. (The daily Star report of March 8, 2015).

At a glance of Epyllion Group:

Company head officeNinakabbo, 227/A, Tejgaon-Gulshan Link Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone+8802 9840223

10. Mohammadi Group
Mohammadi Group Limited is one of the renowned garment company in Bangladesh. It is one of the leading 100% export oriented garment industry. Late Mr. Annisul Huq is Founder Chairman of Mohammadi Group.

Mohammadi Group

The company started its journey in 1986 in the garments industry with only 52 workers; today it employs over 10,000. Mohammadi group is a worker-friendly group which provides several facilities beyond the safety-net of the existing labor laws. Mohammadi Group’s woven division is the heart of the company. They produce 1,200,000+ pieces of woven garments per month. Here are the production units of woven division –

  • MG Shirtex Limited
  • Mohammadi Group Limited
  • MG Niche Flair Limited (Woven)
  • MG Niche Stitch Limited
  • The Mohammadi Limited (Sample)
  • MG Niche Flair Limited
  • Mohammadi Group started lingerie division in 2012. MG Niche Flair Limited is the only production unit of this division. Their monthly capacity is over 300,000.
  • Mohammadi Group’s sweater division started its journey in the year 2003 and quickly became one of the leading sweater manufacturers in the country. Their monthly capacity is over 300,000 pieces per month. Here are all production units of sweater division –
  • Mohammadi Fashion Sweaters Limited
  • MG Knit Flair Limited
  • Mohammadi Knit Star Limited
  • MG Sweater Sample

Mohammadi Group’s Media and Entertainment division has two units and they are Digi Jadoo Broadband Limited & Jadoo Media Limited.

Mohammadi Group’s power generation division has three unit and they are Desh Energy Limited, Desh Cambridge Kumargaon Power Company Limited & Desh Energy Chandpur Power Company Limited.

In 1999 Mohammadi Group started software design & development by TechnoVista Limited. After few years in 2007 established BordingVista Limited which is a join venture company. MG Properties Limited is Mohammadi Group’s Real Estate company.

Mohammadi group of company produces Men’s & Boys Dress and Casual Shirts, Ladies Blouses etc. The annual turnover of the garment division is $80 million. Its major customers are Sears, Wal-Mart, Costco, H&M, Hagger, Perry Ellis, Primark, Target, ECI, SPRINGFIELD. Mohammadi Group of Companies believes in serving people with honesty, integrity and dedication. They are committed to provide their clients the best customer experience of the industry.

At a glance of Mohammadi Group:

Company head officeLotus Kamal Tower – One, 10th Floor, 57 Joar Sahara C/A., Nikunja-2, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh
Phone+880 9612 222000
Fax+880 2 48952704

The textile industries play a vital role in the Bangladesh Economy. The tremendous success of textile industry’s exports from Bangladesh over the last two decades has surpassed the most optimistic expectations. The ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tag has additionally brought greatness for the nation, making it a lofty brand over the world. At present, Bangladesh textile and apparel industry is facing some difficult challenges. Bangladesh is facing high cost of production due to several factors like the hike in electricity tariff, the increase in interest rate, energy crisis, devaluation of Bangladeshi taka, increasing cost of inputs, political instability, removal of subsidy and internal dispute. The above all factor increase the cost of production which decreases the exports. Govt. should provide subsidy to the textile industry for the survival of this industry. It is high time for the industry take appropriate steps to step over the hurdles and avail the opportunities offering in plenty in the global market. Still Bangladesh is regarded as one of the best choices for most of the buyers as safe and secure source of readymade garments. Overall situation of Bangladesh textile industry shows us the ability and future prospects to become the next global textile hub.



Author of this Article:
Shamima Akter Riya
Textile Engineering College, Noakhali

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