List of Top 10 Apparel Manufacturing Companies in the World

The manufacturing sector is considered as one of the most lucrative business sectors in the world today. Garment companies are also playing an important role in this. The economic condition of any country in the world can be measured by its production rate. Garment manufacturing companies are brightening the image of their own country by dispelling negative perceptions. Apart from meeting the demand of the country, the companies are also playing a strong role in earning foreign exchange through export of readymade garments. In this article I will give a list of top 10 largest garment manufacturing companies in the world.

Top 10 Garment Manufacturing Companies

List of Top 10 Garment Manufacturing Companies in the World:

The following is a list of the top 10 largest garment manufacturing companies in the world based on market value. Those are:

  1. TJX Companies (Framingham, MA, USA)
  2. Lululemon Athletica (Vancouver, Canada)
  3. V.F. Corporation
  4. Shenzhou International Group Holdings (Ningbo, Zhejiang, China)
  5. Zalando (SE. Berlin, Germany)
  6. Prada (Milan, Italy)
  7. Toray Industries (Chuo City, Tokyo, Japan)
  8. Under Armour (Baltimore, MD, USA)
  9. Ralph Lauren Corporation (New York, NY, USA)
  10. PVH Corporation (New York, NY, USA)

Above top 10 largest garment manufacturing companies are described below.

1. TJX Companies (Framingham, MA, USA):
TJX is one of the leading textile companies in the United States. The company consists of seven retail chains and four e-commerce sites. It does global clothing and home fashion retailing. TJX currently operates more than 4,500 stores across nine countries on three continents. There are several subsidiaries under TJX.

It is located in Framingham, USA. The market value of the company was 74.35 billion dollars in January 2020, which increased to 81.99 billion dollars in 2021.

2. Lululemon Athletica (Vancouver, Canada):
Lululemon Athletica is a Canadian garment company specializing in yoga and general sportswear and accessories. It has also branched out into making hair accessories, bags, yoga mats, water bottles, etc. The company trademarked its original fabric in 2005. Over the past two decades, Lululemon has made multiple appearances on Fortune’s list of fastest growing companies.

It is located in Vancouver, Canada. (January 2020) the market value was 30.53 billion dollars and in January 2021 the market value increased to 45.35 billion dollars.

3. V.F. Corporation:
The V.F. Corporation started its journey with silk lingerie in the early 1900’s and became the largest jeans manufacturer in the world in the 1980’s. V.F. Corporation is a huge group of more than 30 brands in the Outdoor, Active Wear and Work Wear departments. Although V.F. corporation has seen a decline in market value during the current Corona epidemic, which is still one of the most competitive companies in the textile industry.

The market value (January 2020) was 40.03 billion dollars, which was later decreased to 33.21 billion dollars in 2021 due to the Corona epidemic.

4. Shenzhou International Group Holdings (Ningbo, Zhejiang, China):
This company is a China-based clothing manufacturer. Shenzhou International Group claims that it is “China’s largest vertically integrated knitwear manufacturer.” It also provides packing and logistics services as well as manufacturing, dyeing, finishing, printing, embroidering, cutting and swing sections for knitwear and other fabric-related materials. This garment manufacturing company was founded in Hong Kong in 2005. The company’s product categories are primary sportswear, casual wear and lingerie. Notable products include jackets, vests, trousers, pants, T-shirts, tops and dresses.

Its market value in January 2020 was $23.17 billion. The market value of the company later increased to. 29.47 billion dollars.

5. Zalando (SE. Berlin, Germany):
Zalando SE is a multinational e-commerce company that supplies clothing, sports goods, bags, footwear and other accessories to 17 countries. Currently, this company is also considered as one of the top textile companies in Europe. Zalando was founded in 2007 under the name Ifanshow, later renamed. Originally, they worked on footwear before the company added clothing items to its portfolio. Currently, the company operates in 17 countries. Focusing on infrastructure development to sustain the growing digital market of fashion.

It is located in Berlin, Germany. The previous market value (January 2020) was $ 12.79 billion which later reached 5 27.58 billion dollars.

6. Prada (Milan, Italy):
Prada is a well known, high end luxury brand. This makes leather handbags, perfumes, shoes, cosmetics, glasses, watches and other luxury fashion products. Mario Prada was founded this company in 1913. Six years later, Prada received the prestigious honor of being awarded the title of Official Supplier of the Italian Royal House. Which allows the company to display the House of Savvy quote on its trademark logo. Since then, Prada has established itself as one of the most iconic fashion brands in fashion history. This is one of the largest textile companies in the world today.

Located in Milan, Italy. The previous market value (January 2020) was $ 12.54 billion which was later able to reach  16.90 billion in January 2021.

7. Toray Industries (Chuo City, Tokyo, Japan):
In addition to plastics and chemicals, the Toray industry began its journey through the production of fiber and textiles. Since its inception, it has diversified into other industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical products, water treatment membranes, electronics, and IT products. This company works include: Fiber and Textiles, Carbon Fiber Composite Materials, Functional Chemicals, Life Sciences, Environment and Engineering, etc. Toray was founded in 1926. The company operates in 19 countries from 1928 to 2021. This company is currently the world’s largest producer of carbon fiber. Toray is one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic fibers in Japan.

Market value (January 2021): 9.49 billion

Market value (January 2020): 11.41 billion

8. Under Armour (Baltimore, MD, USA):
Under Armor is a well-known active wear brand in the United States. The company manufactures footwear, sportswear, sports equipment and toiletries. Under Armor was founded in 1996 by Kevin Planck. Kevin Planck was a former captain of the University of Maryland football team. Planck’s goal was to create a new synthetic fabric that would remove moisture from the body instead of soaking it in sweat on a regular T-shirt worn under a jersey. The brand’s journey began in the basement of the home of founder Kevin Planck’s grandmother. Under Armor got its first big break in 1999 when Warner Bros. contacted the company by taking orders for two feature films – Annie Given Sunday and The Replacement Outfit. Under Armor’s business continues to grow from there as it deals with major sports teens, companies and athletes over the next few decades.

Market value (January 2021): 7.28 billion

Market value (January 2020): 9.28 billion

9. Ralph Lauren Corporation (New York, NY, USA):
Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in apparel, accessories, home textiles and perfumery. The company is also known for producing high end luxury products with brand names like Polo which is a globally recognized brand. Ralph Lauren Corporation was first started in 1967. Ralph Lauren, then 28, launched a new neckline under the polo label. Ralph Lauren started his business by selling his designs from a drawer in the Empire State Building. He became an American cultural icon.  He stepped down as CEO of his company in 2015. Yet his brand has fierce competition among fashion retailers on the Globe stage.

Market value (January 2021): 7.58 billion

Market value (January 2020): 8 .8.6 billion

10. PVH Corporation (New York, NY, USA):
PVH Corporation was formerly known as Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation. This company currently operates in more than forty countries. Focusing on the production of high end fashion items and lifestyle. PVH began in 1881 in the US state of Pennsylvania with shirt mending and sales work for coal miners. The company has a history of 140 years, despite the decline in market revenue last year due to Corona, it is known as the power house of the global fashion industry.

Market value (January 2021): 6.68 billion

Market value (January 2020): 6 .6.9 billion

The garment sector is leading the economy in today’s world. This is considered as the primary growth of the financial development sector. Large garment companies have been producing garments as well as a variety of products. In today’s world, garment manufacturing companies contribute significantly to the growth of financial growth. So that, it is necessary to ensure the supply of modern equipment in the companies and to ensure that the quality and quantity of the products are maintained.



Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Dept. of Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka

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