Silicon Washing Process for Denim Garments

Last Updated on 11/06/2022

What is Silicon Wash?
Silicon wash is an important and common wash in garment washing. It is done to make fabrics softer. Silicon wash generally is done on all type of fabrics i.e. Twill, Denim, Canvas, Knit, Corduroy. This wash gives elastic handle, durable softness of garments. Silicon softener is used in the washing machine.

silicon washed jeans
Fig: Silicon washed jeans

Necessity of Silicon Wash:
Silicon wash is required for the following reasons:

  1. It gives durable softness, elastic handle,
  2. It helps to anti-pilling affects, dimensional stability, and tear resistance.
  3. It helps to fabrics to be cut and sewn more easily.
  4. It also allows and improving wears and easy care properties.

Silicon Wash Process of Denim Apparels:
The silicon washing process of batch of 60 kg Denim/ Twill/ Canvas/ Poplin/ Corduroy/ Trouser is described below:

First Step: Desizing

  • Lot weight (Approx 125 pes) = 60 kg.
  • Add water @ L: R = 1: 10 i.e. 600 litre
  • Machine Running.
  • Add Desizing agent @ 0.6 gm / litre i.e. 360 gm.
  • Add Detergent @ 0.5 gm / litre i.e. 300 gm.
  • Temperature = 50°C.
  • Time =10-20 minutes.
  • Drop the liquor.
  • Rinse one time 3 minutes.

Second Step: Softening

  • Add water @ L : R = 1 : 8 i.e. 480 litres.
  • Add Acetic Acid @ 0.6 gm / litre i.e 288 gm.
  • Cationic Softener @ 1 gm / litre i.e. 480 gm.
  • Silicon (ME) @ 0.5 gm / litre i.e. 240 gm.
  • Temperature = 40°C.
  • Time = 15 to 20 min.
  • Drain the bath.
  • Then unload the garments on trolley.

Third Step: Hydroextractor Machine
After unloading garments from the washing machine then they are sent to hydro extractor machine to remove excess water from the washed garments.

Fourth Step: Drying Machine

  • Load 60 kg garments to gas/steam dryer.
  • Temperature set = 75°C to 85°C.
  • Run about 35 to 45 min.
  • After run 10 to 15 minutes for cold dryer.

Fifth Step: Delivery
After drying the garments go to quality section for quality checking and then delivery.

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