What Types of Garment Washing Machine Used in Washing Plant

Last Updated on 01/06/2022

List of Washing Machine Used in Garment Washing Plant

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What is Garment Washing?
The technology which is used to modify the appearance, outlook comfortability and fashion of the garments is called garment washing. For making garments more fashionable and new techniques were developed to enhance garments and make them more unique. These techniques are popularly known as garment washing.

garment washing plant
Fig: Garment washing plant

Purpose of Garment Washing:
Purpose of washing is following-

  1. Washing process of garment is done to create wash look appearance. After washing the garments create a new look which seems the new touch of fashion.
  2. By the washing technique, faded/old look, color or tinted affect is created in the garments which also seems the best touch of garments.
  3. Washing technique creates new fashion such as tagging, grinding, destroy, blasting, whickering, permanent wrinkle, deep dye, tie dye, P. P spray, hand crapping, P.P spoonzing etc. Which also seems the best touch of garments.
  4. The main and important function of washing is to reduce size materials as a result the garment become size free and become soft hand feel. When these soft garments are touched then it seems to best touch of garments.
  5. To attraction the customers/Buyer by different types of fashionable washing and market developments.
  6. Due to washing, shrinkage occurs in the garments. There is no possibility of further shrinkage of the wash garments.
  7. Any dirt, spot or germ if added in the garments during manufacturing is also removed due to washing.

Types of Garment Washing:
Different types or methods of garment washing are available. Primarily, garment washing is of two types. They are wet process (chemical process) and dry process (mechanical process).

The types of garment washing are mentioned below:

  1. Normal wash / Garments wash / Ringe wash
  2. Pigment wash
  3. Caustic wash
  4. Enzyme wash
  5. Stone wash
  6. Bleach wash
  7. Stone Enzyme wash
  8. Acid wash
  9. Silicon wash
  10. Sand blasting
  11. Over all wrinkle
  12. Permanent wrinkle
  13. Tinting & Over dyeing.

List of Washing Machine Used in Garment Washing Plant:

  1. Front Loading Washing Machine
  2. Side Loading Washing Machine
  3. Top Loading Washing Machine
  4. Stone Washing Machine
  5. Sample Washing Machine (Horizontal)
  6. Sample Washing Machine (Vertical Type)
  7. Semi-automatic washing machine
  8. Fully automatic machine
  9. Belly washing machine
  10. Hydro Extractor Machine
  11. Dryer Machine (Steam)
  12. Dryer Machine (Gas)
  13. Ozone Machine
  14. Chemical Mixture Machine
  15. Industrial Oven (Gas)
  16. Industrial Oven (Electric)
  17. Boiler
  18. Submersible Pump
  19. Grinding Machine
  20. Pen destroy machine
  21. Steam chamber for crinkle
  22. E.T.P (Effluent Treatment Plant)
  23. Sand Blasting Gun
  24. Sand Blasting chamber
  25. Screw compressor
  26. Laser machine
  27. Spray gun and dummy
  28. Tagging Machine

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