Front Loading & Side Loading Washing Machine: Features and Differences

Last Updated on 30/04/2021

Garment washing is the process of transformation the outlook appearance, ease and fashion application of the garments. Different types of garment washing machines are used in washing plant for different purposes. Washing machines can also be used for garments dyeing. Sometimes after washing these machines are also used for spinning purpose. The washing machine is also called as clothes washer or simply the washer. In this article I will discuss features of front loading and side loading washing machine and their differences.

Front Loading Washing Machine:
Front loading washing machines, otherwise known as horizontal axis washing machines, have gained popularity because many models use less energy and save people money on electric bills. The front loading washing machine uses technology similar to a traditional front loading dryer since the clothes are placed in a stainless steel drum, loaded from the front, and spun. These washers work by filling the bottom of the tub with water and rotating the clothes through the water, instead of wringing the clothes through a central agitator. Because these washers are so different from traditional top load washers, instructions for use also differ greatly. Before using your front load washer, research how best to use and care for it and it will have fewer mechanical problems. This article will show you how to use a front loading washing machine.

front loading washing machine
Fig: Front loading washing machine

Features of Front Loading Washing Machine:
Front-load washers are generally designed with automatic dispensers for detergent, bleach and fabric softener, which makes getting the right amount that much easier. We made sure the appliances in our lineup had that feature. If you are to invest several hundred dollars in a new appliance, you should be able to expect other conveniences as well – things like a delayed start option, quiet operation and an add-a-rinse feature. The best machines also incorporate features that address common weaknesses in the front-load design, like vibration and noise.

If we point out of Features of Front Loading Washing Machine then we can say:

  1. Available with complete stainless steel inner & outer drum Front door.
  2. Long lasting rust free operation.
  3. Auto timed, auto reverse, auto temperature control.
  4. Auto Water Level Control
  5. Electrically operated water & steam valves.
  6. Separate motors for wash & extract.
  7. Ideally suited for laundry wash & stone wash.
  8. Easy loading & unloading through large toughened glass door

Side Loading Washing Machine:
Side Loading Washing Machines that are known for its great washing and cleaning features. It is robustly constructed with the usage of high grade raw materials. It is widely used in hotels, dry-cleaning companies, and many others.

side load washing machine
Fig: Side loading washing machine

Features of Side Loading Washing Machines:

  1. Electrically & mechanically interlocked, S.S.Loading & Unloading doors
  2. Drive : Heavy duty motor co-ordinates with gear box, Pully V Belt drive
  3. Electrical Control : Well protected for performance auto timed, auto reverse & auto digital temperature control
  4. Protective device against single phasing, reverse phasing and motor overload
  5. Gauge glass cork pair for water level indication.
  6. Front display of controls through pilot lamps, push buttons, water level indication etc.
  7. Electric, Steam or thermal fluid heated
  8. Automatic features like auto timed, auto reverse, auto temperature controller with inching devise.
  9. Side Loading, open pocket, single & Double door, ideal for larger laundries
  10. Performs all Type of wash with soap, detergent, bleaching, acid, stone or any chemical wash including dying
  11. Ideally suited for Denim/Stone Washing, Enzyme Washing, Garment Dyeing & Bleaching, Softening, Milling Operation (for woolens)
  12. Interlocking system for main door opening for extra safety.

Differences between Front Loading and Side Loading Washing Machines:
Top loading washing machines are popular, most people only encounter a front loading washing machine at the local commercial laundromat. In many other countries, the style is much more likely to found inside private homes. There are a number of advantages inherent in this type of washing machine.

The main difference between a side loading and front loading washing machine is how the clothes are placed inside. A side loading machine has a hinged lid on side, allowing the clothes to be placed inside a horizontally-oriented watertight tub. In the center of this tub is a device called an agitator. The agitator’s job is to swirl the clothes through the soapy water. A front loader has no central agitator, but uses gravity and side-mounted paddles to agitate clothes. Once the front door is closed, it remains locked mechanically until the washing cycle is complete.

One advantage of a front loading washing machine is an increased capacity. Since there is no central agitator, the horizontally-oriented drum can hold at least 20 to 30% more clothing per load. For a large family, this could mean running only three loads compared to five in a top loader. Fewer loads often translates to savings in utility bills and water usage.

Another advantage of a front loader is less water and detergent usage. A side loading washer must use enough water to cover the highest level of the clothes. A front loading machine, on the other hand, only uses enough water to cover approximately the lower third of the tub at most. The clothes are drawn through the water, not the water through the clothes. Detergents designed for this type of machine use a lower sudsing formula, and are meant to release different cleansing agents at different water temperatures. In fact, the machine often contains its own heating element to keep the water at an ideal temperature for washing.

A front loading washing machine removes more water during the final spin cycle. This often translates into shorter drying times, which equals savings on electricity.

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