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The practice of wearing hijab by Muslim women in observance of religious rules is now popular all over the world. Not only has the hijab been worn for religious reasons, but it is also popular in fashion. Modern and current fashion can be done by following the religious rules. Different types of hijab can be worn according to age, taste, weather, occupation. As a hijabi girl, you should know benefits of hijab, hijab wearing styles, present hijab fashion trends etc.

A girl with wearing hijab
Fig: A girl with wearing hijab

Benefits of Hijab:
Just as the hijab is useful for veiling, it also has many other beneficial aspects. Such as:

  1. At present everyone is dressing up in hijab fashion. New look is being created in it.
  2. It has spread as a fashion trends among women and young people of all ages.
  3. When anyone go out, the biggest enemy of their skin and hair is dust and sun rays. So hijab can be a good way to protect skin and hair.
  4. Anyone can wear hijab not only with burqa but also with sari, kameez, kurta or any other garment.
  5. Hijab inspires self-confidence. Modern and current fashion can also be done after hijab.
  6. Hijab is not an obstacle for career or personal advancement, but one can feel much more secure and dignified.

Hijab Variety in Fashion:
Nowadays, diversity has come to the attention of girls. In fact, hijab is the fashion now. Keeps hair free from harmful effects from the sun. Moreover, hijab is a part of Muslim girls. But nowadays it has become very popular in the fashion world.

  • If women want to choose casual and sporty look as well as casual clothes, they can choose simple pants and long sleeved tops and match hijab with tops. Before wearing hijab, must look at the hand side of the garment. Clothing sleeves must be full sleeves or three quarter sleeves.  Because short sleeve dress is completely incompatible with hijab.
  • Pashmina hijab that fits with modernity in the budget. High quality of pashmina fabric this hijab can make anyone fit with stylish design and modernity.
  • The double layered chiffon hijab is always in tune with the latest fashion but the hijab is not lagging behind. This chiffon fabric hijab is double layered. It is suitable for any occasion.
hijab as fashion
Fig: Hijab as fashion
  • Cotton maxi hijab can give women a fashionable look as well as veil with this type of hijab. And they can make themselves elegant and very different. High quality fabric stylish design, matching with modernity. This hijab can be used comfortably.
  • In case of wearing hijab, hijab should be chosen keeping in mind the color and type of the garment. Women can use hijab of the same color or opposite to the color of the garment. If the dress is more designed or printed, then choose a monochromatic hijab. If the dress is light or monochromatic, choose a hijab with a contrasting color or patterned print. In this case, fashion has emerged in the field of hijab.
  • The use of any garment is the same in the beginning but later it is different. Similarly, hijab, one of the accessories of the veil, is being used nowadays along with western clothes. Many women choose Western look to bring variety in fashion. They think of shirts, pants and tops as Western. Now young women are choosing various accessories to add novelty to the western look. They want necklaces, rings, shoes, hand bags with fatwa-tops or jackets. To adapt to the intense sun and dusty weather, many women are wearing hijab with western clothes. It matches the western look of different tastes.
  • On special days, everyone likes a little extra outfit, so on special days; women can express their taste and aristocracy by adding suitable materials with hijab.

Hijab Wearing Styles:
There is currently no end to the style of wearing the hijab. As much as women can present aesthetically, something new is being added to the style. Seeing one person, another is creating a different style. At first, square shaped scarves were chosen for tying the hijab. But at present the veil or semi-veil is always being used as hijab.

different styles of wearing hijab
Fig: Different styles of wearing hijab

Everyone wants to be stylish. So women can wear contrast hijab with the dress. If they wear two different colored hijabs tied around one head and one around the neck, the layer of color can be understood properly. Before wearing hijab, they can lift their hair and tie a bun. Then there will be more benefits.

In addition to the hijab, the hijab pin is also varied. Metallic hijab pins are quite popular with stone hijab pins nowadays. Recently, the demand for hijab pins of various designs made of wood, bamboo and clay is also increasing. Besides, hijabs of various fabrics including cotton, lace, georgette and satin can be seen in the market. Hijab is playing a very important role in fashion nowadays.

There was a time when hijab was seen among women above 30. But now women buyers of all ages can be seen. And teenagers and young women wear hijab more now. Vendors now sell hijabs with all of them in mind.

There is a collection of domestic and foreign hijabs in almost all the markets of our country. Nowadays all types of hijabs are also available online. The price of hijab starts from 100-150 taka. Then there is the hijab of a few thousand taka as much as possible. They are priced based on the quality and design of the fabric.

There was a time when hijab was only considered as part of the veil. At that time, burqa or loose large clothes were worn. But now the boundaries of that idea have changed. It is now being considered as a part of clothing that presents itself with a beautiful, smart and trendy look along with the screen. Apart from that, the role of hijab is unique in presenting it in a slightly different style from the look it gives everyone. That is why today girls are easily embracing hijab in both local and western attire.


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