Different Types of Fashion Categories for Dress Design

Last Updated on 16/09/2021

Today fashion is the global industry. China and Bangladesh are the biggest apparel manufacturers. On the other hand Paris, Milan, New York, and London are the top four fashion centers in the world fashion industry. Some other 7 countries such as, France, Italy, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium are now established their fashion design reputation in the world fashion industry. In this article I will discuss on different types of fashion categories used by fashion designers throughout the world. Apparel manufacturers produced their fashion products into follow three main categories of fashion. Although these categories are may be split up into more specific. Fashion designers are mainly design their product with the help of these categories. At first every designer has to decide his/her specific category for designing a dress.
Types of fashion dresses
Fig: Types of fashion dresses

Types of Fashion Categories:

  1. Haute couture fashion
  2. Ready-to-wear fashion
  3. Mass market fashion

1. Haute couture fashion:
If designers are like to design for a specific client with a high quality product they choose Haute Couture fashion. Until the 1950s, fashion clothing was predominately designed manufactured on a made-to- measure or haute couture basis (French for high fashion), with each garments being created for a specific client.

  • Haute couture clothe is made to special order for an individual costumer.
  • This fashion generally maintains high quality.
  • Use expensive fabric for dress making.
  • Sewing garments with extreme attention to A-Z production and finish.
  • More time required to complete Haute couture garments.
  • To get attractive looks, use hand executed techniques.
  • For this fashion out looking and fitness take more priority over the cost of materials. In this reason the time it takes to make.
  • To make this Haute couture fashion dress, fashion houses get small direct profits.
  • Fashion house mainly design Haute couture fashion dress to established their reputation and publicity also.
Haute couture fashion dress
Fig: Haute couture fashion dress

2. Ready-to-wear fashion:
Ready-to-wear fashions are the cross between haute couture and mass market. This fashion is not made for individual customer. Fashion designer taken great care in the fabric choice, cut of the fabric and in the making time. It also called prêt-à-porter fashion.

  • Ready-to-wear garments are made in small quantities but they are maintaining quality exclusively, so they are rather expensive.
  • Usually fashion houses are present Ready-to-wear fashion collections for their customers.
  • Designers are created their design by the basis of season. Here season during a period known as fashion week. The main seasons of Fashion Week include, spring, summer, fall, winter, resort, swim, and other special occasion like wedding.
  • Ready-to-wear fashion is takes place on a city wide basis and occurs twice a year.
Ready-to-wear fashion dress
Fig: Ready-to-wear fashion dress

3. Mass market fashion:
At the present time the fashion industry depend on more on mass market sales. The mass market fashion fill up the wide range of customer’s demands. Designers are producing ready-to-wear clothes in large quantities with standard sizes and using fashion trends that set by the famous names for the customer.

  • Use in expensive accessories, creativity and produce affordable fashion in our country wise.
  • Mass market fashion designers are generally adapts the latest trends set by the famous names in fashion.
  • Fashion designers are design their dress on the basis of season and season related color.
  • Designers frequently wait around season to make sure a style is going to catch on before producing their own versions of the original look.
  • Mass market fashion save manufacturer time and save consumer money also.
  • Designer use cheaper fabrics and simple production techniques that is easily done by machine.
  • The end product can consequently be sold much cheaper price.
Mass market fashion dress
Fig: Mass market fashion dress

To become a successful fashion designer, you should know about the categories of fashion to design a dress. Finally you will select fashion category and design your category related garments for the target consumer.

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