Different Types of Scarf with Wearing Techniques

Last Updated on 25/12/2020

Different Types of Scarf with Wearing Techniques

Kallika Malhotra
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“I don’t dress to fit in, I dress to stand out.”

Is there a must-have accessory for powerful women?
Some rely on a strong cuff bracelet. Others insist on a unique pair of shoes or a certain style of suit. But I make it a scarf to announce who am I.

When we think of “scarves” we usually tend to visualize flowy, translucent and very feminine piece of cloth wrapped around the neck of a beautiful woman. However, the ambit of scarves is not limited to the above description per se. It includes mufflers which are worn to keep the neck and head protected from wind and cold, head covers, neck cloths, waist ties or bag accessory (a piece of cloth tied to the handle of the bag – allowing its tail to flow or hang from it). Whether it be for the purpose of fashion, adhering to religious commands and scriptures, keeping the dust and pollution off from the head and neck, keeping warm in the winter or used as a means of attaining respite from the sun’s burning ray(s), it is among one of the most popular piece of clothing/accessory worn all over the world. The many ways in which this enchanting and all evolving piece of material can be used cannot truly be consolidated into a single list.

Beautiful Scarf
Fig: Scarf with a beautiful women

The origin of scarves can be traced to ancient Rome, where they were not used as fashion accessories but as “sweat cloths” to wipe sweat from the face and neck in hot weather. Later the scarf was not just a must have fashion accessory for women but also for men, which was mainly made fashionable for the gentlemen by the French in the form of “cravat”.

Today you don’t have to sweat it. There are at least 25 terrific ways to wear your scarf. It’s easy to add an instant update to your look and get creative when it comes to tying a scarf to best complement an outfit.

Scarves come in many shapes, sizes and, importantly, fabrics. A scarf’s fabrication determines its texture, appearance, and weather-appropriateness, so you should always pay attention to fabric when you’re shopping for scarves.

Peruse the fabric descriptions below to determine the best type of scarf fabric for you and your lifestyle.

  • Alpaca: for cold autumn winter days: Alpaca scarves are made from wool of the alpaca, which is a lustrous and silky natural fiber, warmer and softer.
  • Cashmere: for cold autumn winter days: This soft, luxurious fabric is made from the wool of the Cashmere goat. It is light in weight and, when handled with care, becomes softer with time.
  • Cotton: for hot spring summer days: Classic and easy, cotton is staple for its ability to be laundered and its durability. It’s a cool fabric, perfect for summer wear.
  • Jersey: For cold autumn winter days: This stretchy, soft cotton is breathable and light-weight. Jersey is an ideal pallet for beading, studding, sequins, and other embellishment.
  • Linen: For hot spring summer days: Promoted for its coolness, linen is often considered the most breathable fabric of the bunch. It is made from the fibres of the flax plant.
  • Pashmina: For cold autumn winter days: Pashmina refers to a type of shawl or scarf made from the cashmere wool of the pashmina goat.
  • Satin: For cold autumn winter days: Satin is a glossy, soft fabric most often made from silk or polyester. Satin comes in several forms or weaves, which may vary in shine, thickness, flexibility, and weight.
  • Silk: For hot spring summer days: Silk is a natural protein fibre obtained from the larvae cocoons of the mulberry silkworm. It can be shiny or matte in lustre, and is especially delicate.
  • Wool: For cold autumn winter days: Wool comes from the fleece of sheep and other animals. It’s very warm, durable, and with proper care should last you for years.

Other than styles discovered from its materials, details of a scarf surely can also add lots of dimensions into your fashion statement. A chunky scarf, for example, offers an incredibly flattering and chic appearance during the chilly, winter days, while a sparkling metallic scarf with sequined details delivers those glam-rock styles perfect for a night out.

A Style for Everyone
I’ve been a fan of scarves ever since my first trip as a teenager. Today I have a drawer full of them in all shapes, colours, patterns and sizes. I have a four-season selection of large cashmere and lightweight wool pashminas and consider them to be the ultimate travel accessory. They keep me warm on chilly planes, and they’re the easiest way to dress up a suit or cocktail attire on business trips.

I have variations of two of the three classic shapes — square, rectangular and triangular — in cotton, silk and wool. And while I am no fan of the triangle, cowgirl wannabes the world over are well aware of the Western appeal of one knotted at the throat.

There are different types of scarf and list to classify scarves hanging in your wardroom but I tried to classify some on the basis of shape, colour, texture, size, patter, season, material etc.

Types of Scarf according to Shapes & Styles

1. Blanket
Blanket scarves are a giant version of a scarf that are so big they could even be used as, you guessed it, a blanket. They’re warm, cosy, comfortable, and wonderful, and they just might be my favorite trend of the fall and winter season this year.

Blanket scarves
Fig: Blanket scarves

2. Neck
Whether worn bandana-style, tied into knot, or looped into a feminine bow, neck scarves are sweeping Hollywood, runways, and city streets with gusto this season. Channel your inner Mad Men, classic girly-girl, or country club queen in one of our signature neck scarves! We carry styles perfect for a men’s neck scarf as well as neck scarves for women. Try cute patterns like dots or floral or go abstract with stripes and shapes.

3. Ponchos
Nothing says posh like a poncho! Whether lined with fur, adorned with embellishments, or in sophisticated blacks, tans, and greys, our capes and ponchos add the perfect amount of pizazz to a classic gal’s wardrobe. Once you’re wrapped up in these stylish outfit additions, you’ll be the cat’s meow at your next soiree.

4. Head
Hair and head accessories have been a staple for fashion since the first bobby pin was invented. Whether you want to have that 50’s ponytail flair or are looking for that gypsy, tousled hair look, head scarves can add exciting style to your daily fashion. Didn’t have time to wash your hair? No problem! Sport a head scarf instead! Wear the scarf as a head band, bandana, or a wrap. A skinny scarf or square scarf works great for this trend that wears well in any season. You can even use a silk head scarf at night to help keep curls in place!

5. Infinity
The infinity scarf is like our love for scarves: it never ends. Instead, it goes on for forever in an ever-so dashing, flashy, and comfy-cozy way. A wool infinity scarf will keep you warm while bringing bold colors to your winter outfits, but there are infinity scarves that are perfect for any season. A circular scarf doesn’t let its physical shape limit its stylish possibilities; whether you prefer a sleek, simple loop scarf or one bursting with bright, glittering detail, we have infinity scarves for women that you’ll love! And before you know it, you’ll find yourself wrapped up and feeling fabulous without ever having to tie a knot.

6. Pashmina
If there were a master list of the must-haves for every woman’s wardrobe, the classic pashmina would be at the top. The pashmina is timeless, and with its infinity of uses, you’ll find yourself wearing it as a warm shawl, as a trendy solid colour statement piece, and a million-and-two other scarf-tying ways. From bold prints to demure silvers, you can do no wrong with a pashmina. Find a gorgeous cheap pashmina to add to your wardrobe.

7. Square
There’s nothing square about square scarves; the moment it’s tied, looped or knotted around your dainty neck, it makes a bold style-statement. Whether you’re sporting one in chevron, hearts, abstract shapes, leopard print, or even a festive holiday neckerchief, square head scarves will surely turn heads. If you’re loving their silky-smooth feel, check out our full collection of square silk scarves.

8. Shemagh Scarves
Shemagh scarves, otherwise known as keffiyeh scarves, are a square cotton type traditionally worn by Arabs. These are worn around the neck or the head to protect from the sun and dust. This scarf is known for its white checkered weave that is combined with a dark colour.

9. Bandana
A bandana scarf is a piece of cloth in the shape of a triangle or a square that is folded into a triangle. These are often made of cotton and are popularly donned by cowboys and associated with western wear. Bandana scarves can be worn on the head, neck, and as a ponytail wrap. They may also come in silk as well.

  • Wraps
  • Shawls

Unconventionally Stylish Ways To Wear Your Scarves

1. A scarf peeking out from under a hat is a subtle way to add colour and texture.

Peeking scarf
Fig: Peeking scarf

2. Make a vest with just one knot! This one works better with larger scarves and makes a great bathing suit cover up too!

Vest scruve
Fig: Vest scarf

3. Bows top off any look.

Bow Top Scarf
Fig: Bow top scarf

4. If you can braid hair, you can braid a scarf.

Braid a scarf
Fig: Braid scarf

5. From scarf to bag, just like magic.

Scarf to bag
Fig: Scraf to bag

6. Change it up – every day of the week.

Scarves change
Fig: One scraf in different looks

7. Who doesn’t love a crop top?

Scarves wearing
Fig: Scraf tops

8. This sophisticated tie actually connects to your shirt.

Fashionable scarf tie
Fig: Fashionable scarf tie

9. Why spend money on a new sarong when you have scarves in your closet?

Scarves in closet
Fig: Scarves in closet

Things need to be kept in mind before buying a scarf
Scarves aren’t strictly meant for winter, and there’s something about having one artfully wrapped around your neck that is incredibly stylish. An accessory that delivers both on style and function, a scarf is the best way to add a chic European touch to your ensemble. Here are 5 things to keep in mind for when you’re buying one. –

  • The first rule to keep in mind while buying a scarf is to pick one that isn’t sheer or see-through. Light, airy fabrics instantly draw a connection to women’s wear, which is why you want to steer clear of them.
  • The most versatile scarf is one that is shaped like a rectangular strip. Square ones are usually meant to be bandanas and won’t drape well if you wish to use them otherwise. If you don’t want to spend too much time draping, pick a circular scarf which is essentially a loop that you can wrap around your neck.
  • As far as the length of the scarf goes, pick one that is about 10 inches shorter than you are. This gives you enough fabric to keep you snug while ensuring that there isn’t excessive fabric that you have to utilise by employing a complicated knot.
  • Keep the pattern simple. Fine checks, classic plaid and houndstooth prints (or weaves) look great when it comes to scarves, but bold patterns and loud prints look far from classy.
  • As far as edging goes, stick to a short fringe or simple tassel. Ideally, a flat sewn edge looks the classiest, but if you want a little detailing, a short tassel or contrast piping is where you should draw the line.
  • Pay attention to fabric. Wool blends and knits are perfect for a frigid winter, but if it isn’t quite as cold, stick to cotton or cotton-wool blends.
  • Pick your scarf according to the intended use. For work, pick tighter weaves that lie flat on your physique and reserve chunky, knitted scarves for casual, weekend wear.

Trends scarf 2016-20:
Now its time to discuss the most awaited part of the article, the types of scarf you need to add up in your wardroom this season to look up glamorous and flawless …..

  • Add up a Skinny Scarf to your collection
  • More of a Square Silk pieces
  • Fur stoles will steal the attention
  • Bandana Neckerchiefs

Scarves can make or break an outfit. If one is in the market for a new scarf, consider adding more to the current repertoire by choosing a different design, such as a head scarf or a skinny scarf. Scarves also come in many fabric types, namely cotton, silk, pashmina, linen, cashmere, jersey, chiffon, alpaca, satin, wool, and acrylic, among others. When choosing the fabric, take into consideration the season. If one lives in a scorching hot climate, it does not make sense to purchase a wool scarf and expect to wear it all the time. One can also experiment with various types of scarf patterns, such as plaid, paisley, polka dot, geometric, animal print, and many more. When shopping for a new scarf, buyers should go online to find exactly what they desire at an affordable price.

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