5 Accessories that Make a Woman More Personable

To supplement one’s outfit people, use some decorative item. We call them fashion accessories. Such as watch, money bag, handbag, neckless, scarves, belt, hat etc. These accessories help us to enhance our outer look. It takes our personal style one step up. It also expresses our test and preference. Our cloth takes most of the space of our closet. But without the right accessories our appearance is incomplete. Specially a woman is incomplete without accessories. There are lot of women accessories out there. Such as watch, shawls, sunglass, scarves, hijab etc. But one thing we must consider that we should buy those accessories that goes with us. It doesn’t matter if an item is cheap or expensive. We must find out that product which is interesting rather expensive. Another thing is that many people think branded item is perfect to buy. But we must get out of from this kind of thought. We must buy those items which fit us and provide us comfort in our budget. This are the 5 accessories woman can use:

5 Accessories that Make a Woman More Personable

1. Watch
Talking about accessories one cannot overlook a watch. A good-looking watch makes you more personable. There are many kinds of watch such as: leather belt watch, oversize watch, bracelet watch, metal chain watch, band watch etc. Now you must decide which one goes with you. But buy a watch that looks good on you. Don’t go for any fancy item. You can go for a simple classy watch that you can wear in your day to day life.

Watch on girl hand
Fig: Watch on girl hand

2. Scarves/Hijab:
Scarves are must thing for a personable woman. Scarves are for religion reason, cleanliness, warmth, sun protection, protection from pollution etc. scarves are made from different type of material. Such as cotton, linen, wool. If we talk about muslin woman. She must need some hijab in closet. Because a hijab maintains privacy and modesty of a woman. There different type of fabrics is used by hijab manufacturer such as: jersey fabric, satin fabric, linen etc. But many women prefer jersey fabric hijab as it is very comfortable.

hijab with beautiful girl
Fig: Hijab with beautiful girl

3. Handbag:
A handbag makes an outfit iconic. It also helps a woman to be more organized. There different type of woman bag. They are barrel bag, bucket bag, hobo bag, backpack purse etc.

beautiful handbag
Fig: Beautiful handbag

Mainly there two type of bag that woman carry. Purse and handbag. Purse word is used to identify small bags that woman carry. In many countries people still use this word to refer “a small money bag”. Handbag is the larger form of accessories in that woman carries all his personal and official things. Such as office files, document, baby item if she is a mother etc. There another type of bag called “pouch”. Pouch is a small bag closed with a drawstring.

4. Quality flats:
Every woman needs a pair of flats. Choose at least one pair of stylish, comfortable, durable flats. Flats goes with almost every outfit. In summer season a pair of flats is more comfortable than shoe. Natural shade like black and cream colour is recommended as you can wear with a large variety of outfit. When buy flats the first thing you must consider it material. You should buy those flats that have lovely texture, soft leather, sturdy sole. Whether you are walking, shopping, going office or going party a pair of flats is always a good choice. There is huge amount of flat design out there. Now its your turn to find the right one that goes with your test.

flat shoe with girl
Fig: Flat shoe

5. Sunglasses:
You are trying to be more personable and overlooking sunglasses. Are you sure?? Think twice. A sunglass not only hide tired eyes but also give protection from bright sunlight. It protects you from sun UV ray which can lead to cataract. The American optometric association says you should wear a sunglasses during day light hours. There are different types of sunglasses like: aviator sunglasses, round sunglass, square sunglass, cat-eye sunglass etc. polycarbonate lenses now a days is good choice. Because they are more flexible, lightweight, impact resistant than lenses made of glass and other material. From different type of shades, you must choose that you fill comfortable, confident, beautiful.

Sunglasses with girl woman accessories
Fig: Smart and sexy looks wearing sunglass

We all know that inner beauty is everything. A woman with a beautiful heart is attractive to all. These fashion accessories just add some value to your external beauty. But every woman should have some accessories that express her value, test, preference. But we should not fall into the trap of expensive and brand item. It is true that brand provides you a quality product. But if you think it don’t go with you just let it go. Your aim should find the item that fit you and your budget.


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