Why Fashion Accessories Important in Fashion Industry

There was a time when people wore clothes just to be modest, to protect themselves from the weather, heat, and insects. But at that time the use of different fibrous fabrics was not as prevalent as it is now, but the leaves of different trees, animals and birds used it as a covering for the body, at that time people only used the tree of decency, to protect the body from the rain. Used leaves, bark and animal skin for making clothes. But with the development of human intellect, the bark of the tree, the skin of the animal, etc., is discarded and the fabric is made suitable for use with the help of various weaving methods with the fiber of the tree, animal-bird lame etc. In addition of clothing, people began to feel the need for accessories. Shoes, socks, hair ribbons, ornaments etc. are included in the accessories. Fashion accessories is very important for expressing her style, taste, and preferences.

Importance of Accessories in the Fashion Industry

Accessories are used to adorn a garment and enhance a person’s beauty. Such as yarn, bags, jewellery and cosmetics.

With the development of civilization, accessories was not only limited to necessities but also has been playing an important role in enhancing the beauty of human beings. Fashion accessories (jewelleries, bags, hairstyles, shoes) help to enhance the physical beauty of the wearer.

Now a days the role of accessories in the fashion industry is essential. The need of accessories (jewellery, bags, hairstyles, shoes) in the fashion industry is individually highlighted below:

Shoes or sandals, the most necessary companion in everyday life. Shoes are one of the most used items in modern civilization. One cannot imagine a moment without shoes in urban areas. Shoes have different designs depending on the age, gender, country and time. Shoes were invented primarily to protect the human foot, but now it not only provides safety, but is also a part of decoration. It is said that when you see someone’s shoes, you can tell what kind of lacquer he is, what his personality is like. In fact, in addition to clothing, shoes also enhance a person’s personality. Shoes are also considered as a symbol of good luck. However, after tidying yourself up, you need trendy shoes to look stylish. Which must be appropriate to the dress, environment and age. Young people are now quite conscious about wearing shoes that match the dress. It is important to be aware of this as your partner has shoes throughout the day. Somehow in the office environment, somehow in the chat of friends, a little gorgeous when going to a party, this is how the style of shoes changes with respect. However, with the change of time, there has been a huge change in shoes to keep pace with the times. In addition to fashion, the acceptability of comfortable shoes is now gaining prominence.

fashion shoes
Fig: Shoes

Considering the taste and moral position, the influence of jewellery in the fashion industry is essential. From the beginning of civilization, jewelleries have been conquering the minds of girls in any part of the world for ages. If clothing is a reflection of a woman’s soul, then jewellery is a reflection of a woman’s heart. The way a woman decorates herself reveals her thoughts, tastes, and even her personality. Jewellery has become very popular in the fashion industry.

Fig: Jewellery

People, who love fashion, always love to add something exceptional to their fashion every few days. Apart from that, fashion often changes with the environment of work or the weather. Moreover the word ‘fashionable’ is no longer stuck only in chic clothes and stylish shoes. Even a beautiful bag can bring a surprise to their whole look. Their outfit may get an extra beauty. In recent times, along with clothing, accessories have also become very important. Bag is most important in fashion industry. Handbags, long belt bags with different styles are now fashionable which is adding glamour and perfection to one’s look.

Fig: Handbag

In the early sixteenth century, when girls began to walk out of the house, it was not well-liked in the society for girls to go out bare-headed. Along with bonnets or scarves, girls also started wearing hats for the necessities of life and also as a fashion accessory. There is no doubt that people have started using hats mainly because of the need to cover their heads to protect themselves from storms, rains and thunderstorms. Hats and caps are found in ancient civilization, various cave paintings and even Greek papyrus paintings or hieroglyphics. The hats may have been made of banana leaves in the beginning, made of grass or straw braids, or later of leather, wood, and metal sheets. But gradually hat expresses itself as a representative of fashion. Western hat is now very familiar and popular with us. The use of all kinds of hats can be seen in everywhere. Nowadays hat is the most important accessory in our fashion industry.

Fig: Hat

Accessories are an essential part of everyone life. It makes everyone appearance more gorgeous and glamorous. The development of fashion industry is not possible without accessories. So the importance of fashion accessories in the fashion industry is incomparable.


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