Fashion, Style and Fad: Basic Concept, Features, Examples & Difference

Fashion, style and fad have a relationship with clothing. The use of clothing is changing for various reasons as it evolves. Political, economical, social and religious factors are involved in such changes. Fashion, style and fad originate from the variety of clothing. Fashion is the demand of age which is prevalent and acceptable in the society. When a conventional style is widely used, it becomes fashionable. Style is a person’s own attitude. The two words fashion and style seem to have an interesting power that colors the world of our imagination. Fashion will come, fashion will be lost. Many times the old fashion is seen a new one. In this article I will discuss basic concept of fashion, style and fad.

Basic Concept of Fashion:
Fashion is an accepted trend. The widespread use of style gives birth to fashion which becomes popular in a short period of time. Although it is a reflection of style, but it is different from style. When one’s own characteristics are spread among many, it becomes fashion. Like Diana hair cut, Mujib coat. A feature that is admired by a particular person or a particular place or time and when it is accepted by many, it is called fashion.


Features and concept of fashion:

  1. In a short time fashion gained prominence.
  2. Foreign features emerged in fashion.
  3. Fashion is an uncertain and fleeting behavior, but on the other hand, its durability is observed through extensive use.
  4. Fashion eliminates monotony.
  5. Touches of innovation is available.
  6. By keeping the basic principles of making garments unchanged, the front or back part of the garment is made attractive and fashionable.

Style is the medium of one’s own thought consciousness and one’s creativity. In style, the person’s thoughts and feelings are expressed. Individual attitude can be noticed. Style is a characteristic of a person. It is also means of expressing one’s personality.


Features of style:

  1. In style, one’s thinking, consciousness and technique can be noticed.
  2. The identity of a person’s creativity is revealed through style.
  3. Style is the expression of a person’s behavior, thoughts, qualities.
  4. The emergence of style occurs slowly but it is not extinct.
  5. Differences in style can be noticed from person to person.
  6. The style has its own beauty.

Difference between Fashion and Style:
Although fashion and style are two different words, they are related in different ways. The beginning of fashion in developing beauty and bringing diversity. Style is a person’s own tastes, preferences and characteristics.

But there are some difference between Fashion and Style. That is given bellow:

  1. Style is one’s own attitude but fashion is universal for everyone.
  2. Style is the expression of one’s own thoughts. On the other hand Fashion is the expression of the needs and attitudes of the society.
  3. The style is slowly gaining but fashion is spreading fast.
  4. There are limitations in style. On the other hand there are no limitations in fashion.
  5. Knowledge of art policy and art material is required for style but knowledge of art policy and art material is not required for fashion.

Fad which is entered the fashion market very quickly, rising to the top of popularity and quickly disappeared from the market. Fashion lasts for more than 1 year. It continues for 2-3 years. But the Fad lasts much less time. No fashion designer can say whether his design will be fashionable or fad. A lot of the time a fashion comes and goes in a very short time which is known as fad. Young people like to use new things all the time. Among them, FAD is the most prevalent.


Features of fad:

  1. Fad is a fleeting fashion.
  2. It is not understood when the fad will come and when it will go.
  3. The fad is created based on young society.

Difference between Fashion, Style and Fad:
But there are some difference between Fashion, Style and Fad. That is given bellow:

1. Fashion is universal for everyone.1. Style is one’s own attitude.1. Fad is a temporary fashion.
2. Fashion is the expression of the needs and attitudes of the society.2. Style is the expression of one’s own thoughts.2. The fashion that is lost very quickly is called Fad.
3. Fashion is spreading fast.3. The style is slowly gaining.3. Fad spreads more faster than fashion.
4. Fashion is accepted by everyone.4. Style reflects a person’s own personality.4. Fad is the most acceptable and popular among the youth.

In the last 30 or 35 years, the fashion awareness of Bengali women has increased day by day. Bengali women have started getting accustomed to western clothes along with saree and salwar kameez. Although not as accustomed to short dresses as girls in the West, Bengali women have become fond of dresses like jeans and t-shirts. Three-piece is becoming two-piece in fashion. Besides, Bengali women have become accustomed to many other types of foreign clothes. The acceptability of the sari – the attraction has not diminished a bit. At the same time, hijab has become popular among a large section of Bengali women. In the earlier tradition, among the Bengali women, it was common for the elders to wear burqa. It’s not that it doesn’t exist now. However, the tendency of young girls to wear hijab has increased. As a result, Bengali girls cannot be portrayed in a single sentence in the selection of clothes or fashion awareness.

Fashion changes every year. However, in the opinion of 2020, it has never changed so much. The fashion industry has been severely affected by this epidemic situation. Covid seems to have turned it upside down. All the world’s leading brands have suffered huge financial losses. Sales of luxury goods have declined due to the financial crisis. Many organizations are also cutting staff in this crisis.

The various individuals, groups and organizations involved in fashion have played an active role in bringing about change in dress and accessories at different levels of society over the ages. Overall, the fashion awareness of Bengali women is also moving forward keeping pace with the times.


  1. Elements of Fashion and Apparel Designing By Puneet Bansal

Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
College of Home Economics, Dhaka

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