Present Fashionable Trending on Women’s Leggings

Present Fashionable Trending on Women’s Leggings

R.S. Balakumar
Associate Professor
Dept of Fashion Design & Arts
Hindustan University, Chennai, India


Leggings, which are an outline attractive, skin tight piece of outfit, cover the legs and expected to be worn by both men and women have been sighted constant increase in demand. Leggings are the utmost widespread among all age groups of present generation of woman’s population.

Actually, leggings manufactured with knitted with lycra blended due to yield more stretch ability and comfort to the wearer. Today, women’s leggings come in multiple colors, designs, and patterns.

fashionable women's leggings
Fig: Fashionable women’s leggings

Also, leggings come in different sizes and length. Commonly, women’s leggings manufacturers are being produced different types of leggings from several fabrics as mentioned below:

  1. Lycra,
  2. Spandex,
  3. Nylon,
  4. Polyester,
  5. Silk,
  6. Cotton,
  7. Wool and
  8. Stretchable blended fabrics.

Ultimately, women with the all age group wear leggings in modern days.

While wearing the leggings with the several upper outfits are suitable which are listed below:

  • Kurta/kameez
  • Tunics,
  • T-shirts/formal shirts,
  • Coat,
  • Jackets,
  • Tank tops and Other tops
  • Ethnic wear.

Also, present days leggings are so perfect fit and comfort for yoga or athletic workout. So, it is the natural that the demand will increase more in the future-time. Truly, leggings cover the daily-wear needs of women’s.

Leggings are now available in varieties as mentioned below:

  • Churidar,
  • Ankle length,
  • Salwar,
  • Dhoti salwar,
  • Patiala-pajama,
  • Capri pants,
  • Beach wear,

Besides in the different style as mentioned below:

  • Laced,
  • Layered,
  • Printed and
  • Solids.

Leggings provide a slim look for women’s in the easiest possible way. Also, it comes at an affordable price to meet over the major population. The popularity of leggings will definitely increase more in the future due to fashion changes. Demand for womens leggings is expected to continue to rise.

Growing westernization trend and rapid urbanization in developing countries such as:

  1. India,
  2. Japan,
  3. China,
  4. Indonesia, and
  5. Philippines

Are expected to result into high implementation of leggings.

An increasing number of joint ventures of international companies with the local player as well as increasing sportswear production is expected to support the growth of the market over the forecast period 2030.

The nylon segment (by material) is predictable to subsidize major revenue shares in the global leggings market and is expected to record the highest.

The end-user segments, the women segment is expected to contribute major revenue share in the global leggings market and is expected to record.

At the front position of energetic demand for leggings is the long-term appeal of the product, which is gathering up even in the oriental nations with different clothing habits.

This is because of the following factors as mentioned below:

  1. Convenience
  2. Comfort
  3. Appearance
  4. Durability and
  5. Cost effectiveness.

Mostly offers to the wearer of the present women’s generation. Both men and women can wear it for various purposes- both for the sake of fashion and for working out or indulging in sports activities. This versatility has gone a long way in sustaining the demand of the legging products.

exercise with wearing leggings
Fig: Exercise with wearing leggings

North America and Europe have been favorites in motivating demand for women’s leggings worldwide. This is because the pair of clothing is also used as hosiery in the region. Separately from that a large number of sports and yoga enthusiasts together with the high spending capability of people have served to boost their markets also. Besides the two regions, emerging economies in Asia Pacific and Latin America are also showing to be profitable markets.

Influence of the western culture affecting the food and clothing choices of people, mushrooming clothing manufacturing units, and increasing disposable incomes of people in the regions are mainly sustaining sales there.

Leggings market size will grow in constantly, and the market size is enlarging tremendously from 2019 to 2030 and furthermore.

Noticeable contributors in the global market for leggings are mentioned below:

  1. Tommy Hilfiger,
  2. Bata,
  3. Adidas,
  4. Jockey,
  6. ShoSho Fashion,
  7. Macys,
  8. Nike,
  9. ANTA Sports Products Limited,
  10. Nordstrom,
  11. Lysse,
  12. CSP
  13. International,

Global Hosiery Market
Rising personal disposable income along with varying lifestyle is anticipated to expand the development of global hosiery market during the forecast period.

Apart from this, proliferation of modern retail formats such as:

  1. Supermarkets,
  2. Discount stores,
  3. Pharmacy stores
  4. Retailing outlet
  5. Business malls
  6. Exclusive brand stores and
  7. Hypermarkets

Are resulting in growing product visibility constantly.

In the contemporary time, people are getting more thoughtful about their looks and overall appearance, starting from what they wear and how they presence in the modern society.

This is one of the major causes behind the strong growth of fashion and apparel industry around the sphere. One among the massive fashion trends is the hosiery fragment which is mostly popular amongst the feminine population especially the ones who want to make a fashion statement based on the look they want, be it a demure look, a seductive or an appealing look.

Further, there is growing fashion awareness among people, from teenagers to adults along with a growing aspiration to access designer clothes.

In addition to that, the manufacturers are introducing various fashionable hosiery products through promotional activities such as fashion shows and advertisements to promote their hosiery products globally. The availability of variants in hosiery with various designs and colors are predicted to augment the growth of the global hosiery market with remarkable revenue generation.

Growing expenditure on fashion products joined with growth in disposable income of consumer is anticipated to drive the demand for the hosiery market during the forecast period.

Furthermore, in developing economies, rising preference towards western outfits resulting in higher spending on fashion clothing is in turn projected to drive the demand for hosiery products over the forecast period. Nearby this, increasing population across the globe is also projected to drive the demand for hosiery products.

The global hosiery market is segmented on the basis of products are as follows:

  1. Body stockings,
  2. Knee high,
  3. Socks,
  4. Tights,
  5. Toe socks, and others.

Based on size, it is classified into:

  1. Very small
  2. Small,
  3. Medium,
  4. Large, and
  5. Extra-large.

On the basis of distribution channel, the market is categorized into mass merchant, online store, departmental store, pharmacy store, and others. Geographically, the market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and LAMEA.

Fabric for leggings can include as mentioned below:

  1. Spandex,
  2. Poly/spandex, and
  3. Other material with stretch ability are also be suitable for leggings

That’s appropriate for tight fitting as well as the comfortable garments. As a sort of cross between nylon stockings and sweat pants, leggings serve multiple functions.

Often referred to as yoga pants, leggings are typically worn while exercising as the material makes it much easier for individuals to move freely and comfortably, with durable and stylish fabric for yoga pants. Whether leggings are made with spandex or poly/spandex, variety of colors and prints for designers and clothing manufacturers to choose from.

In addition to working out, leggings are very often a casual clothing option for individuals who want to stay comfortable without surrendering their personal style.

Specific demands for yoga pants fabric. As leggings continue to be a popular clothing choice, well-stocked with the most durable and stylish materials for designers to use available in India, China, and other knitting fabric manufacturing countries are constantly cater the need of legging manufacturing.

Best Brand for Leggings in India
Here I have mentioned the best quality leggings brand in India for all. Since women buy just kurtas, tops, blouses, kameez and shirts of all types to help you find out the same colors, I have providing with the brands below. All these Best Leggings Brands for Women in India recently mentioned below have remarkable Top 8 Leggings Brands for Best Comfort, Stretch & Style with many different colors available.

Best Leggings Brands for Women’s in India (2021)
Buy Top Brands Women’s Leggings online at the best prices in India.

  1. Biba  —- Starting From Rs. 699
  2. Libas  —-  Starting From Rs. 299
  3. Global  —-  Desi Starting From Rs. 599
  4. GoColours  —- Starting From Rs. 499
  5. Softline  —-  Starting From Rs. 380
  6. Globus  —- Starting From Rs. 599
  7. W For Women  —– Starting From Rs. 599
  8. Lyra —– Starting From Rs. 400tors throughout the countries.

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