GATE Preparation for Textile Technology – Answer Key and Useful Tips

Last Updated on 29/08/2022

Study Material for GATE in Textile Engineering and Fibre Science – Answer Key and Useful Tips

Mufaddal Bagwala
Obtained AIR 3rd in GATE 2014

Gate preparation for textile technology


Textile Engineering and Fibre Science is one of the less pursued branches in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), students appearing for Textile Engineering & Fibre Science (TF) paper find a lack of information in terms of coaching, study material (specially answer key for previous year papers) while studying for GATE (TF).

Scope after GATE:

In India admission to M. Tech/M.E. depends largely on GATE results. PSUs (like The National Textile Corporation Limited) and DRDO also recruits through GATE. Scholarship/ Teaching Assistance ship of INR 12,400 per month is paid by MHRD to GATE qualified student. It is financial support for candidates so that they can easily afford their needs during their course and thesis work. Scoring good rank in TF paper is comparatively easy but very important as number of seats/openings of textile students are very less.

Some of the best available options after qualifying GATE in TF are:

  1. M. Tech programmes in IIT Delhi – Textile Chemical Processing, Textile Engineering and Fibre Science & Technology
  2. General Management programmes in NITIE Mumbai – Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Management and Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management
  3. M.Tech Programme in IIT Mumbai – Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR)
  4. M.Tech Programme in IIT Kanpur – Industrial and Management Engineering (IME)
  5. Job opportunities in NTC & DRDO

Apart from above options, admissions in Post Graduate programmes in National Institute of Technology (NITs) and other government & private engineering colleges are also through GATE Score.

Useful Tips for GATE Preparation for Textile Technology:

The best way to prepare for GATE (TF) is by solving previous year question papers. The previous year papers become the means to practice and understand various concepts. Answer key for question papers before 2011 is not available anywhere and students find great difficulty in verifying answers. Numerical questions can be asked from any topic and hence, a formulae book which covers all the sections of GATE syllabus always comes handy. Please check the links posted below for answer keys and formulae book. I think those study materials will be enough for GATE preparation for textile technology.

Section-wise Recommended Books:

Section 1: Textile Fibres

  • Manufactured Fibre Technology, Authors: V. B. Gupta and V. K. Kothari; Springer; 1997
  • A Text Book of Fibre Science and Technology, Author: S. P. Mishra
  • Textile Science: An Explanation of Fibre Properties, Authors: E. P. G. Gohl and L. D. Vilensky
  • Manmade Fibres, Author: RW Moncriff

Section 2: Yarn manufacture, Yarn structure and Properties

  • The Technology of Short Staple Spinning Part-I,II,III,IV,V & VI, Author: W Klein
  • Spinning of Manmade & Blends on Cotton system, Author: K R Salhotra
  • Structural Mechanics of Fibre, Yarn, Fabrics, Authors: JWS Hearle, P Grosberg & S Backer
  • Spinning: Drawing, Combing and Roving – NCUTE PublicationAuthors: R. Ravi Chattopadhyay and R. S. Rengasamy
  • Ring Spinning, Doubling and Twisting -NCUTE Publication, Authors: K.R. Salhotra, R. Ravi Chattopadhyay and R. Alagirusamy
  • Yarn winding, Authors: Banerjee and Alagirusamy (NCUTE publication)
  • Textile Mathematics Vol I, II & III, Author: JE Booth
  • Fundamentals of Spun Yarn Technology – CRC Press, Author: Carl A. Lawrence

Section 3: Fabric manufacture, Structure and Properties

  • Woven Fabric Production I & II, NCUTE Publications
  • Woven Textile Structure: Theory and Applications, Author: B.K. Behera and P.K. Hari
  • Weaving mechanism, Authors: ATC Marks and Robinson (Textile Institute)
  • Woven cloth construction, Author: Robinson.
  • Sizing – Materials, Methods, Machinery, Author: Ajgoankar, Talukdar and Wadekar
  • Knitting Technology, Author: David J Spencer

Section 4: Textile Testing

  • Physical Testing of Textiles, Authors: B. P. Saville, 1999, Woodhead Publishing Ltd., U. K.
  • Principles of Textile Testing, Authors: J. E. Booth, 1961, Heywood Books, London.
  • Testing and Quality Management – Edited by V. K. Kothari, IAFL Publications, New Delhi.
  • Handbook of Textile Testing and Quality Control, Authors: E. B. Grover and D. S. Hamby
  • Physical Properties of Textile Fibres, Authors: WE Morton & JWS Hearle

Section 5: Chemical processing

  • Technology of Dyeing – Author: V. A. Shennai
  • Technology of Printing – Author: V. A. Shennai
  • Technology of Finishing – Author: V. A. Shennai
  • Textile Finishing – Author: R. S. Prayag

Note: Underlined books are must reads. Numerical questions are based on the concepts mentioned in these books

Other useful study material and websites:

  • Books of NCUTE Publication
  • NPTEL website ( – Select Courses tab and sort List By discipline after selecting Textile Engineering


1. GATE TF 2013-2003 Answer Key with solutions to difficult questions:

2. GATE TF 2002-1992 Answer Key with solutions to difficult questions:

3. GATE TF Formulae Book:
Textile TF Formulae Book for GATE (

For further any query then you can contact with

About Author:
Mufaddal Bagwala is a graduate of Bachelor of Textile Technology (B. Tech) from Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology and Science, Indore. He secured AIR 3rd in GATE 2014. After completing graduation, he did Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering from NITIE, Mumbai.

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