Self Development for Unemployed and Fresh Graduates in Textile Sector

Last Updated on 27/05/2021

Self Development for Unemployed and Fresh Graduates in Textile Sector

Md. Shahadat Hossain
Working on sourcing liaison office in Dhaka of a retail brand
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Daffodil International University
Executive MBA in Marketing, North South University


Current unemployment vs upcoming survival for post corona pandemic: preparing yourself for self development to be the best job fit for apparel industry (perspective of job lost employees and newly graduating textile/fashion students)

Prepare Yourself for job fit

The year 2020 came to the world with shaky pandemic concern of epidemic COVID 19, the total dynamism of live world has got static for the months and trade/economy got drastically down turned amidst lock down scenario. This indicated warning sign for the Apparel exports of Bangladesh, dues of shipped orders got hold, WIP orders were made hold from retailers and got stuck off new order placement/inquiry. Employees at this sector got jobless due to the sudden downturn of the industry. This is the intense figure up to May’2020.

The clothing business has started resuming form end May since worldwide retailers got open again. I’d some feedback from apparel business professionals to figure out the challenge of business. As per their opinion, this is estimated that Bangladesh will lose a lot of business due to demand shortfall, this is now the surviving question of the industry and this will be the mid of next year possibly to stable back of the business. Industry’s focus is now to minimize operations cost by continuing cut down of existing employees and reducing new recruitment.

In this scenario, there are many people got unemployed and recently graduating students can’t get employed. As the business is now surviving and working towards shaping up for competitive business filed, so they’ll require having the highly competent and skilled manpower only.

In this article, we would like to present how effectively you can use your time for self development as highly competent for getting best fit at the industry.

Transform your academic study to valued experience:

  • Review your previous level and term’s study material.
  • Persuade to others as teaching/persuasion/sharing is the best course of learning.
  • Presentation session among friends at different compatible topic either relevant to your syllabus or any other potential things.
  • Use internet resources to customize your academic knowledge to practical work outs. Video at you tube for different process visualization, articles, blogs, and journal for more depth of understanding.
  • Try to get the update of business through reading news, business journal and view the TV broadcast news.

Professional skills development:

  • Developing English language, communication and presentation skills, read English newspaper, articles, watching English movies, English news etc can help you developing this. You can form a group of friends to talk over, present different topics within friends. you can learn other foreign language– German, Spanish, French and Chinese are very important
  • Educating yourself on the fashion industry – fashion trends, key themes like sustainability, circular fashion, retail models, fabric and trims sources and so on.
  • Build your professional network by writing blogs and LinkedIn.
  • Building concrete skills in associated areas like 3D Designing, connectivity and networking in supply chains.

Soft skills development:

  • Be formal/smart in talking, not too loud/screaming/shouting.
  • Motivate yourself through remembering on your strength what you’ve.
  • Positiveness, norms/manner, to the point/specific.
  • Remain on transparency/honesty, follow ethics.
  • Be religious and disciplined, religious activities turns you to the best daily routine and recharges yourself for the full day.
  • Make a to do list, practice maintaining notebook.

Make yourself special through enriching your unique quality what you feel you’ve:

  • Be at your own what you’re and at what you’ve good, give up the bad habits/quality that reduces your good quality.
  • Motivate yourself, inspire yourself, self-learning, don’t do straight learning or to straight follow someone, pick the positive things and tune it with your inherent yourself to come with great fusion. It will be fuel for your self development.
  • Make you ready for the world not only for Textile industry or Bangladesh only. Make you universal.
  • Continuous learning. Learn-share-learn.
  • Learning focused not necessarily result focused but need a moderate grade through proper learning.
  • Be smart at talking/communication not excessively at dress up.
  • But be presentable, your dress is your confidence and it reflects your norms/manner as well. I would say normative dress up either formal or semi-formal, not too much casual/erratic/anti norms.
  • Prepare you for your dream, decrease the gap between your present existence and dream. Be focused.
  • Be happy and consistent, not to be frustrated on your failure as frustration turns you to the further failure. Secret recipe for success is being happy first  & then work & then get success, this is an American author shared at his famous book since we’re following the reverse one at our life (working and running towards the success to be happy but that happiness never comes to us).

Though the time is very crucial to go away without job, but believe that good days will come. So I would say engaging yourself on your self development will keep you motivated and enhance your confidence, hope for the best.


  1. Qualitative interviews conducted with some business leader/Professionals in Apparel Industry.

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