Features of Notcher Cutting Machine with Advantages and Disadvantages

Last Updated on 25/06/2023

Features of Notcher Cutting Machine with Advantages and Disadvantages

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Notcher Machine:
Notcher is a special type of cutting machine and used in special case. Many garments parts require notches in the edges of them to enable easy alignment during sewing with other garments parts. This notcher can be made by straight knife or other cutting machine but accuracy depends on the operator. Specialized notching equipment provides greater accuracy because a guide lines up the notcher with the cut edge to give consistent depth of notch at a consistent right angle to the edge. Notcher is used to identify folding line, seam line etc.

Different parts of notcher cutting machine
Fig: Different parts of notcher cutting machine

Features Notcher Cutting Machine:

  1. A knife notcher is an upright, cylindrical device which cuts the side of a block to a predetermined distance.
  2. Both straight notches and V notches are available.
  3. An alternative machine, the hot notcher, incorporates a heating element in order that the blade may slightly scorch the fibers adjacent to the notch in order to prevent it fraying and disappearing. This cannot be used with thermoplastic fibers or certain unlined garments.

Types of Notcher Cutting Machine:
Notchers are machines used to create notches in the edge of cut components. Notcher are three types. These are summarized below.

1. Cold Notcher: The cold notcher is a manually operated, spring-loaded device with a short blade mounted on a plunger. Placed at the edge of the bundle, the cutter lines the blade up with the notch. In a single stroke downward, the notch is cut into the edge of all of the fabric plies.

2. Hot Notcher: The Hot Notcher is a multi-purpose tool used for marking and temporarily fusing loosely woven fabrics which can ensure precise alignment for sewing accuracy. When the fabric is a soft weave or knit, the cut notch will be lost in the edge fraying during handling each part. To create a more lasting notch, a hot notcher is used. The hot notcher utilizes a vertical heated edge which burns a notch into the edge of the bundle. The temperature is controlled, so as to leave a brown burn mark without melting or doing excessive damage to the fibers.

3. Ink Notcher: The ink notcher is similar to the hot notcher. Instead of burning a notch into the edge of the fabric, this device leaves a trace of UV marking ink on the edge of the fabric. This ink is visible under UV lights at the sewing station.

Advantages of Notcher Cutting Machine:

  1. It is a special type of cutting machine and use in special case.
  2. Useful to cut small notch to the fabric.
  3. It is most useful to make consistency in notching.

Disadvantages of Notcher Machine:

  1. Only use to make notch to the fabric.
  2. Thermoplastic fiber can’t cut by this machine.
  3. The use of machine is limited.

Uses / Application of Notcher Machine: 

  1. To make the notch mark on the fabric.

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