Band Knife Cutting Machine: Features, Parts, Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

Last Updated on 25/06/2023

Features of Band Knife Cutting Machine with Advantages and Disadvantages

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Band Knife Cutting Machine:
Band knife cutting machine is an endless and looks like a loop. It is used for the cutting of fabric rolls without cardboard-inner tube. The band knife machine is used to cut small and complicated shape components. It is important instrument of cutting fabrics. This cutting machine works automatically according to the height of the relevant material. This machine is with special blower decreases resistance between fabrics and table, which enables the fabrics be moved easily and be cut precisely. And it could adjustable speed to fit different fabrics. Band knife cutting machines have been recognized around the world for many years for their high quality even when faced with difficult customer-related conditions and in applications with demanding materials.

band knife cutting machine
Fig: Band knife cutting machine

Band knife cutting machine provides the most accurate cutting and are therefore used in cutting small components of complex shape. The fabric plies are guided against the cutting device that is fixed and performs only a vertical movement down to the fabric. Because the band knife moves in only down direction, the friction between the knife and material ensures the continuous compression of fabric plies throughout the process. Band knife machines may be used to cut fabric spreads up to 300 mm high.

The band knife machine has the following main parts:

  1. Bodywork,
  2. Band knife,
  3. Motor,
  4. Work surface, and
  5. Knife sharpener.
Main parts of band knife machine
Fig: Main parts of band knife machine

Features of Band Knife Cutting Machine:

  1. It comprises a series of three or more pulleys, which provide the continuous rotating motion of the knife.
  2. An endless knife is used here.
  3. Knife is usually narrower than on a straight knife.
  4. A large size of table is used to support the fabric and for cutting.
  5. Air blower blows the air to minimize the weight of fabric.
  6. Balls in air blower help to move the fabric in different direction.
  7. Automatic grinder is used.
  8. In this method machine is stationary but fabric is movable.
  9. High speed r.p.m. motor is used.
  10. Required a large space for it.
  11. This is like a saw mill cutter.
  12. Knife life time depends on fabric type and uses of machine.

Uses of Band Knife Machine:

  1. Band knives are used where higher standard of accuracy is required.
  2. As a first step, by using straight knife the lay will be sectioned that by using band knife, the accurate cutting will be done.
  3. When smart parts like collars, pockets are cut, a template of metals is used in the shape of pattern to get correct shape.
  4. Mostly used in men’s wear. Generally used to cut large parts of garments such as jackets and overcoats.

Advantages of Band Knife Machine:

  1. Suitable for any types of line.
  2. Very large productivity for limited product such as collars, cuff, placket etc.
  3. Automatic grinder grind the knife instantly
  4. Air blower helps to reduce the fabric weight which increases smooth movement of fabric.
  5. Possible to cut 90° angle of the lay.
  6. Intensity of accident is low.

Disadvantages of Band Knife Cutting Machines:

  1. Not suitable for large component due to the length of the table.
  2. Work load is high as machine is stationary and fabric is movable.
  3. Running cost is higher.
  4. Required fix space.
  5. Not possible to cut fabric directly.
  6. Block pieces of fabric required in bundle form to cut by this machine.
  7. The operator’s hands come very close to the cutting device, creating the danger of injury.

Band knife cutting machine is a versatile and efficient tool used in garment industry for cutting fabrics. Its versatility, productivity, and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice for businesses aiming to optimize their cutting processes.


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