Computer Controlled Straight Knife Cutting Machine

Last Updated on 02/01/2021

Computer Controlled Straight Knife Cutting Machine

Rahat Khan
Dept. of Apparel Manufacturing
Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology


In this machine, cutting knife movement is controlled by a computer. Cutting table used for computer controlled straight knife cutting machine is different from normal cutting table. The table top is covered with a bed of nylon bristle. The nylon bristle bed is capable to support the fabric lay and also allows the straight knife to pass through and move around the nylon bristle. Hence cutting of each and every ply of fabric in the lay is confirmed. The nylon bristle bed also allows air suction through the bed to make the lay compressed by vacuum pressure.

Computer Controlled Cutting Machine
Fig: Computer controlled cutting machine

On the cutting table there are two rails on two sides, running length direction of the cutting table. A cross beam moves length direction of the cutting table, situated on the rails. The cutting head is situated on the cross beam and moves on the cross beam but the movement is in width direction of the cutting table. The cutting knife is situated inside the cutting head. Due to the combined movement of the cross beam, cutting head, and cutting knife, fabric cutting is done at any line, angle, and point very accurately. The combined movement is controlled by three servo motors.

When fabric cutting command is given through computer, the cutting knife starts lay cutting from a reference point starting in the computer memory of the marker. Notch point is made by the same cutting knife. Drill mark is also produced by a separate drill situated in the cutting head. Speed of cutting depends on lay height. For example, for a compressed lay of 7.5 cm height, cutting speed will be 7.5 meter per minute. As the cutting proceeds, the vacuum pressure may drop into the lay. To avoid the reduced vacuum pressure problem, another polythene sheet roll may be used to cover the cut portion of the lay. Computerized straight knife cutting machine does not require any use of marker. In some cases, marker may be used to identify the cut components.

Advantages of computer controlled cutting machine:

  1. Very fast fabric cutting;
  2. Very accurate cutting;
  3. Cutting speed could be varied;
  4. Cutting knife could be rotated and moved at any angle;
  5. Suitable for large scale production;
  6. Can be connected with computerized marker making;
  7. Fabric is compressed by vacuum facilitates cutting;
  8. Cutting defect is negligible;
  9. No possibility of blade deflection;
  10. Blade sharpening is attached;
  11. Possibility of accident is lower;
  12. No need of marker;
  13. Lower labor cost;
  14. 6 to 8 times faster cutting.


  1. Initial investment cost is very high;
  2. Maintenance cost is also very high;
  3. Skilled operator is needed.

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