10 Sewing Projects Ideas for This Christmas

Last Updated on 17/12/2020

Christmas time is right around the corner but if you’re still looking for some fun and creative sewing projects ideas to fit in before the holidays, I’ve got you covered.

Before we start, make sure you get your sewing machine and fabric ready to go. Having the right tools for the job is imperative.

While we’re at it, let’s quickly mention the importance of good lighting so you can see well without straining your eyes, as well as comfortability while sewing such as proper back support.

While some of these ideas are classics (stockings), I tried to compile some of the most creative christmas sewing projects I could and included multiple examples and tutorials. Some of these ideas are quick, some would take more time, but I thought it was important to include a good selection of sewing projects ideas so you can pick and choose based on your own needs.

10 Christmas Sewing Projects Ideas

1. Advent Calendars: Growing up I loved getting these from family, it was a small tradition that stuck with me through adulthood. While not the most exciting sounding, there a lot of creative ways to sew an advent calendar for gifting or decorating. Some of the coolest projects I came across was simple advent calendar designs that hang and are large enough to store large sized candies, this cute advent calendar decorating pillow, and a more complex advent calendar that hangs. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, take a look at this Christmas stocking advent calendar for a different take on the advent calendar.

Sewing Ideas for Christmas

2. A classic but goody: Sewing ornaments for your own tree as well as family and friends can be a quick and fun project, as well as something that you can create multiple of in a single lazy afternoon. There are hundreds of cool little ornament ideas but some I personally liked and thought were pretty unique were these Christmas tree baubles, felt snowflakes, and these holiday ornaments made from small embroidery hoops. My two favorites are these adorable pickle Christmas ornaments and these unique origami star ornaments.

3. Great for decorations, and gifts, a soft squishy pillow is always a nice project. There are so many options like with most of these ideas, which is the point- be creative, create something special. The most memorable sewing patterns I came across were this super cute plush reindeer, these holiday star cushions, and this cool Scandanavian snowflake pillow. Seriously, the options are limitless- check out this motto holiday pillow pattern as well, and this holiday sweater pillow is pretty amazing!

4. Fabric Gift Tags: Functional and very useful, fabric gift tags are also a nice holiday tradition, giving everyone a personalized fabric gift tag that can be reused over and over again. When looking for sewing patterns, I personally liked these sparkly fabric gift tags, and these more unique holiday tags.

5. Gift and Treat Bags: Gift and treat bags have so many uses from small treats and gifts, to decorative purposes. You can make them all sorts of sizes, add drawstrings, and sew nearly any theme you can think of. Some of my favorite sewing patterns are these sweater Christmas treat bags, these santa pants treat bags, and these sugar cookie sacks. However, you can create something more simple like these drawstring gift bags, or felt reusable bags. Thinking outside the box, I thought this santa sack was a cool idea too to keep by your tree and fill with goodies.

6. Another classic Christmas must-have, stockings are a nice personalized decoration that you can use for your family year after year. You can create classic fleece stockings or get more creative with something like these cuffed Christmas stockings. If you’re digging the sweater theme for some of these projects like I am, consider these sweater stockings.

7. Christmas Tree Skirt: Every Christmas tree needs a nice skirt. Why not make your own that means something special? I liked these two easy tree skirt tutorials, one for a simple felt skirt, and this really cute patchwork Christmas skirt.

8. Santa Hats: With all of the other holiday classics I have on this list, I couldn’t forget to include some santa hat sewing patterns! A classic santa hat is a great choice if you’re playing the role of santa in the household or you can get funky with some colorful santa hats for the whole family! You can create unique and colorful santa hats by just switching up the color of fabric or by buying fun patterned fabric.

9. Santa Chair Covers: This idea was different and cool to me. What a fun and easy way to decorate your home for Christmas! I thought these santa hat chair covers would add a happy feel to any home- plus you can reuse them of course year after year.

10. Holiday hand towels: Something I look over often until I notice them in someone else’s home are nice hand towels. It may seem overly simple but holiday hand towels are great for around the house and even for gifting to people. There are so many interesting and creative patterns out and about for holiday hand towels but these simple holiday towels and deer holiday towels caught my eye.


Whether it’s last minute Christmas projects, or planning ahead for next year, these are some of the most creative and fun Christmas sewing projects that I found and love. The great thing about these projects is that you can do these together with others as holiday activities on top of creating gift ideas or home decor. Most important though is that you have fun while making these items- it’s all about the love you put into things.

This list honestly could have gone on and on but I hope these ideas spark your creative holiday juices. I’m always looking for new sewing patterns to enjoy so if you have some favorite sewing patterns for Christmas that you don’t see here, feel free to share them in the comment section below!

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