Flow Chart of Apparel Manufacturing Process

Last Updated on 05/01/2021

The apparel manufacturing process depends on some steps and techniques. The clothing creation running actions and methods included in the developing outfits for the huge of creation in company time frame for company reasons is known as outfits developing technologies. Garments plants are identified according to their item kinds are as follows: Garments Factory are classified with some dept.

Apparel Manufacturing Process
Fig: Apparel Manufacturing Process
  1. Woven Garment Factory.
  2. Knit Garments factory
  3. Sweater Garments Factory

Apparel Manufacturing Process:
Step-wise apparel manufacturing process sequence on industrial basis is given below:

Design / Sketch

Pattern Design

Sample Making

Production Pattern


Marker Making






Pressing/ Finishing

Final Inspection



Operation of Apparel Manufacturing Process are given below in details:

SL No. Operation Job Method
01 Design/Sketch It is given by buyers to manufacturers containing sketches including measurements of particular styles Manual/Computerized
02 Basic Block Basic block is an individual component of garments without any style of design (without Allowance, Style, Design) Manual/Computerized
03 Working Pattern When a pattern is made for a particular style with net dimension regarding the basic block along with allowance then it is called working pattern. Manual/Computerized
04 Sample Garments To make a sample, this will be approved by buyer. After making a sample, it is sent to buyer for approval to rectify the faults Manual
05 Approved Sample After rectify the faults, sample is again sent to buyers. If it is ok then, then it is called approved sample Manual
06 Costing
  • Fabric Costing
  • Making Charged
  • Trimmings
  • Profit
07 Production Pattern Making allowance with net dimension for bulk production Manual/Computerized
08 Grading If the buyer requires different sizes, so should be grade as S, M, L, XL, XXL Manual/Computerized
09 Marker Making Marker is a thin paper which contains all the components for different sizes for a particular style of garments Manual/Computerized
10 Fabric Spreading To spread the fabrics on table properly for cutting Manual/Computerized
11 Cutting To cut fabric according to marker dimension Manual/Computerized
12 Sorting & Bundling Sort out the fabric according to size and for each size make in individual bundles Manual
13 Sewing To assemble a full garment Manual
14 Ironing & Finishing After sewing we will get a complete garment which is treated with steam ironing & also several finishing processes are done for example extra loose thread cutting Manual
15 Inspection Should be approved as initial sample Manual
16 Packing Treated by Polyethylene bag Manual
17 Cartooning After packing, it should be placed in cartooning for export Manual
18 Dispatching Ready for export Manual

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