Fashion Marketing: Effective Strategy for Branding and Promotion

Fashion marketing works with unique challenges using their creative skills and business knowledge to create marketing and brand awareness, resulting in sales. Fashion marketing is one of the major contributors to the growth of the garment industry which is related to fabric, buying, selling and marketing.

What is Fashion Marketing?
Fashion refers to the style, form, pattern of the fabric which helps to meet the needs of the buyers by revamping the design or pattern of the fabric. By fashion marketing, we mean the process by promoting a fashion brand, business, product or service in the market and among the public, increasing the sales rate of the product and delivering the required services to the public. Marketing includes the service that is provided to the customers as per their choice based on the brightness, etc.

fashion marketing strategy

Design is a well-crafted plan of clothing. There is no fashion and style without design. The design is created as a result of the planned use of colors, lines, shapes. The role of design is immense by increasing the attractiveness of clothing.

The difference between a designer and a fashion marketer is given below:

DesignerFashion Marketer
1. He who designs fashion is a fashion designer.1. He who does fashion marketing is a marketer.
2. In design, one’s own thought consciousness emerges.2. Marketing is done with the importance of the needs of the people.
3. Designer’s clothes may or may not be fashionable again.3. Marketer promotes clothing keeping in mind the current fashion.

Marketing is a changing sector that is constantly changing according to the needs of the buyers. For which we often have to rely on the country’s well-known brands. It is also interested in providing marketing services and online services during this period so that the required services can be provided to the customers as per their needs and timeliness.

The means of fashion marketing are as follows:

  1. Fashion Show
  2. Fashion Magazine
  3. Television Show
  4. Model
  5. Advertising

1. Fashion Show:
A costume exhibition refers to an event organized by a costume designer (fashion designer), where he publicly displays the new style of clothing (and other wearable accessories) they have designed. It is called Fashion Show. In the international arena, spring / summer and autumn / winter are the two seasons where garment exhibitions are held. Current clothing trends are created from clothing exhibitions. Fashion shows play an important role in fashion marketing.

fashion show
Fig: Fashion show

2. Fashion Magazine:
The magazine discusses fashion, beauty, culture, lifestyle, etc. For example, vogue started as a weekly newspaper based in New York City, USA in 1892, which became a monthly publication a year later. It currently covers a wide range of topics, including fashion in New York City. Fashion magazines work as marketing.

fashion magazine
Fig: Fashion magazine

3. Television Show:
Television shows do marketing work. The clothes that actresses wear in television shows do a lot of good marketing work.

4. Model:
In the costume exhibition, some people usually come out in a procession on a special stage wearing the costumes created by the costume designers and show the costumes to the public by walking, stopping and turning the body in a special manner. These people who wear costumes are called “models” and their walks are called “catwalks”. Exhibits of models help in marketing of clothes.

fashion model
Fig: Model

5. Advertising:
Advertising plays an important role in fashion marketing. Many people are tempted to buy clothes after seeing advertisements. Fashion advertising in billboard and newspaper are popular.

Advertising on billboard
Fig: Advertising on billboard

Promotion Strategy of Fashion Marketing:
Marketing strategies are changing as customer demand changes. In the past, marketing services could be provided directly, but for the current situation, it has become more online or technology dependent. However, some special benefits and services have been added for this purpose. They are able to promote their brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and through this the buyers are able to exchange goods with the sellers as well as maintain good relations. Luxury fashion brands are at the forefront of the world in terms of the type of work they do, providing best quality services.

By providing the desired service at the right time, the brands are able to gain a reputation by pleasing the customers. Fashion marketing can also be done by advertising with popular celebrities to attract the attention of the buyers. Many new customers can be found and services can be exchanged by launching some special offers on holidays or special days. Moreover, by opening an online YouTube channel, one can promote one’s own brand, and again, one can brand by contracting with the successful businessmen of the country or the general public.

Scenery of Fashion Marketing in Bangladesh:
The garment industry developed in Bangladesh in the late eighties. Later, this industry spread rapidly and the garments made in the country were exported abroad. With the spread of science, people have changed their way of life. As a result, the spread of fashion marketing is increasing rapidly. At present, over 5,000 fashion and boutique houses are rushing to capture the market of around Tk 4,000 crore throughout the year in Bangladesh. There are over one thousand e-commerce sites and tens of thousands of Facebook pages (selling products through Facebook). So the progress of fashion marketing in this country is constantly increasing. However, there are some limitations in this work which in order to overcome it we have to change our thinking, type of work and service such as high quality product production and marketing services at low cost without the help of modern technology.

In order to increase the sales rate of the product, any fashion brand promotes their business products or services in the market and in the public from time to time which is mainly covered by fashion marketing. The main purpose is to gain a thorough knowledge of fashion marketing and to provide appropriate services by changing the way of thinking and work as the needs of the customers change. In the future, people will be interested in the marketing sector, this sector will improve and we can create more surprises in this sector.


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Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
College of Home Economics, Dhaka

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