Marketing Strategies for Luxury Fashion Brands

Marketing Strategies for Luxury Fashion Brands

Shubham Anil Jain
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1. Introduction
Luxury brand marketing especially known for its marketing practice used for promoting products and services of high-end fashion brands. Whenever people think of buying luxury fashion items they had a plan in their mind. It is commonly seen that, people usually invest in luxurious brands to present their aesthetic side while some of them particularly buy it to show that they can afford high fashion luxurious brands. Luxury fashion brands marketing is defined as a marketing strategy that particularly focuses on creating the good brand value and pricing power for a luxurious brand by utilizing various brand elements like lineage, heritage, craftsmanship, country of origin, prestigious clients, scarcity, uniqueness, etc. to maximum advantage. When it comes to luxury brand they highlight affluence, prestige, and quality. While deciding a branding or marketing strategy for such kind of brand, it is very necessary to focus on your customers, brand promises, and visual elements.

luxury fashion brands marketing

2. Characteristics of Luxury Marketing

2.1 Creating an Experience
Luxury fashion brands marketing is not simply just about telling or even showing, but rather, enclosing a customer in the feeling and experience of the product. Luxury brand marketing is not about showcasing the details of a specific product or item, but more about making a unique immersive experience. If the product’s emotion and story creation is done correctly, the consumer will feel powerful when they are on the website, reading any blog, or watching the promotional video. They should seek to stay for that feeling or experience rather than going for actual product. Emotion is very basic thing which is at the heart of the story in every marketing activity.

2.2 Granting Exclusivity
Conveying exclusivity and scarcity is considered as a key element in luxury marketing. Maintaining different forms of exclusivity is very basic for luxury brand marketing as it maintains customer’s desire through exception. This means indulging limited products, editions, waitlists, and more into both the advertising strategy and commerce plans. The main aim is to create a passionate desire in the consumer. At every point of marketing, consumer should feel like they have exclusive access to the product, including the feeling of status and importance. However, it should be done in such a way that it manages exclusivity with aspiration and not feel curt or condescending.

2.3 Going with Visuals
A important aspects for brand success is brand’s visual identity. Many of the world famous brands have very unique logos and fonts that expertly capture their values, personality, and aura. While creating it should be taken care that, it is distinctive yet consistent imagery and visuals that consumers can easily identify it and connect to. Luxury marketing is majorly about emotion, aesthetics, and exclusivity, and the same should be true for how the brand is showcased. A good visual strategy should serve multiple purposes. Primarily, to inspire potential clients towards the product. Inspiring visuals are one that possesses a prominent brand identity.

2.4 Identifying A Character
Understanding the audience is key factor in order to develop an effective luxury marketing plan. This is the point where managing customer personas comes in handy. Identifying a image is a way to get a detailed knowledge of the ideal customer. It basically includes their age, job, income, demographics, online habits, and more. Essentially, creating a detailed buyer image will help to understand where and who the customers are which enables to design a more effective marketing plan that specifically targets these kind of people. Once these primary personas are identified, craft a marketing strategy to target both men and women.

2.5 Ad Placement
Either it is digital print or experiential marketing; ad placement is key parameter for maintaining the brand identity and keeping the integrity of the brand’s aura. All branded moments should aim to both appeals to the target audience while managing an exclusive experience. Luxury marketing however, is selective and discerning about their advertising strategy. One should maintain the balance between expert omni-channel marketing without becoming oversaturated to the point where the brand no longer feels exclusive or special. One of the key characteristics of luxury marketing is how and who a brand connects itself with.

3. Marketing Strategies for Luxury Fashion Brands

3.1 Analyze the Luxury Customer
The very first step involves around understanding the target audience of the brand, while making a luxury marketing strategy. Analyzing the buyers with a detailed description will start this process. These personas basically includes demographic, age, salary, hobbies, profession, etc. that are useful for the luxury marketing campaigns. It will help in understanding exactly who the target customers are for the brand and how one can inform and convert them.

3.2 Create a good visual attraction
One of the easy ways to reach more and more public through digital mode is through appealing visual branding campaigns. Also, it is seen that luxury products have their aesthetic. Thus, a pictorial representation of the product is more powerful and empowers brand awareness. It helps in clearing the gap between the mass and the brand. It is a good medium through which the brand can explore its products and services in front of the public. Brands like Chanel is one of the most pinned brands on the visual platform. Nowadays, many brands started using digital platforms for marketing purpose.

3.3 Include experience of the users, functions, and style
Every luxury brand always tries for decorating its websites in a attractive manner. Thus, it looks very stylish. But it is often it is seen that they fail when it comes to functionality of these websites. Also, focus has to be made on the experiences of the users. Due to the enhancement of the technology, more luxury brands started designing their websites. The images are way more stylish.

3.4 Manage the history
It is crucial to endorse the history of the brand or the reason behind the brand. It helps in showing the pride. It helps people to understand the ideology behind the brands. It is found that the luxury brands don’t mention the history behind their evolvement. But they talk about their services and product. People usually have tendency to search for the history of the brand while buying process, that’s why it plays important role.  It helps them relate to that item. This way, people can understand the values each product.

3.5 Do Advertisements
People often tend to underestimate the power of social media. But due technological advancements and power of internet, these ads add greater value to a luxury brand. It also helps a brand to reach out to more and more public. Also, people can segregate an advertisement based on their target customers. Luxury fashion brands can always benefit from social media marketing. It is advisable for them to work on catering such ads to people who can connect through social media.

3.6 Use of SEO Strategy
It is seen that, people often search for content by using various keywords. Thus, search engine optimization articles are more helpful in this case. Not only it supports the brand but also reach out to the idea of the brand to audiences through write-ups. It is fact that, people find most content through Google. Thus, the luxury fashion brands can have more and more traffic through publishing their products or items along with the descriptions through this medium. Not only people can get avail of the products, but they can also learn about the brand and all the other services that are available.

3.7 Produce Engaging Content
It is very important to get deeper into the minds of people. The only possible way to do this is creating content that engages more and more people. People often tend to engage in content when it is inspiring and provides good-quality visuals and graphics. It helps them to understand the product better and manage real-time experience. People often look for products that portray more defined features and characteristics. It is only possible through high-definition and visual elements.

4. Conclusion
One of the latest means of promotion is luxury fashion brands marketing. It helps to achieve success to high-end business or company. It also helps company to reach more and more people who desire to have luxury products or items. It helps in relating with the people and find comfort through linking the brands through a digital platform or site or landing page. People can also get connect and adopt these brands from anywhere and at any point in time that will ultimately optimize the revenue of luxury brands.

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