List of Different Types of Garment Testing Used in RMG Industry

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List of Different Types of Garment Testing Used in RMG Industry

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Testing is the method or process by which checking and verifying of materials occurred. It is the process for evaluating the quality of the objects by accompanying some standard. Testing should be accomplished using some standard test method to compare the test results.

different types of garment testing

In garment manufacturing, testing means the required quality of the product which can satisfy buyers’ as well as consumers’ needs.

Global quality standards of apparel are technology driven, benchmarked by the buyers and ultimately product oriented. Quality evaluation is not only to ensure a quality product but also to endorse product safety, prevent recalls, minimize customer complaints and promote repeat sales

Apparel testing was first institutionalized by AATCC (American Association for Textile Chemists and Colorists) in 1921.

March 31, 1940 – New York retains the outstanding position as the retail testing ground for fashion merchandise, and at last 85% of apparel and accessories get their initial test of consumer response in local stores.

June 17, 1951 – Installation of complete textile testing laboratory in the Chicago Reliance Manufacturing Company.

April 12, 1955 – A new testing and information center established by New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology aimed at improving techniques in fabricating textiles into apparels.

1973 – Texanlab was founded. It is now one of the largest independent textile testing institutes in Asia.

October 1, 2003 – The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has created ASTM F739 as a standard test method for measuring permeation resistance.

In June 2000, Bangladesh Bureau Veritas Group (Merchandise Testing Laboratories, Inc. or MTL) set up the first internationally recognized apparel testing service in Bangladesh.

In January 2002, MTL and ACTS Testing Labs, Inc. combined into one entity.

Some of the source of standard test methods for apparel testing are:

Different types of garment testing provider
Fig: Different types of garment testing provider

List of Different Types of Garment Testing:
In Bangladesh different renowned and internationally recognized testing services are available, there are also some local services. They do different types of garment testing for determination apparel quality and standards.

Chemical Tests:

  1. pH value
  2. Color fastness to chlorine & non-chlorine bleach
  3. Formaldehyde spot test
  4. Nickel spot test
  5. Formaldehyde content
  6. Colorfastness to perspiration
  7. Color fastness to sea water
  8. Color fastness to washing
  9. Color fastness to dry cleaning
  10. Color fastness to saliva
  11. Fiber content
  12. Phenolic yellowing
  13. Dye transfer to storage
  14. Color fastness to ozone
  15. Chlorinated pool water
  16. Color fastness to water
  17. Ageing test

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Accessories Tests:

  1. Appearance after storage
  2. Resistance to ironing
  3. Zipper strength
  4. Durability of zipper
  5. Operability of zipper
  6. Shearing strength of hooks & loops fastener.
  7. Peeling strength of hooks & loops fastener.
  8. Consecutive adhere / separation exercising on hooks & loops fastener
  9. Unsnapping of snap fasteners
  10. Security of metallic buttons, rivets etc.
  11. Security of button snap
  12. Strength of buttons
  13. Resistance to wash liquor
  14. Button tension, torque & impact test
  15. Small parts attachment
  16. Zipper and Button toxicity
  17. Chain cross wise test of zipper
  18. Slider twist off strength of zipper
  19. Top stop- zipped
  20. Button stops
  21. Element slippage strength
  22. Open end fastener box test
  23. Separating unit cross wise strength
  24. Slider pull off strength, puller attachment strength test
  25. Slider lock hold strength test of zipper
  26. Top stop-unzipped
  27. Element pull off strength
  28. Closed end test
  29. Lateral strength of open attachment test

Dimensional Stability (Shrinkage) & Related Tests:

  1. Dimensional Stability to Washing
  2. Appearance after Laundering
  3. Skewing of Fabrics & Garments
  4. Dimensional Stability to Dry Cleaning
  5. Appearance after Dry Cleaning
  6. Dimensional Stability to Ironing
  7. Dimensional Stability to Free Steam
  8. Dimensional stability to relaxation
  9. Dimensional stability to felting
  10. Measurement of Bow & Skew ness
  11. Durability wash of garment
  12. Garments cleansing
  13. Care Label Verification
  14. Care label Recommendation

Colour Fastness Tests:

  1. Washing fastness test
  2. Perspiration (Acid & Alkaline) fastness test
  3. Rubbing or Crocking (Dry & Wet) fastness test
  4. Water fastness test
  5. Light fastness test
  6. Organic Solvent fastness test
  7. Ozone fastness test
  8. Sea Water fastness test
  9. Chlorinated Water fastness test
  10. Dry Cleaning fastness test
  11. Dry Heat fastness test
  12. Hot Pressing fastness test
  13. Alkali Spotting fastness test
  14. Bleaching
  15. Chlorine Bleaching
  16. Non-Chlorine Bleaching
  17. Non-Chlorine Bleaching
  18. Actual Laundering
  19. Saliva fastness test
  20. Phenolic Yellowing
  21. Effect of Heat test
  22. Shade Variation
  23. Acid Spotting
  24. Water Spotting

Strength Tests:

  1. Tensile Strength test
  2. Single Thread or Yarn Strength
  3. Seam Performance
  4. Tear Strength
  5. Bonding Strength
  6. Tenacity of Yarn

Fabric Performance Tests:

  1. Abrasion resistance
  2. Pilling resistance
  3. Fabric stiffness
  4. Water resistance
  5. Oil repellency
  6. Soil release
  7. Bursting strength test
  8. Air permeability test
  9. Water vapor permeability
  10. Wrinkle or Crease recovery
  11. Stretch & Recovery
  12. Wicking
  13. Absorbency of Textiles
  14. Water Repellency test
  15. Flammability test

These are the list of standard tests which are common in apparel testing. There are also some other uncommon tests which are done for specific reasons.

One method doesn’t provide all the tests.


  5. ISO, AATCC standard reference books

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