List of Chemical Testing Equipments for Dyeing Lab

List of Chemical Testing Equipments for Dyeing Lab

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Lab is the heart of the textile industry. Higher precision lab can aid easily to achieve the goal of the organization. Before bulk production a sample for the approval from industry is sent to the buyer as per the requirement of the buyer the shade is prepared in a lab considering the economical aspects. For doing all test different equipments are used in lab. All the equipments used in lab can be categorized into two i.e. equipment’s for lab dip preparation or chemical test and equipment for physical test. In this article we will discuss on equipments of dyeing lab for chemical testing.

Fig: Testing equipments for dyeing lab
Fig: Testing equipments for dyeing lab

List of Equipments of Dyeing Lab for Chemical Testing:

  1. Sample dyeing machine
  2. Washing machine
  3. Water heater
  4. Distilled water maker
  5. Water hardness tester
  6. Hot and stirrer
  7. Electric balance
  8. PH meter
  9. Oven
  10. Light box
  11. Data color-spectrascan

Description of different laboratory equipments for chemical test:

1. Sample dyeing machine

Sample dyeing machine
Fig: Sample dyeing machine

Function: Used for dyeing the lab samples.

Machine specification:

  • Brand: Mathis LABOMAT
  • Origin: Switzerland

Technical information:

  • Capacity: 24 pots
  • Dyeing pot capacity: 200 ml
  • Heating system: Infrared heating system
  • Cooling system: Cooling is done by using water
  • Temperature: For polyester: 130˚C, For hot brand reactive dye: 80˚C-95˚C
  • M: L: 1:6

2. Washing machine (For testing color fastness to wash)

Washing Machine
Fig: Washing Machine

Function: Used for washing to determine wash fastness of dyed fabric.

Machine specification:

  • Brand: Paramount
  • Origin: India
  • Technical information:
  • Capacity: 8 pots
  • Pot capacity: 500 ml

Chemicals used for color fastness testing:

  • ECE detergent: 4 g/l
  • Sodium perborate: 1 g/l
  • Sample size: 10Cm×4Cm
  • Multi-fiber fabric size: 5Cm×5Cm
  • Test method: ISO 105-C06:1997/

Testing procedure:

  • At first multi-fiber fabric measuring 5cm×5cm is sewn with the dyed sample measuring 10Cm×4Cm.
  • Then the sample is placed into the test vessel that contains washing chemical.
  • Then the vessel is placed into the machine and the machine is run for certain time under standard temperature.
  • After the wash treatment, the treated sample is compared with the original untreated sample and any loss in color is graded with reference to the grey scale. This is done for assessing the change in color of the sample.
  • The treated multi-fiber fabric is compared with untreated multi-fiber fabric with the help of color staining grey scale to assess color staining.

Content of multi-fiber fabric:

  • Acetate
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Wool

3. Water Heater

Water Heater
Fig: Water Heater

Function: Used to heat water when emergency hot water is needed for washing a sample manually.

4. Distilled Water Maker

Distilled Water Maker
Fig: Distilled Water Maker

Function: Used to produce distilled water (0.5-1-liter distilled water is got from 2-2.5-liter normal water).

Application of distilled water:

  • Fabric PH check
  • Saliva test
  • Perspiration test
  • Rubbing fastness test

5. Water Hardness Tester

Water Hardness Testing Kit
Fig: Water Hardness Testing Kit

Function: Used to test the hardness of water.


  • Brand: HANNA
  • Origin: Romania

Testing procedure:

  • 5 ml water is taken in pot.
  • 5 drops buffer solution and 1 drop indicator is added.
  • Titration is done with EDTA.

Test result: Test result is obtained by multiplying 300 with the reading of EDTA and the result is found in PPM.

6. Hot and Stirrer

Hot and Stirrer
Fig: Hot and Stirrer

Function: Used for stirring the solution with the help of magnet.


  • Brand: Misung Scientific
  • Model: MS300HS
  • Origin: Korea

7. Electric Balance

Electric Balance
Fig: Electric Balance

Function: Used to get the weight of sample and different chemicals.


  • Brand: Precisa
  • Origin: Switzerland

8. Hot air Oven

Hot air Oven
Fig: Hot air Oven

Function: Used to dry the sample that has been wet treated.


  • Brand: Paramount
  • Origin: India
  • Temperature range: RT-250˚C

9. Light box

Verivide light box
Fig: Verivide light box

Function: Checking color difference under different light source like D65, TL84, F, UV etc.


  • Brand: Verivide
  • Model: HD 76AL
  • Origin: China

Light source available:

  • TL 84
  • D 65
  • F
  • UV

Metametric: This is a property of color for which its tone shows variation in different light source.

10. pH meter

PH meter
Fig: pH meter

Function: Used to determine the pH of a solution.


  • Brand: HANNA
  • Model: HI 2211
  • Origin: Romania

11. Data color (spectrophotometer)

spectrophotometer important testing equipments for dyeing lab
Fig: Data color (spectrophotometer)


  • Color matching
  • Measuring color difference
  • Measuring the reflectance % of a dyed sample
  • Measuring the strength of dyestuff


  • Brand: Premier Color scan
  • Origin: India

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