Quality Assurance System in Textile Industry

Last Updated on 15/02/2021

Quality Assurance System in Textile Industry

Noor Ahmed Raaz
Faculty Member, Dept. of Textile Engineering,
Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology
Email: raju.uttara105@gmail.com


Definition of Quality:

  1. Degree or standard of excellence.
  2. Totality of characteristics of an entity that bear on its ability to satisfy stated and implied needs (ISO).
  3. The degree to which health care services for individuals and populations increase the probability of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge of best practice.

Quality Assurance:
Quality assurance refers to the engineering activities implemented in a quality system so that requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled. It is the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention. This can be contrasted with quality control, which is focused on process outputs.

Quality Assurance in Textile Industry
Fig: Quality Assurance in Textile Industry

Quality assurance system in textile industry can be divided into following steps:

  1. On line quality assurance system and
  2. Off line quality assurance system.

Again on line Quality assurance system can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Raw material control.
  2. Process control.

Tests are done at those stages here-

1) After Scouring-Bleaching:

2) Finishing:

  • Shade checking.
  • Peach finish quality.
  • Finish type.
  • Hand feel.

Tools of Quality Assurance:

  1. žFocus on the client (Internal/external): Services should be designed so as to meet the needs and expectations of clients and communities.
  2. žFocus on system and Processes: Providers must understand the service delivery system and its key service processes in order to improve them.
  3. žFocus on measurement: Analyze processes, identify problems, and measure performance.
  4. žFocus on teamwork: Quality is best achieved through a team approach to problem solving and quality improvement.

Steps of Quality Assurance:

  1. Self study
  2. Strategic planning (vision, mission, objectives and initiatives)
  3. Monitoring & documentation
  4. Re-evaluation

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