Influence of Fashion on Winter Clothes

Winter is the season of outerwear in a mixture of fashion and warmth. Winter clothes can be seen in various forms of fashion in this season. Clothing of different trends is also available at this time. In today’s world young people are always fashionable. They are quite aware of the outlook. In this time of winter, fashion designers bring variety in keeping in mind the touch of warmth as well as keeping the fashion and trends.

The Influence of Fashion on Winter Clothes:

Winter is a great time for fashion. At this time the most fashionable and different trends of clothing come in the market. Nowadays people can make themselves more stylish through winter clothes. Below is a discussion about the effect of fashion on some winter clothes:

One can wear a jacket this winter. The jacket will give anyone warmth as well as make their look very stylish. Ladies jackets are being designed with trendy themes in different fashion houses keeping in mind the party and winter. Fashionable jackets made of leather or pew leather, latest trend synthetic leather jackets, tweed jackets, basic waist less zip front, classic length zip front, bomber jackets are popular in the list of girls jackets. In addition to denim and gabardine, the designs are mostly leather and synthetic leather. Leather jackets were once monochromatic but now leather jackets are also being made in check, stripe and print. Some of the jackets have been embroidered, applied and metal. There are also different colors. Girls can wear this jacket comfortably with denim-jeans pants, tops, t-shirts, skirts and even salwar-kameez.

winter jacket for girls
Fig: Winter jacket for girls

Jackets are the most preferred and comfortable clothing for fashionable men in winter. Because they can be worn in the workplace as well as anywhere else. Jackets are the most comfortable clothing for those who have to go to work by bike. Colorful stickers, packets, zippers and prints have been added to the synthetic leather, denim, fleece and polyester jackets. Because these can be worn at work as well as at any party, because winter is the wedding season.

In the fashion of change of time, hoodie has become a popular dress and fashion among teenagers. Not only boys but also teenage girls are choosing this wonderful winter outfit to move around comfortably. There is no alternative to a hoodie to protect the ears from the cold wind in winter. The hoodie can be easily worn anywhere including college, university and there is no extra hassle like other winter clothes. The biggest advantage of a hoodie is that it can be matched with any outfit including jeans, salwar-kameez. The demand for this garment is highest in mild winters. However, there is no pair of hoodies to deal with the bone-chilling winter. According to the winter temperatures of the country, all kinds of collections of soft wool hoodies and heavy synthetic hoodies are now available everywhere.

hoodie for ladies
Fig: Hoodie for ladies

Casual blazer is a stylish winter outfit for young women in fashion as well as formal blazer. Many people are wearing casual blazers of various designs including short body fitting-hand stitch, embroidery, button less, semi collar, shirt collar. Among such blazers is the new Tartan embroidered blazer. Currently, some blazers are being made in such a way that they can be worn effortlessly in both formal and casual occasions. Many people also like semi-casual. According to designers, cotton blazers are always comfortable. This time, keeping in mind the needs of the youth in winter fashion, the blazer has also changed. Blazer fabrics, cuts, buttons, colors, etc. this time there is a touch of variety. Out of jeans, leather, cotton, new velvet blazer or vest coat has come.

Blazer for ladies
Fig: Blazer for ladies

The effect of fog has made shawls the main style statement of women in mild winters. The appeal of the shawl is eternal. Kashmiri shawl is one of the top choices of girls in winter clothes; it is always eye-catching even in thousands of fashions. The whole nature seems to be getting ready to enjoy the winter by wrapping itself in Kashmiri shawl. Shawls are most suitable for various occasions, especially at the wedding house.

shawl for ladies
Fig: Shawl for ladies

Stool or shrug is enough in the current winter. During the day the stool can be used as a dupatta. At night, wrap it again like a sheet. Stalls made of silk, Gujarati or Kashmiri are more acceptable for going to ceremonies. Shrug goes well with Western clothing. This vest coat will go well with any foreign outfit. Now long and short, both types of shrug are in fashion.

shrug for ladies
Fig: Shrug for ladies

Accessories make winter clothes more attractive. One of them is muffler and hat. Hats play a big role in winter fashion. It changes the whole style. However, the muffler is more suitable. Along with this came beanie caps for girls. Beanie caps will protect the ears as well as protect them from the cold. One should match the muffler with the hat. A matching muffler with the color and material of the hat will make them quite attractive. Youth generation can also make themselves more stylish by choosing a muffler depending on the dress. Just as a single color muffler is suitable for a combination of different colors besides one color muffler can be used with a luxurious outfit.

Muffler for ladies
Fig: Muffler for ladies

The bone-chilling winter and the tide of winter fashion have started to keep pace with it. There is a deep addition to fashion with winter. The winter season is more enjoyable for the fashion-loving youth than any other season. Because, this is the time when the most fashionable clothes are worn. Clothing of different trends can be seen in the fashion houses. Only by wearing the right clothes at the right time can the young generation become fashionista.



Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka

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