Tips for Dressing like a Fashionista on a Budget

Tips for Dressing like a Fashionista on a Budget

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A person who stays updated with the current trends in the fashion industry obsessively and work continually to get upon the latest fashions is known as Fashionista. Currently, we are living in a world where fashion trends, style, phenomenon change very faster than Instagram stories, so to deal with it and keeping up to date with the latest trends, designs can feel like a never-ending war. The stress to attire like a fashionista can be amazing, especially when your budget is somewhat tight. But, there is no question of tension here, because looking stylish and trendy doesn’t mean that you have to spend lot of money from your bank account. With a little creativity in your idea and wise shopping, you can become the center of attraction in the town and the fashion game without breaking the bank account. In this article, we’ll share some very important tips for dressing like a fashionista on a low or average budget.

Tips for Dressing like a Fashionista on a Budget:
As already mentioned, there is no need to be super rich and big bank balance to look like a fashionista, below are some tips for dressing to come out as fashionable even when you have a small budget.

Tips for Dressing like a Fashionista

1. Pay attention to your body shape:
Here, the important tip for dressing is to select the clothing that enhance your figure and make you feel more comfortable and confident. As there are many types of body shapes such as apple shape, pear shape, oval shape, hourglass shape and many more, so accordingly identify your body shape and select the clothes widely that fits your body. Always remember that correct fit is by far the most important criteria in enhancing your attire look more expensive and rich. Don’t be fall in a situation where, a sleeve is too long, a shoulder too wide, a pant leg too short or a dress too tight, it’s going to look cheap and will degrade your style and personality. In fact, even if you spend lot of money on a particular piece, it will look very low in the wrong size or shape.

2. Shop intelligently:
Here, you have to make a list of all items or products you required before you go to the stores and shop for shopping. So, once you are ready with your paper plan, then you can have proper money management on how much you can spend on clothes, shoes, and accessories, makeup items, etc. so it is always better to keep the plan in mind while shopping. At the time of shopping, it happens that, you see something you like and feels to buy it, please don’t get carried away here, if you can’t afford it, simply move on. Even it is also analyzed that many times we buy clothing that we don’t need actually, so understand your dressing sense and buy the items more intelligently, and then you can save more money than any other way.

3. Invest in quality:
For the clothing that you wear usually, don’t hesitate to spend a little more amount to get quality items. For example, if you wear a white t-shirt or shoes a lot, please spend some more and get a quality one so you don’t have to run to the store more often, due to the reason that it started fading or the threads are coming out, or it has torn, etc.

4. Follow mix and match strategy:
Once your wardrobe is full with most of the clothes you want, then you can simply used the strategy of mix and match. Always, try to wear perfectly fitting clothes, unless and until it needs to be baggy. Go for a combination like a checked shirt with a tank top inside and ripped jeans. Select trendy colors in-trend such as neon and big prints for classy and calm paired bottoms. While shopping always remember select the item that can be worn in many ways or can paired in attractively with other items.

5. Accept second-hand clothes:
Getting second-hand garments and clothing from thrift shops is a very good way to save your money on clothing budget. Along with budget it also helps the environment. Did you know that in Australia, 500,000 tonnes of textiles and fashion products goes in landfill every year? Even, it is found that some people don’t like the idea of wearing second-hand or old clothes, but it helps to  creates a creative and fashion-forward statement, because it provides you  an opportunity to make old styles new again. If you’re not expert at alterations, you can take the help from Looksmart Alterations; they will take care of the clothes for you.

6. Shop the end of season sale:
It is always suggested that to go for the shopping at end of season sale, it helps a lot to save your money and buy some interesting clothes. For example, the good time to buy things cheaper for the summer is during the winter months and vice-versa. If you don’t really care about wearing items that are in season, then definitely you should shop the end of season sale. And as fashion is changing constantly, a lot of the popular styles, designs, tends usually come back in the next season.

7. Keep following fashion blogs and influencers:
It is also an important tip for dressing, where you have keep an keen eye on fashion blogs, many social media influencers and celebrities, and also follow Pinterest for style /design inspiration. Look out how they dress up, and put together outfits, similarly use the concepts to create your own fashionista looks with the dresses and accessories you have.

8. Use correct accessories:
The simple and the easiest one of the most affordable ways to amaze up with your outfit is to correctly match it with your accessories. It could be any accessory such as scarf, hat, glasses, belt, shoes, sunglasses and majorly different types of jewellery; accessories can make all the difference in your entire look. Try to experiment and explore what innovative you can come up with. Keep it simple also, because a one well-chosen dress is more impactful and attractive than several pieces.

9. Follow techniques like DIY and upcycling:
Wake up your inner fashion designer by always trying to deal with DIY projects or go for upcycling your old clothing stuff. For example, simply you can distress jeans, put patches to jackets, even you can make an oversized shirt into a fashionable dress. With a little bit of creativity and a sewing tools, you can give new life, aesthetics, looks to the old garments.

10. Confidence is crucial:
At last, the important and most necessary tip for dressing is to have confidence and faith in you. It at all doesn’t really matter what clothes you wear, confidence is your best accessory that you should come with. Always, walk with your head positioned high and a 100 volt smile on your face to spread the positivity around the public. When you feel good vibes about yourself from inside, then it shows, and that’s the true sign of a fashionista.

In finally, being a fashionista on a budget is not only simple as well as possible but also a journey of a rewarding and creativity. By following second-hand shopping, clearance and outlets sales, doing DIY projects, and majorly wise shopping tactics, you can create a very stylish wardrobe that shows your unique taste as well as preferences without emptying your bank balance. Always remember that fashion is not about spending a lot; but it’s about exploring yourself and feeling confident in your own skin. So, move ahead and select your clothes with style, knowing that you’re a budget-friendly fashionista who knows how to make every outfit add.


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Q1. What is the difference between stylish and fashionista?
Ans: Fashionista is someone who has immense love for the fashion and stay updated with the ever changing seasonal trends. Whereas style is an expression of individualism which enhance your aura and personality.

Q2. What makes you a fashionista?
Ans: To become a fashionista, you must learn to follow fashion and look great, try to stay up on current fashion trends, styles as well as how to build a good fashionable wardrobe that will have you turning heads.

Q3. Is fashionista male or female?
Ans: Majorly, this term is related with women, but in recent years, the term has been applied to men as well. So, a male fashionista is a man who is highly fascinated in and understanding about fashion and style.

Q4. Can I be a fashionista?
Ans: Yes, anyone with little understanding can become a fashionista. It’s not at all very hard to be a fashionista, only you just need to follow the current trends, shop wisely, and try to create your own style.

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