Fashion Advertising Techniques and Its Significant Role in Apparel Business

The importance of fashion advertising in the apparel industry is immense. Advertising activities are essential to introduce the garment products, fashions and all the information to the buyer. It is called the decoration of trade. Just as women make themselves attractive with cosmetics, so too do advertisers promote their products in an artistic way. This is the impeccable industrial technique of bridging.

fashion advertising by Mulberry
Fig: Advertising by Mulberry

Fashion advertising is a marketing strategy that is a means of promoting any fashion or service to a potential customer. Promotional messages are called advertisements. The goal of fashion advertising is to reach people with information about the fashion or service that creates a potential customer base. One of the purposes of advertising is to inform about the fashion and to increase the demand of the customer. Therefore, it can be said that it is a means of connecting users with a product or service.

Techniques of Fashion Advertising:
Fashion advertising has their own elaborate modes and circles of creation and utilization, including the interrelationship of word and picture in addition to other things. However, mechanical and social changes in dress and retailing, and the effect of class, sexual orientation, and race governmental issues, additionally must be considered.

fashion advertising by prada
Fig: Advertising by PRADA

The techniques of fashion advertising are discussed below:

  1. Fashion advertising serves the content of fashion.
  2. In order to promote all kinds of fashion and services, newspaper and magazines are an inexpensive but easy way to get the message across to people far and wide. Magazines are an important medium for advertising.
  3. Various fashion brands advertise their products on TV. Indeed, even the extremely huge and regular brands will consume their cash on TV for advertising. It is to associate client’s feelings and want of purchasing the style brand.
  4. We are typically seeing that superstars are wearing top of the line style brands or works of art on the music/film grant. This is truly allowing the opportunity to the advertising their new season brands and uncover the style brands to the crowd.
  5. For both retail chain and promoting, they regularly present clients with pictures of a particular way of life. It very well may be a choice of top brands on the planet or it very well may be an energetic and exemplary brand. They are regularly utilizing narrating of the brand through store windows. In-store shows and unique occasions to urge them to purchase the brand. This is another method of presenting the brand in fashion advertising.
  6. Reasonable and lesser-known brands promote fashion ads, such as print promotions, or one-minute commercials in nearby TV slots. The more a company spends on advertising, the more expensive the clothing brand will be.

The Role of Fashion Advertising In Apparel Business:
The material business and the retail sector did not promote the item to the overall population years and years ago and today it seems unusual for an industry where the entire client is located. In a short time in the mountains, exhibitors and retailers created their own promotions and advertising with the help of experts. To date, fashion advertising has been the biggest contributor to the growth of the apparel business.

  1. Advertising plays an important role in bringing new products or services to the market.
  2. It is used to increase product sales, demand and popularity. Currently the competition in the market is more. That is why products and services through advertising are always useful in creating different business brands that can be kept in mind and remembered by the customers.
  3. It is possible to easily bring any fashion to the notice of the people.
  4. Job opportunities are also increasing through advertising agencies and organizations.
  5. Bloggers and YouTube channel owners can easily promote their websites or channels through online fashion advertising.
  6. In the current occasions, advertising is considered definitely more important than opening an actual store. Retailers, fashionistas, and manufacturers are turning their attention to fashion advertising because incoming buyers see it and get ideas about fashion. They aim to create a brand through fashion advertising.
  7. Fashion advertising creates a special market for clothing brands. If a brand is not moving towards a physical store, it is essential to create virtual stores, at least in online shopping centers. Promotes products through advertising in a virtual shop through a separate site.  As a result, the buyer is attracted to the product and buys the product.

Fashion can’t just be promoted by pictures of celebrities wearing designer clothes. The apparel business needs proper advertising and promotion. Public relations are a very important part of every industry and even the fashion industry. In this case advertising plays an important role in apparel business.

fashion advertising by gucci
Fig: Advertising by GUCCI

Every level of fashion brands need to be promoted from a city stylist to a small town schoolgirl. Obviously it can take quite a while for the products to reach the city. But with the advent of online shopping and advertising, it has become easier to buy these products in an instant.

Fashion advertising is been vital to the apparel business as its single direction of arriving at a mass gathering of individuals rapidly. Nowadays it has manifested itself as a social force in the textile industry. For centuries, advertising has brought new fashion to the market and expanded the existing fashion to maintain the vibrancy in the apparel business.



Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
College of Home Economics, Dhaka

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