Importance of Textile in Fashion Designing

The most demanding, and up-to-date profession in the garment industry is fashion designing. And textile is one of the main mediums in this sector. With this, fashion designing can be presented as beautifully and fluently but it is not possible to present it so easily through anything else. So the importance of textile in fashion designing is essential. Most fashion designers nowadays develop their talents centering on textiles.

What is Textile?
The term textile was first used in the case of woven / knitted fabrics. But nowadays this is a widely used term which includes all types of fibers (cotton, jute, wool, silk, hemp) etc., all types of processes like (weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing), etc. are all included in textile. Textile includes everything from textile raw materials to garment finishing.

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What is Fashion Designing?
Fashion designing is an art that enhances aesthetics by applying design. It goals can be achieved by enhancing beauty or by expressing creativity in design on everything from textiles to shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, etc. It also includes embodiment of clothing, which is an ongoing trend. In this profession, besides proper guidance, it is also important to have some qualities and skills of one’s own.

textile in fashion designing

Importance of Textile in Fashion Designing:
Garment fashion is changing very fast all over the world. And at the same time, the ready-made garment industry is trying its best to keep pace. As a result, the influence of textiles in fashion designing is immense.

The importance of textiles in fashion designing is discussed below:
While fashion designing is directly related to textile, other aspects of clothing are equally involved. But fashion designers give more importance to textiles for designing. Fashion designing is an art medium that allows a designer to showcase his or her mindfulness by embracing textiles. They also present the work in different ways. Some designer express their ideas through sketches, someone express their designs directly. They do all these things on top of textiles. As a result, textiles are very important in fashion designing.

importance of textile

Nowadays people are always aware of trends. There is also a lot of competition in the fashion market, because people’s likes and dislikes, tastes change very quickly. It is very difficult to work accordingly. And so to make the work easier, textiles are used to highlight any trend through fashion designing. It can easily express any trend.

Cities around the world like Paris, Milan, London and New York are constantly undergoing fashion changes. In keeping with the current fashion, they are constantly coming up with new designs as per the demand. At present, all the different fashions are being seen in all the national festivals starting from birthday celebrations. In any new fashion market centered around any festival, it is mostly seen in textiles like girls dress: kamiz, tops, sari, boys shirts, Punjabi etc. In other words, textiles are also preferred as a medium of fashion designing more than bags or shoes.

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The younger generation prefers color in any case. They notice very well what light and shadow look like on an object. On the other hand fashion designer loves to reflect their creative thinking through color. In this case, they create their own designs by applying different colors on the textile.

No other accessories, such as shoes, bags have not been able to present a design as easily as a textile. So if anyone wants to bring new design through fashion designing, textile is given importance. Through this any design can be published. Textiles are also used to attract new design customers.

Fashion designing can be done by printing and sewing any textile. It is designed with different types of prints, tie-dyes, blocks, batik, and yarn work. Many times fashion designing is done by changing the sewing on textile.

It is also important for designers to have a work portfolio as fashion designing is a creative profession. This will make it easier for employers to get a clear idea about their drawing and design skills. And this work can be done attractively through textiles. It allows the designer to express his creative thinking aesthetically in a way that is not so easy with anything else.

Newcomers who are fashion designers or those who are studying this subject, they first try to design on top of textiles. Basically, students are considered to be the soul of production programs of any small textile or garment industry. In this case, textile plays an important role in fashion designing. Later, when they are interested in design over something else, then they go there. It is the job of a fashion designer to keep abreast of current fashion trends. And most of the fashions depend on textiles. The designers have examined these textiles with cutting-pattern, color and floral motif.

In addition to the significant development of the country through the garment industry, there has also been a chance of massive employment, including fashion designing. On the other hand, the main foundation of fashion designing is textile. Through design on this, people’s life and thoughts can be presented very easily. So textiles are very important in fashion designing.



Author of This Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka

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  1. The importance of textiles in the realm of fashion designing is like poetry in motion. Each fabric tells a unique story and adds a layer of depth to the designer’s narrative. From luxurious silks to sustainable alternatives, the variety of textiles available is vast and exciting. I’m intrigued to learn more about how designers make conscious choices about the textiles they use, especially in the context of sustainable and ethical fashion. It’s inspiring to see the impact of thoughtful material selection on the industry as a whole.


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