Present Condition and Future Scope of Fashion Design Education in Bangladesh

Fashion design is a subject with great potential and is essential for Bangladesh. The fashion designing profession plays an important role as a challenge to do something creative and innovative. At present, Bangladesh is ahead in the world market in the garment industry. Fashion designers are now thinking about how to take Bangladesh’s garment industry to a higher level in the future with creativity and concentration. There are great scope for fashion design education in Bangladesh.

What is Fashion Design?
Fashion design is an industry where aesthetics are enhanced by applying designs on everything from clothing to shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, etc. Fashion design also includes the symbolic embellishment of an ongoing trend.

Fashion design is a creative profession. A fashion designer does everything from the size of a dress to its color, design, print, type of sewing, etc.

Fashion design as a field of education in Bangladesh:
The garment industry is one of the few sources of foreign exchange earnings in Bangladesh. Not only is garments exported abroad, but it also has a huge market in this country. Clothing is being made in harmony with the climate, culture and tastes of our country. And those who are constantly working on these issues are fashion designers. A fashion designer plays a key role in costume design. In order to work in this profession, one needs to be proficient in drawing as well as get acquainted with the lifestyle, thoughts and tastes of different types of people.

Fashion Design Education in Bangladesh

Even a few days ago, people did not have much idea about fashion design. But now that situation has changed. People are now more beauty conscious than ever before. And fashion designers meet the demand for stylish clothes of these beauty conscious people. Fashion design is an art form that allows a designer to make a garment attractive with the touch of his deft hand. Give the identity of mindfulness.

Nowadays fashion designing is a popular profession. At one time there was not much opportunity to study fashion designing in Bangladesh. But now, one can study fashion designing from several universities. Many institutions including Bangladesh University of Textiles, BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology, Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology, Govt. College of Applied Human Science, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Uttara University, Dhaka Institute of Fashion have the opportunity to study this subject. We have published an article on List of Top Fashion Designing Colleges, Universities, Schools and Institutes in Bangladesh

In addition, there is an opportunity to do a six-month or one-year diploma course in fashion technology, which can be completed and work as a designer. If anyone wants to take higher education, they have the opportunity to study in different countries of the world including Malaysia, Europe and America.

Current and future status of fashion design profession in Bangladesh:
There is a huge job market for fashion designers in Bangladesh. Thousands of garments, buying houses, clothing brands and boutique houses have sprung up across the country, creating a demand for skilled manpower in these sectors.

And it is now mandatory to have fashion designers in the garment industry, buying houses, fashion houses everywhere. So the students who have taken degrees in fashion design and apparel merchandising are getting jobs in the garment industry as soon as they pass out.

If anyone wants, they can start a business of fashion house, boutique house on their own initiative. There are also job opportunities outside the country. Apart from this, if one has good results and experience, there is also an opportunity to join some universities as a lecturer.

In fact, the scope of fashion designing is much wider. At present more importance has been given to this sector in Bangladesh. There are more than 12,000 garment factories in the country. There are also buying houses, sweater factories, textile industry, quality control institutes and fashion houses. Bangladesh has already set a target of 50 billion for the export of readymade garments. That means we will need at least 50 thousand skilled manpower. As a result, the unemployment problem will be reduced. New jobs will be created. In this sector, it is the skilled manpower other than the workers who have graduated and post-graduated in the fields of garment production management and technology, product sales, fashion design, textile engineering or product designing. In addition to theoretical knowledge, practical education is given special importance in the subjects of this study.

If anyone works in this sector, the salary is much higher than other professions. While doing an internship in fashion designing, a designer gets an honorarium of taka 8,000 to taka 12,000. After 3 months or 6 months of internship, in the first stage of working in the company, one gets 15 to 20 thousand BDT per month. Then the salary gradually increases to a maximum of 60 thousand. In addition, better pay depends on the company. But if anyone works with an international company, they can easily earn one and a half lakh to three lakh taka at the end of the month. It is seen that if one takes higher education on fashion designing and use that talent in this sector, it has a bright future not only in Bangladesh but also abroad.

Eighty three percent of Bangladesh’s export earnings come from the readymade garments sector. Creating current fashion trends, marketing, job opportunities and business job benefits can all be gained through fashion design education. As a result, all graduate students will be able to enrich themselves and the country through fashion awareness by utilizing the education they have received.



Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka

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