Analyzing the Fashion Trends in the Current Era

As the world has progressed in the age of globalization, so have the fashion trends. Every year a new trend comes, it goes away and another new fashion comes. This coming and going of the trend all happens through a fashion cycle. And in this fashion cycle, the trend changes from age to age. In this article I will discuss on fashion trends in the current era.

What is fashion trend?
Today, a trend begins with fashion designers who plan a spring and fall collection based on the signs and motivations gathered throughout the spring. Nowadays, not only demand, but also clothing is now one of the means of expressing one’s personality. And there have been many changes in this dress from age to age, which is called trend change.

fashion trends in the current era
Fig: Fashion trends in the current era (Image courtesy: Prothom Alo)

Nowadays people feel more comfortable adapting to the trend. What is new today is becoming old again tomorrow. The clothes of 70’s and 80’s are coming back as a new trend. Sari, kameez, pajamas, blouses are all coming back to the old form with the passage of time.

Discussion of fashion trends from 1970 to the current era:
Several notable trends can be noticed in the fashion of the seventies. For example, ball print sari became very popular among women at that time. Many people also embrace floral prints with love. Bengali films began to become popular, which began to have an impact on fashion and decoration. Following the heroines of the film, the trend of tying long hair, tying kajal or putting flowers around the ears could be noticed in the seventies.

In the eighties, young people became more interested in aerobics. And the colorful suits of aerobics once became a trend. There was no light style in the hair. At this time the use of hairspray began. Makeup also changes. In this case, the fashion conscious people started using more colors. Thin eyebrows were still considered a trend. As well as growing in popularity; athletic shoes became increasingly valuable in the 1980s.

In the nineties, the trend began to change again. The girls then started to do the physical structure like flannel. Even then, models are everyone’s style icon. The ‘Friends’ TV series played the biggest role in the change of style in the late nineties. The character ‘Rachel’ in the series was very popular with women. And the boys started following the style of rap star Eminem.

The new century may seem to us the current trend the most natural. But since the beginning of this century there has been an unprecedented change in the concept of beauty. At this time the rate of plastic surgery is the highest. The girls are busy trying to build a slim body again. Everyone is now chasing something unique.

The changes that have taken place in the garments in line with the trends in the present age are as follows:

Sari is the top choice of Bengali women in all eras. That is why there is so much speculation about sari before the festival. Although this sari has won the hearts of women over the ages, but the trend has changed a lot. Sometimes even a few years ago, it was not fashionable to work on sari, beads, lace and stones. However, this type of sari was seen in the seventies and eighties. That fashion has come as a new trend about five years ago which is still going on now.

As trend has changed in sarees, blouses are no exception. Many types of blouses with matching designs can be seen in the clothing market. Just as sarees are chosen with great importance, the design of blouses is also predominant for many women. There are various designs of blouses such “v” shape neckline with frill and lace blouses with three-quarter sleeves. Moreover, ghatihata, pistalhata, churihata blouses which were very popular in the seventies and eighties, are now back again. Lace ribbons on the backs of blouses, and even button, were seen in the eighties and nineties, which are now back in trend.

Kaptan or Tops:
The name of the dress of the eighties, “kaptan”, has now been changed to Tops and it has come back as a new trend. It’s also use full sleeves and three-quarter sleeves. The tops have light handicrafts, wood, glass beads, stone, various types of leaves and metal handicrafts on the neck and hands. Apart from this, some tops have embroidery and sequence work. These include hand and neck lace designs. Tops also feature screen-print, batik, embroidery, hand paint and appliqué work. This is one of the most popular fashion trends in the world today.

Palazzo is one of the most popular trends in the clothing market today. But even a few days ago, the “curidar” pajamas were quite popular. If anyone looks at the history of this palazzo, they can see that these pajamas, which were once known as dividers, have now expanded a little and are now palazzos. But such pajamas occupied the clothing market about ten years ago today.

Nowadays palazzo has become quite popular trend with long kamiz. Girls like to wear palazzo with different tops. Palazzo is now fashionable for girls of all ages. However, when this palazzo was known as the divider, the girth of this pajama was a little less. With the change of time and some changes in its cutting, it has now taken its place in the Palazzo market. Earlier dividers used to have different fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette but now as a result of the change here only palazzo of georgette fabric is more prevalent.

Fashion trends in the digital world are now at hand. What kind of fashion is going on in India, Pakistan, and Europe can be seen sitting at home. As a result, fashion trends in the current era are changing rapidly. There are different fashion trends in each era. Then while following the same trend everywhere, everyone has to follow that trend. With the passage of time, fashion trends also change. As fashion trends change, so does the type of clothing worn by people. Many people are happy with this.



Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka

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