Career Opportunities for Fashion Designers in India

Last Updated on 22/12/2020

Pursuing a specific career all depends on the type of education you have taken, your interests, your experience and the passion to do something fruitful. It is all in your will-power and how you want to mold your life. Life is to live and accepting new challenges in life gives a new dimension to your thoughts and ideas. Being compassionate about something is not bad. You have to get serious about the things you want to do it in your life, whether you like it or not. So get started and do whatever you want to do because many opportunities are waiting for you.

India is a big country with people willing to do different jobs, some for money and others for their passion. The country is filled with a lot of decent career opportunities but sometimes you have to dig them out yourself or run after them like nothing before. The fashion designing industry in India is booming like nothing. The hype of being fashionable in all walks of life has become quite mandatory. Whether you belong to the upper class or from the mediocre society, you ought to follow fashion in different ways. Their new generation is learning new things in fashion and wants to pursue fashion designing as their full and final career.

Fashion designing is a special art that is all devoted to style and design different clothing and many other related fashion accessories such as shoes, bags, watches, jewellery and many more. It is not bound to any specific gender or age. Anyone from any age group can pursue this career. The art is probably more and more influenced by the environment, society and cultural attributes which evolves time to time sometimes with some drastic changes.

Fashion Designers in India
Fig: Fashion designer

Being a fashion designer can be the most appealing and glamorous job of all times where you want to standout and look as perfect as you can. It is one of the exciting careers in today’s world where you learn new things and apply them on your designs making them unique and out of this world. This job wants to see the creative side of you, as the fashion industry is made for people with different and cut creative ideas. This career will surely reduce your stress symptoms. It also promises success, fame, glamour and mostly high-pay packages for the most talented people in your country.

Moreover the job is too demanding and is not a 9 to 4 job. You must be ready all the time to pen your ideas on the paper any time of the day. You have to combine your creative side and perfect managerial skills just to make this venture a big success. If you have passion for fashion then start creating magic with pieces of cloths, colors, designs and shape. Allure the world of fashion in your country and internationally by showcasing some out of the box ideas.


If you want to pursue career as fashion designers in your country India, remember you have to follow the following duties:

  1. Your ideas must be different or inspirational.
  2. You must decide a specific theme of your collection.
  3. Study different fashion trends that can be latest or from the old era.
  4. Mold your designs that will appeal the consumers of all ages.
  5. Using CAD (Computer-Aided Designs) to create their design or complete collection.
  6. Select appropriate fabric, colors, embellishments, cuts and style for each design and accessories.
  7. Visits different exhibitions or manufacturers to hunt sample fabrics.
  8. To create prototype designs start working with a team.
  9. Market your designs directly to the consumers or through some good retailers.
  10. Showcase your designs to some well-known creative designers or in some fashion shows.
  11. Go through your final designs as much as possible and consider all small details.

Many fruitful opportunities are waiting in India for fashion designers with lots of benefits and perks. Fashion designers can be of different types, depends upon the medium they want to work on. Following are the different types of fashion designers most commonly found in India:

1. CLOTHING DESIGNER: One who designs and creates men’s, women’s and children clothing or apparels that includes casual wear, formal wear, semi-formal, sportswear, intimate wear and maternity clothing.

2. COSTUME DESIGNER: Designers who create designs for performing arts, films and television performances. The designing is more researched and precise as it involves a lot of consumer ideas.

3. FOOTWEAR DESIGNER: One who designs and produces different footwear such as shoes, sandals, heels, boots and a lot more. The designer has to keep in mind many things such as comfort, best material and top-notch design.

4. ACCESSORY DESIGNER: Designing items such as jewellery, handbags, hats, eyewear, hosiery, scarves and many more.

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Due to the boom in fashion industry of India, the job ratio has immensely increased 70% since the last decade. The industries that employ the fashion designers most are:

  • Wholesalers for apparels, notions and accessories — 32%
  • Clothing manufacturers — 13%
  • Different media companies and enterprises — 10%
  • Specializing Designing Services — 6%

Many of the fashion designers are employed by different wholesalers and manufacturers but 1 out of 4 designers are self-employed and are supporting their business on their own. Yet they are extremely successful and pursuing such a career in the country like India is like having a bright future in no time. The benefits of being a true and genuine designer are endless; you just need to choose the right path.

To excel in the fashion industry, you need to have the following important qualities:

1. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Fashion designers in India must have the best communication skills to describe and implement their designs. The way they can give instructions to their team is very important for some extra-ordinary results.

2. ARTISTIC ABILITIES: There is always an artist lying inside a fashion designer. Try to learn proper sketching to pen down your ideas on paper.

3. DECISION MAKING SKILLS: One should have the power to take on spot decision for the betterment of designs and the company. It’s up to you how you want to showcase your designs.

4. CREATIVITY: Show your true self and show your best creativity. Consumers want latest, trendy and different. So relax and design your best.

5. GOOD DETAILING SKILLS: Adding details to any designs can be difficult job. Taking care of all the details possible can make some ordinary a masterpiece.

Many good opportunities are waiting for some skilled fashion designers in India with some good amount of pay. The median annual wedges for a fashion designer in India work as following:

For companies and enterprises$80,500
For Apparel manufacturers$67,000
For wholesalers of apparels, accessories and notion$62,000
Specialized designing services$57,000

The wedges can be converted to Indian Rupees for more precise pay scale. The above pay rates are mentioned according to international standards which are provided in most of the countries. Earning can be good if you take this career seriously and will also give you a chance to showcase your collection internationally.

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