Most Controversial Fashion Trends

Most Controversial Fashion Trends

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There has always been more to controversial fashion than merely odd attire. It’s about breaking down barriers, questioning conventions, and igniting discussions. For years, avant-garde designers have harnessed the influence of contentious fashion, using it as a vehicle for social commentary and transformation. While the components of contentious fashion might vary, they frequently involve breaking from tradition, testing the limits, and upsetting social norms. Provocative materials, designs, or messaging can be used in controversial fashion to make a statement and start a debate. Although it may just appear to be odd clothing to some, these odd garments can provide a platform for questioning social conventions and pushing limits.

The Most Controversial Fashion Trends:

1. Skinny Sunnies:
Every trend-setting star has been spotted wearing tiny sunglasses in the 90s style since oversized sunglasses were pronounced dead. You can’t deny how fashionable they are, especially when celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner support this aesthetic. The majority of them don’t even completely cover the eyes, and they provide absolutely little UV protection! Yes, that sort of defeats the purpose of sunglasses, but consider them more of a statement piece than a useful accessory.

Skinny Sunnies

2. Belt Bags:
The belt bag is a classic “fanny pack” that has been given a more stylish makeover. They are without a doubt practical, and they now come in a huge variety of styles. Belt bags first appeared at festivals, and now high fashion and street style bloggers are sporting them. The distinction between trendy and tourist is really fine! Please take care not to cross it. This is how you turn an unfashionable look, like the fanny pack, chic. This Chloé bag can be changed into a cross-body bag (for the days you just aren’t feeling the belt bag look) and can be worn with practically any outfit without looking out of place.

Belt Bags

3. Objecting to Male Jewellery Marketing:
Instead of criticizing the trend itself, fashion enthusiasts voice their dislike of the marketing and promotion of masculine adornments. While they admit that they personally don’t like jewellery or accessories, they do admit that some people can pull off the style well. However, their sense of style is not in line with the relentless marketing and push for male adornments.

Objecting to Male Jewellery Marketing

4. Lack of Variety in Men’s Formal Wear:
Men’s formal wear is far less varied than women’s fashion, which frustrates fashion enthusiasts. They believe that whereas women have many options for formal wear, suits and tuxedos have stayed largely unaltered for years. They are frustrated by this discrepancy in choice because they want men’s formal clothing to be more diverse.

Men's Formal Wear

5. Crocs:
Shoes like Crocs can make or break a look. The incorrect shoes may destroy even the sharpest and most fashionable outfit. Streetwear follows the same rule. The best outfit can be ruined by the wrong shoe. Few ensembles are completed with Crocs, a type of specialty footwear. Only if you are working in a kitchen will you look appropriate if you are wearing plastic or rubber. These shoes are really the footwear equivalent of mullets; professional on top, party on the bottom. Choose more mature footwear if you want to be taken seriously.


6. Kimono and Kim Kardashian:
Kim Kardashian, a reality television personality and businesswoman, debuted a new collection of women’s shapewear in June. She tried to trademark the “Kimono Body,” “Kimono Intimates,” and “Kimono World” logos under the name Kimono. The announcement drew harsh criticism for cultural appropriation of the national costume of Japan, the kimono. A petition to change the name was shared online, and the hashtag #KimOhNo started trending on social media. Later, in September, Kardashian relaunched the company under the name Skims.

kimono and Kim Kardashian

7. Indian Celebrities with Tribal Clothing:
Actress Shraddha Kapoor received flak for wearing a Native American war hat in an image for the 2019 calendar by photographer DabooRatnani. Following this occurrence, singer Sara Ali Khan starred in her first Filmfare cover shoot alongside Masai tribe members in March. Twitterati called out the actor and the publisher for a racist photoshoot that included props from an indigenous culture.

Indian celebrities with tribal clothing

8. Misdeeds of Blackface in Fashion:
In February, pop artist Katy Perry’s clothing line featured black shoes with blue eyes and vibrant red lips, while Gucci unveiled a €800 balaclava knit with a cutout mouth and huge red lips. Both companies recalled the products after being criticised for their racial caricatures.

Katy Perry's clothing line featured black shoes with blue eyes and vibrant red lips

9. The Military Dagger of MS Dhoni:
The International Cricket Council (ICC) accused Indian cricketer M.S. Dhoni of violating the attire code during India’s opening World Cup match. Dhoni, who has been an honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Parachute Regiment since 2011, also sported the regimental dagger insignia on his wicket-keeping gloves for the Indian Para Special Forces. The ICC asserts that during international matches, “equipment and clothing regulations do not permit the display of messages that relate to political, religious, or racial activities or causes.” Despite the backing of the public and the athletic community, Dhoni chose not to use the gloves in later games.

military dagger of MS Dhoni

10. Issues with Sabyasachi’s Messaging:
It’s more likely that a woman who appears to be “overdressed,” “caked in makeup,” or “armored with jewellery” is actually injured. To celebrate a new jewellery line, designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee posted that on his Instagram page. It caused a stir on social media as many people accused the designer of sexism and backwards concepts. The designer apologized and said the message, which was one of love and empathy, had been expressed incorrectly.

Sabyasachi's Messaging

The idea of controversial fashion is not new. The artistic skill of designers like Mary Quant, Vivienne Westwood, and Malcolm McLaren was on display throughout the 1960s and 1970s. All fashion designers who, unlike many others, have helped to shape and impact the industry. The conservative fashion industry’s barriers were not only pushed; they were broken by these visionaries, who opened the way for a fresh generation of imaginative, risk-taking, and controversial creations.



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