Various Types of Rings for Women

Various Types of Rings for Women

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When it comes to a ring, it is simply a piece of jewellery which is worn on the finger. Rings come in various materials, such as metal, stone, glass, wood, and plastic. They are often embellished with jewels, engravings, or other ornamental designs. Rings are used as a fashion accessory, also as a symbol of marriage or engagement, or a sign of religious faith. Each type of ring portray some special meaning and purpose. And some of the types of rings are worn for the sheer love of jewellery. Let’s understand few different types to give you an idea of the variety one can find.

Various Types of Rings for Women:
There are many types of rings for women, each designed for different occasions, personal styles, and preferences. Here are some common types of rings for women:

1. Silver Ring:
This type of ring is very popular because they are affordable and look superb with any outfit. Silver is versatile material and it can be easily polished to a high shine or left to develop a natural patina over time. It can be plain or adorned with gemstones, such as the Silver Lotus Front Open Ring, making them a great style statement for those in love with silver jewellery.

Silver Ring
Fig: Silver Ring

2. Diamond Ring:
When it comes to diamond rings they are graded on 4 factors called the 4Cs which are cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Carat weight generally refers to the size of the diamond, whereas 1 carat is the equal of 200 milligrams. Here, color varies from D to Z, where D means colorless which is found to be most valuable and Z refers a brown-colored diamond. The cut characteristics of the diamond show its brilliance, while the clarity varies from flawless to included, based on the number of imperfections. In the past years, lab grown diamonds have obtained huge popularity due to their affordability and sustainability.

Diamond Ring
Fig: Diamond Ring

3. Rose Gold Ring:
This has acquired popularity in the recent past for its ability to look attractive on every skin type or complexion. When it comes to rose gold, it is a precious metal, as valuable as yellow gold or white gold. To manufacture rose gold, yellow gold is simply being mixed with a small percentage of copper from which the pinkish tint arises. This metal can be quickly and easily being moulded differently to create a motley of designs, but normally contemporary ones. Rose gold metal is generally found in dainty jewellery most of the times, rings being a desirable one.

Rose Gold Ring
Fig: Rose Gold Ring

4. Bypass Ring:
This type of ring refers to the asymmetric designs where the band surrounds the finger once then slightly found to be overlapped. These rings can be of both the type either disconnected or connected, with the former classifying as adjustable rings also. They simply have a sleek band construction, but different design structure from fauna or flora are also highly popular for example rings under the shape of leaves or snakes. They are created from a wide range of metals, such as  silver, stainless steel, platinum and gold. Some also include gemstones which are displayed either centrally or at one or both ends.

Bypass Ring
Fig: Bypass Ring

5. Gunmetal Ring:
It is simply a dark grey-appearing finish of metals that is show either by polishing regular metals for affordable type of jewellery or making an alloy with a mixture of pure gold for a finer range. When it comes to alloy making process, it is similar to that of white gold, but here the composition of zinc is taken higher to get a darker appearance. Though gunmetal jewellery is versatile in nature, it is generally used for a men’s range of jewellery. When the rings are being  particularly, gunmetal is a great choice for a modern edgy piece. It is generally founded in casual pieces like band rings.

Gunmetal Ring
Fig: Gunmetal Ring

6. Turquoise Rings:
It is the most popular in Southwest-inspired jewellery, turquoise rings are found to be very awesome and colorful statement. They posses a special significance for Native American tribes and artists, who craft and wear beautiful pieces featuring the stone. These rings also found to be set in sterling silver, with the stone being usually unpolished to let its natural beauty and specialty to shine.

Turquoise Ring
Fig: Turquoise Ring

7. Cocktail Ring:
This type of rings became widely famous during the roaring 1920s, when glamorous ladies used these large, statement rings while attending grand events and parties. The origin of the name ‘cocktail rings’ is initiated in the Prohibition era in 1920-1933. Whereas, the trade and sale of alcoholic beverages was prohibited, the empowered ‘New Women’ expressed their independence by eliminating cocktails and exhibiting their statement rings. Generally, cocktail rings were put on the right hand instead of a wedding ring, another detail meaning to suggest is independence, power and poise. The key feature of this cocktail ring is a large, prominent gemstone, which is set in intricate or gem-decked metallic finishes.

Cocktail Ring
Fig: Cocktail Ring

8. Pearl Rings:
These are elegant ornaments that meet the true meaning of versatility. Pearl rings are rings that are generally decorated with one pearl or more on a metallic ring structure. Here, the supporting metal could be either gold, silver or rose gold for women and an artificial or natural pearl is attached with dainty prongs. Pearl rings also present as astrological amulets or birthstone accessories and in these scenarios, the ring is designed minimally. For more cheerful purposes, pearl rings are specially designed with a combination of two or more pearls, mostly of different sizes.

Pearl Ring
Fig: Pearl Ring

9. Solitaire Rings:
This defines the ring styles that showcases a single stone, usually larger in size, leading and displayed in the center of the design. The most popular types of solitaire rings are diamond rings. The most popular options for solitaire ring settings consists of proper prong setting, bezel and tension setting. All these make well favoured for engagement rings and have one thing in common, that is  they do not feature additional gemstones, either be it small or large, other than the main single gem.

Solitaire Rings
Fig: Solitaire Ring

10. Interlocking Rings:
They are types of rings that showcase various rings in an intertwined design. They cannot be taken out easily, until one damage the jewellery. The meaning behind these types of rings is unity, friendship, teamwork, love and marriage, as the rings arise the concept of inseparability. The meaning of interlocking rings to be found different around the world. In Chinese culture, the interlocking system constitutes the interconnectedness of all things and the wisdom of the Universe. In Celtic culture, interlocking rings were a symbol of eternity.

Interlocking Rings
Fig: Interlocking Rings

11. Disconnected/Open Rings:
It can be taken back to ancient times, when Celtic knotwork designs used open spaces mixed with intertwining patterns in their ring designs. Open rings are also known as bypass rings.  However, the ring design characteristics two sides that slightly wrap around the finger, while still not intersecting each other. Disconnected rings describes the ring design that feature a larger opening, generally found at the front. When the opening is present in the back of the right, the style is usually called as ‘adjustable rings’.

Open Ring
Fig: Open Ring

12. Cluster Rings:
They are jewellery pieces that showcase a group of corralled gemstones in the center position. These gemstones can varies from diamonds to pearls as well as other colored gems. The gems are displayed close together just like a cluster. Due to the more number of gemstones, these fashion rings are found to be a statement pieces as they gives a high amount of brilliance and they are generally large in size. Even it is seen that, some designs include more than one gemstone type, for example pairings like pearls and diamonds, displayed in cluster designs including ones resembling flowers, stars or other motifs and many more.

Cluster Rings
Fig: Cluster Ring

There are so many stunning types of rings for women to choose from. You’ve got classic and all time favourite of ladies that is diamond rings that add sparkle to any outfit. Then there are various different elegant and timeless gold or silver bands that can be worn every day and which looks very good. If you’re looking for something more unique and stylish designs, there are birthstone rings that add a personal element. And let’s not forget to consider about statement rings that make a bold fashion statement and enhance the personality. Whether you choose delicate and dainty or bold and eye-catching, there’s a ring out there that’s perfect for you.


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Q1: What are the different kinds of rings for ladies?
Ans: There are many different types of rings for women, such as engagement rings, wedding bands, cocktail rings, eternity rings, and statement rings.

Q2: What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band?
Ans: An engagement ring is generally given during a proposal and majorly features a prominent center stone, while a wedding band is exchanged during the wedding ceremony or function and is usually a simpler band without a center stone.

Q3: What are cocktail rings?
Ans: Cocktail rings are very bold and glamorous type of statement rings usually worn for special occasions or parties. They often feature large gemstones or intricate designs.

Q4: What are eternity rings?
Ans: Eternity rings are generally given to emblem everlasting love. They are adorned with a continuous line of gemstones, usually diamonds, encircling the entire band.

Q5: What are some famous gemstone options for women’s rings?
Ans: Popular gemstone choices include diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, and many more. It depends on personal preference and birthstones.

Q6: How do I find the right ring size for a ladies?
Ans: The correct way to identify ring size is to have her finger measured by a professional jeweller. Or Else, you can use a ring size tool or compare her existing rings to a size chart.

Q7: Where can I get most affordable yet quality rings for women?
Ans: You can find affordable yet quality rings at reputable and well known jewellery stores, online marketplaces, or most probably during sales and promotions. Just make sure to research and read reviews before making a purchase.

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