Different Types of Necklaces for Women

Different Types of Necklaces for Women

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Whenever, the necklace is considered, it is one of the most elegant and stylish pieces of jewellery any ladies can have in their collection. The everlasting favorite of the red-carpet, the necklace is strong enough of not only completing a attire but adding to it as well. It’s the most amazing and tempting part of any outfit, often so fascinating that you pick the dresses around the necklace. With such a wide ranges of necklace designs which are available, many ladies have a meltdown when trying to decide what necklace to pick.

Types of Necklaces for Women:
Necklaces come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and materials. The choice of necklace often depends on personal style, occasion, and individual preferences. Here are some common types of necklaces:

1. Pendant necklace:
It is most prominent and used by all jewellery lovers, pendant necklaces are one of the most versatile type of necklace that not only just enhance the style statement of one’s but also allow to show off the personality. Some popular and trending styles include the tree necklace, moon & stars, bars and stones for example Labradorite and Lapis Lazuli. The popular metal choices for pendant necklaces are gold vermeil and 18 carat gold and are suitable for pretty much all necklines.

Pendant necklace
Fig: Pendant necklace

2. Bib necklace:
As even the name suggests that, a bib necklace covers you up like just a bib. It can be simply made out of tiered chains or a simply a single big piece to cover over the breastbone. Different types of this sort of necklace can be more delicate as long as the bib layers are maintained properly. This popular necklace has long been considered high-end jewellery, even though it is costlier.

Bib necklace
Fig: Bib necklace

3. Choker:
It’s just a snug clasp around the neck, the choker necklace can be manufactured of metal, ribbon, velvet and even leather and many other type of material. This type of necklace is primarily best for off U-neck and off shoulder necklines.

Choker necklace
Fig: Choker necklace

4. Negligee:
This is actually an extended version of the lavalier. Don’t get chaotic with the negligee nightgown worn by women, this style of necklace actually initiated from the early 19th century, which is the part of the Edwardian era. Generally, one will find that these necklaces focus on two none matched sized drops, fitting asymmetrical and irregularly shaped, which is connected to a central pendant. It is generally find to be longer in length.

Negligee necklace
Fig: Negligee necklace

5. Festoon:
This type of necklace style is originated in Greece and known as a garland or wreath of braided flowers, foliage, and twigs. The draping components of the festoon necklace is the focus point which distinguish it from other. Here, detailed patterns chains are frequently combined with precious metals, jewels, and pearls. The preliminary chain of the festoon necklace must be of choker size and the rest of it on the collarbone for the necklace to settle properly.

Festoon necklace
Fig: Festoon necklace

6. Collar Necklace:
This type of necklaces are a superb choice for off-shoulder necklines as well as boat, turtle and many other types of necklines. It sits very perfectly and gorgeously around the collar region, these necklaces can lend an elegant sophistication to the evening and party wear.

Collar Necklace
Fig: Collar necklace

7. Graduated:
This is a type of necklace, which is a single-strand and constructed of materials with different bead sizes, such as pearls. As you move back, the beads goes on becoming smaller and smaller, and the bigger beads are positioned in the center position. The beads are generally found to be tiny at the clasp and gradually become larger as they hang around your neck. When it comes to graduated beads they are common in pearl necklaces.

Graduated necklace
Fig: Graduated necklace

8. Sautoir:
It is simply a fancy term being used by the people of France to show a long necklace with a pendant at the bottom. A sautoir has a different or single length necklace with hanging threads and sometimes dotted with decorative links. One will find the ends covered in tassels or pendants which can add a nice motion to the ends of the necklace. A sautoir can have personalized elements for example, beads and other materials or charms on a thread. One can have these in a range of different sizes from 60cm designs to the very long 90cm necklace.

Sautoir necklace
Fig: Sautoir necklace

9. Charms:
This necklace is a bold way to express the personality and make a stylish statement, and a chunky charm necklace is sure to take the spotlight as the centerpiece of the event and party. As an average length of 24 inches these necklaces can be match with solid colours and all necklines.

Charms necklace
Fig: Charms necklace

10. Riviere:
This type of necklace has one or two separate rows of precious and decorative gemstones. In many designs, semi-precious gemstones are also found as well. As the necklace will move down the stones may gradually become smaller in size as they reach the back. The length of these necklaces are usually found to be princess or collar length.

Riviere necklace
Fig: Riviere necklace

11. Lavalier:
This necklace was originated at the starting of the twentieth century and generally made up of a thin chain with a tiny pendant with many stylish and beautiful stones or components hanging from it. This necklace’s design is very well with a feminine vibe and boho appearance. Princess length, which is generally 16-inch is the standard length for the lavalier necklace, which perfectly fits just below the collarbone.

Lavalier necklace
Fig: Lavalier necklace

12. Opera:
Those who are looking to add just a tad bit of drama to their attire; this type of necklace is perfect for them. Opera necklaces generally varies from 30” – 36”, and simply can be worn as it is or looped around the neck. They are basically made of pearls or beads and go well with necklines like turtlenecks, high necks as well as scoop necklines.

Opera necklace
Fig: Opera necklace

13. Multi-Strand Necklaces:
These are most common necklaces in beaded or pearl designs and consists multiple strands joined by a single clasp or closure. Double and triple strand necklaces are often particularly worn as statement pieces due to their eye-catching nature.

Multi-Strand Necklaces
Fig: Multi-strand necklaces

14. Locket:
This necklace is a kind of a traditional necklace pendant that is almost used by all the generations. A small chamber in the locket necklace can have a small photo or memory of their loved one. Locket necklaces are highly emotional and intimate pieces of jewellery in nature. During Victorian time, it becomes very famous when many people wore lockets with carvings or a strand of hair from a loved one within. Locket necklaces can now have a variety of chains, although they are most commonly coupled with an opera-length chain generally of 30 to 36 inches.

Locket necklace
Fig: Locket necklace

15. Tennis Necklaces:
These remain one of the most icons, vintage and elegant styles of neckwear and are sure to attract the eye with their gracefully simple aesthetic look. Tennis necklaces come in many different styles and varieties. Most typically, a tennis necklace comprise of set diamonds paired with detailed links or simple prongs to create a united and polished piece of jewelry.

Tennis necklaces
Fig: Tennis necklaces

Whenever the necklaces are considered, it is a fabulous accessory for ladies that come in a wide variety of styles. From a kind of statement necklaces to pendant necklaces, choker necklaces to layered necklaces, there’s something available for everyone’s taste and style. When one is looking to make a bold fashion statement or add a touch of elegance to your attire, necklaces are the perfect choice. They allow to express the personal style and can be worn for any occasion, from casual trips and outings to formal events and meetings. So go ahead and pick up the perfect necklace that communicates to you and adds that extra sparkle to your look.


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1. What are the various types of necklace chains?
– Some general and trend types of necklace chains include cable chains, box chains, rope chains, and snake chains.

2. What is particularly the difference between a pendant necklace and a statement necklace?
– A pendant necklace generally features a small charm or pendant hanging from the chain, whereas a statement necklace is usually larger and more eye-catching, often incorporating bold designs or multiple elements.

3. How to choose the right length for a necklace?
– The length of a necklace basically depends on personal preference and style and the desired look. Common lengths include choker (14-16 inches), princess (18 inches), matinee (20-24 inches), and opera (28-36 inches).

5. What are some famous necklace styles for formal occasions and events?
– For formal occasions and functions, elegant and sophisticated necklace styles includes, pearl strands, diamond necklaces, or delicate pendant necklaces are often preferred.

6. What are some trendy necklace designs for everyday wear?
– Some trendy necklace designs and styles for everyday wear include dainty layered necklaces, minimalist geometric pendants, or customized initial necklaces.

7. What are some common materials used in necklace making?
– Common materials which are being used in necklace making include gold, silver, stainless steel, pearls, gemstones, and various types of beads.

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