Use of Different Types of Shoes in the Variety of Fashion

Shoes are one of the most used accessories to make oneself trendy in fashion. These were originally invented in ancient times to provide protection for the human foot, but nowadays shoes are not only a means of protection but also a part of decoration. These have different designs depending on age, gender, country and time. Research has shown that fashion experts can give 90 percent impression of a person’s personality just by looking at the type of shoes a person prefers.

Fashionable shoes
Fig: Fashionable shoes

History of Shoe Discovery:
Shoes were invented for foot safety. In 2005, Eric Trinkaus, an anthropologist at the University of Washington in the United States, studied the anatomy of humans during the Ice Age and the patterns of that era, suggesting that humans began to wear shoes about 40,000 years ago. Later, after finding a pair of shoes in a cave called Armenian Arenia-1, research revealed that these shoes were made in the 16th-12th centuries BC and it is said that the shoes of boys and girls were the same in the early days of shoe discovery.

In the early days of shoe modernization, wooden shoes were made and given different names depending on the place. In the course of time, the beauty of shoes has taken its present form. Different types of shoes have appeared in the market with different innovations.

A Variety of Shoes Use in Fashion:
Shoes are being given a lot of priority to make oneself trendy in fashion. Nowadays, fashion conscious people pay more attention to how much the shoes match with the clothes. Now according to the fashion trends, sneakers, canvas, ballerina, ballerina cut nagra style shoes or high heel, semi heel shoes are also popular in girl’s shoes. In the case of western clothing one can choose sneakers or canvas. Girls look more smart in ballerinas too. High heels are not very trendy with jeans. However, since style is a matter of personal choice, it is important to keep in mind that even if one chooses high heels. Thus, flat shoes fit well with jeans.

Different types of fashion shoes
Fig: Different types of fashion shoes

Textiles, microfibers, synthetic leather and all time preferred leather are also predominant in the material. However, as the price of shoes made of pure leather is a bit higher, the rest are becoming popular at this time. Shoes of the design of one’s choice are matching within reach.

Nowadays, men are not lagging behind in keeping pace with the times. They too have become very fashionable now. They use outerwear to make themselves trendy. The market is now focused on Converse. The new collection and the mix of different colors with it is going well. However, in terms of color, blue and yellow are more popular, as well as their mixed colors are quite attractive. The demand for light to dark or mixed red, green and black converse is also high in the market.

The converse is made in the form of many things like leather, cloth or jeans. There are several types of conversions. These include High Converse, Semi to High Converse, Shoe Converse, Plain Converse, Sports Converse, Lace Converse etc. Leather shoes play a very important role in the office getup or corporate world.

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Loafers still have a name in trendy shoes. The biggest advantage of loafers is that they are quite comfortable than other shoes. Loafers can be easily worn on the feet without socks. No problem tying the ribbon. The loafers fit well with the formal official getup. These shoes make a lot of fashionable look in formal.

There are also casual shoes in addition to the official suede. These are made in the form of sneakers and boots, which will hold their smart look. However, new designs are constantly coming. The price of shoes and sandals depends on the design, the material used and the quality of the product. Big brands like Liberty, Bata, Gallery Apex, Janice, Hass Puppies, Spark Gear have also come up with all the great shoe collections for youngsters. Apart from that, Elephant Road, New Market, Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, Jamuna Future Park has a collection of all aesthetic design shoes.

The showrooms have come up with a variety of stylish shoes to keep pace with the fashion. A new trend has come in the shoe market with the predominance of buyers’ interest. In our country, the Bata Company first started large-scale footwear industry, but later popular companies like Apex, Excelsior Shoes and Paragon Leather and Footwear Industries also developed. At one time Bangladesh imported shoes from outside but now it is exporting shoes to different countries every year under the control of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Notable among the countries from which shoes are exported from Bangladesh are Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Russia, Italy and United States.

The demand for fashionable shoes in the world market is increasing day by day. In fashion, shoes are now given priority in expressing one’s personality traits. Office, home, party — everywhere one should wear shoes that suit their personality. Using stylish shoes with clothing will make them more attractive. However, with the change of time; there has been a huge change in shoes keeping pace with the times. The acceptance of fashion as well as comfortable shoes is gaining prominence now.



Author of this Article:
Nazifa Tabassum
B.Sc. in Clothing and Textile
Govt. College of Applied Human Science, Dhaka

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