Typical List of Chemicals Used in Dyeing Mill

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Typical List of Chemicals Used in Dyeing Mill

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Chemicals and auxiliaries are the main factor for producing color in yarn, fabric or garments. Chemicals are second important materials for dyeing. Different chemicals are used during textile wet processing. Chemicals are different in their properties. In different stages (Pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing) of dyeing processing in dyeing mill, various chemicals are used. Every chemical have their own characteristics.

Chemicals Used in Dyeing Mill

Typical List of Chemicals Used in Dyeing Mill

Type of ChemicalsName of Chemicals
Basic Chemicals:1.      Acetic Acid

2.      Hydrochloric

3.      Sulphuric Acid

4.      Caustic soda

5.      Formic acid

6.      Hydrogen peroxide

7.      Soda ash

Detergent & Scouring agent:1.      Felosan RGN

2.      Jintex-GD

3.      Jintex-GS

Washing Agent /Soaping agent1.      Kappatex R98

2.      Crosden LPD

3.      Serafast-CRD

4.      ResotexWOP

5.      Seraperse CSN

6.      Jintex WRN

7.      Diypol XLF (For polyester fabric)

Leveling Agent:1.      Jinleve leve-RSPL

2.      Levelex-P

3.      Dyapol XLF

4.      Lubovin-RG-BD

5.      Serabid- MIP

Sequestering Agent:1.      Resotext 600S

2.      Heptol-DBL

3.      Heptol-EMG

Salt:1.      Glauber Salt

2.      Common Salt

Whitening Agent:1.      Uvitex BAM

2.      Uvitex BHV

3.      Hostalux ETBN (For polyester fabric)

4.      Bluton BBV

5.      Tuboblanc col

6.      Uvitex2B

7.      Synowhite

Softener:1.      Acelon

2.      Resomine Supper

3.      Silicon (For Finishing)

4.      Resosoft –XCL

5.      Cetasaft CS

Fixing Agent:1.      Optifix-EC

2.      Protefix-DPE-568

3.      Jinfix -SR

4.      Tinofix-ECO

5.      Sandofix EC

Reducing Agent:1.      Hydrose
Bleaching Agent:1.      35 %  H2O2
Enzyme:1.      Rzyme 1000

2.      Tinozyme 44L

3.      Enzyme-B50

4.      Avozyme CL PLUS

Stabilizer:1.      Tinoclarite CBB

2.      kappazon H53

3.      Stabilizer PSLT

4.      STAB

Anticreasing Agent:1.      Cibafuid – C

2.      Biovin 109

3.      Kappavon CL

4.      AC-200

5.      MFL

PH Controller:1.      Acid

2.      Neutracid RBT (Non volatile)

3.      Soda Ash

4.      Caustic

Antifoaming agent:1.       AV-NO

2.       Jintex TPA

3.       Cibaflow-JET

4.       VO

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