Suitable Fabrics for the Summer Season for Men and Women

Last Updated on 25/05/2024

List of Suitable Fabrics for the Summer Season:
There is nothing worse than that sticky, sweaty feeling during summers. So, when the weather is hot, that people avoid polyester, synthetic, and nylon. By choosing the right clothing fabric for this hot summer weather during June to September are listed below:

fabrics for the summer
Fig: Fabrics for the summer

Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics. This soft, fluffy and lightweight fabric is perfect for the summers and can the human body keeps cool. Likewise, cotton knits are fashioned in the manner that there are airy loops which allow proper air circulation and make the heat bearable.

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for summer and hot weather. Cost effectiveness depending on its quality. Cotton is soft, lightweight, breathable, and easily penetrates up human body sweat, allowing heat to outflow the body and to stay cool and comfort.

cotton fabrics
Fig: Cotton fabrics

Cotton comes in countless styles and colors, importance that can find a cotton garment to fit good-looking much any necessity. There are also a variety of cotton blends that have different qualities. Cotton acquires attractive wrinkled, but using hot iron creases are not shown. You can check out pure cotton baseball caps for your summer fashion.

Summer-friendly fabric is Khadi. This fabric came into development during the Swadeshi movement, and subsequently then it has flourished all over the globe. This easy maintenance fabric is sure to keep cool during the hot summer season.

Lawn Cloth:
Lawn cloth is a lightweight fabric that gives the baby soft feels and will make pleasant situation. Lawn cloth is semi-sheer fabric woven in linen and cotton that gives it a smooth texture and help calm the wearer from the sweltering heat.

Lawn fabric
Fig: Lawn fabric

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Lightweight, tough, breathable and fresh feeling fabric is Fresco. Fresco leaves its wearer enormously comfortable and the high twist of the material gives sufficient room for air, making it the perfect summer fabric.

This fabric that feels cool in this hot summer, seersucker is the ultimate companion. This fabric needs no ironing and is lightweight with a preppy feel. Right choice for summer wardrobe collection.

Seersucker fabric
Fig: Seersucker fabric

Rayon is another excellent fabric that always makes the feel comfortable in the hot summer. It is a man-made fabric made out of wood pulp, cellulose, cotton, and other natural synthetics.

A natural fiber made from flax plants, Linen is known for its cool feel and comfort. It is perfect summer wear and also available in soothing shades which will make the elegant look and help the relaxation during the summer heat.

linen fabric
Fig: Linen fabric

Denim is made from very tightly woven cotton, nowadays medium to heavier fabrics are available. Some people prefer chambray for summer clothing. Chambray is often described as imitation denim, so it has all of the same benefits as denim, but is a lot lighter in weight.

Flannel, muslin, terry cloth, sateen, gauze, velveteen, and sailcloth are some of the other cotton varieties and weave available. Cotton is unsurprisingly the most common summer fabric. This natural and lightweight fabric is ideal for summertime wear.

Sheer is currently one of the most common summer fabrics. Sheer is an all-cotton fabric with Urdu and Hindi as its namesake. Unlike other heavy fabrics, this fabric does not stick to you in the summer. Its close ties to cotton are enough of an excuse to make it a summer favorite.

Tulle, lightweight crochets, organza, and lace are all available in sheer designs for a perfect summer statement. Indian designers adore sheer fabrics as well. They believe it gives Indian outfits more femininity and sophistication.

Silk is a fantastic summer fabric. It has enough antibacterial properties and a natural protein structure that allows for easy ventilation. Silk is often thought to be a climate fabric because of its ability to regulate temperature. The fabric also absorbs moisture, allowing the skin to breathe, and is appropriate for all summer season and occasions.

Kurtas worn in the summer months are usually made of thin silk or cotton fabrics; winter season kurtas are made of thicker fabric such as wool or “Khadi silk”, a thick, coarse, handspun and handwoven silk that may be mixed with other fibers.

Quality of the Fabric:
Before you even check whether it’s linen, cotton, polyester or nylon, you must feel it against your skin and feel whether it is of good quality.

Both rayon and silk are great choices of fabrics for the summer months. Rayon and silk are very thin fabrics. It makes the clothes feel comfortable and light. However when it comes to absorbing heat, they are not as good as cotton.

Working women can definitely pick light hues, crisp cotton shirts and team it with pencil skirts. If you are looking for ethnic look pick cotton salwar suits with phulkari, chikan kari and other fabulous embroidery work.

As women have plenty varieties, college going girls can prefer cotton kurti and pair it with cotton leggings or jeggings. For a casual look, even also cotton jumpsuits, crop tops, cotton skirts and many more fashionable outfits.

Women prefer to wear the khadi saree, salwar kameez to khadi kurta you can pick a wide range variety that is sure to give you a cooling effect and make you look elegant at your work, college and even as casual wear.

Chennai (previously known as Madras) is known for its hot, tropical climate and thus to manage the hot weather, the hand woven yarn spun from tip skin of ancient trees. The colorful plaids and texture made it popular overseas during 1960s and became high end fabric in the western countries.

Men in south India where Madras fabric lungi (dhoti) which is an essential wear during summer. Whereas men in the Western countries prefer madras fabric shorts, blazers, shirts in colorful plaids. So, to bring a bold look, you can definitely wear this style.

Lace is a stylish summer fabric which is woven in linen, silk, cotton and other fabrics. The close knit pattern makes the outfit will allow proper air circulation

As lace is a very delicate fabric, it gives a feminine touch and hence it would be ideal for women wear. However fashion and style ethnic kurta with lace border.

Wear lace crop top with denim shorts or lace top with the high waisted long skirt and bring a fabulous look to your personality. Even get lace off shoulder top, skirts, dresses that would cool you off in the summer heat. Make sure that to wear proper underwear with the lace outfits are in trending of fashion in recent days.

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