Top 6 Spinning Machinery Manufacturers in the World

Yarn is an assembly of substantial length and relatively small cross-section of fibers or filaments with or without twist. Yarn is manufactured in spinning mill. Spinning industries provide yarn to the weaving industries, which provide fabric to the garment industries. The quality of yarn and fabrics greatly influences the quality of the garments. Quality yarn production greatly depends on machinery. The major players in spinning machinery manufacturing are Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Italy, China and India. However Spain, Belgium, Turkey, and France are growing their market share slowly. Switzerland enjoys the largest share and is a master of finely engineered textile spinning machines. In this article I will discuss top 6 spinning machine manufacturers in the world.

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Top 6 Spinning Machine Manufacturers in the World:
The most relevant spinning systems are ring spinning (65% market share), followed by rotor spinning (30% market share), and air jet spinning (2%–5% market share). Exotic spinning principles such as friction spinning are not taken into account here as the utility is not very high.

Suppliers of the above indicated spinning technologies include:

  1. Rieter AG. Winterthur, Switzerland: ring-, rotor-, and air-jet spinning.
  2. Saurer Schlafhorst GmbH & CO. KG, Übach Palenberg, Germany: ring, rotor spinning, and winding.
  3. Trützschler, Germany
  4. Murata Machinery, Ltd., Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan: air-jet spinning and winding.
  5. Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A., Pordenone, Italy: rotor spinning, twisting, and winding.
  6. Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore, India: ring spinning and winding.

1. Rieter AG. Winterthur, Switzerland:
Undoubtedly Rieter is the best among the spinning machine manufacturers in the world. Rieter, Winterthur, Switzerland produces machinery for ring-, rotor- and air-jet spinning. The main ring spinning machine of Rieter, Winterthur, Switzerland is called “G 36 ring spinning machine.” It contains an electronically controlled drafting arrangement drive Flexidraft, which permits highest flexibility. Customers profit from a high-capacity, dependable, and high-quality machine with multiple technical spinning solutions. Quality is ensured by SERVOgrip, the Rieter innovation for real, under winding-free doffing, eliminates thread under winding, distinctly reduces fiber fly and thereby ensures dependable and rapid doffing. Besides, the proven Ri-Q-Draft drafting arrangement with pneumatically loaded guide arm and the Ri-Q-Bridge for superior spinning conditions form a solid basis for high and consistent yarn quality. Finally, the direct motor-driven intermediate drive ensures consistent quality with long machines.

Rieter ring frame
Figure: Rieter ring frame

The fully automatic rotor spinning machine of Rieter, Winterthur, Switzerland is called “R 66.” It sets the standard for quality and productivity. Quality is ensured by improved breaking tenacity and yarn consistency with the advanced spin box S 66 with individual centering and easily replaceable spinning elements. Additionally, good properties in further processing through uniform yarn quality are reached. Yarnlike piecing technology “AEROpiecing” and rotor cleaning “VARIOclean” on each piecing cycle helps to achieve better yarn quality. Furthermore, better yarn quality is ensured through cooler nozzle surface with COOLnozzle technology (prevents damage to sensitive fibers).

The fully automated air-jet spinning machine of Rieter, Winterthur, Switzerland is called “J 26.” Quality is ensured by the unique Com4 jet yarn structure that provides benefits in downstream processing and in the fabric. Technological innovations enable fabric softness to be adjusted. The well-established Rieter Q 10A yarn clearer is integrated in the J 26 machine. All standard clearer functions and special monitoring channels for polyester spinning are available. With the new edge displacement, packages have homogenous density, heavier weight, and soft edges for best performance in downstream processing. The automated piecing system utilizes the proven principle of progressive fiber feeding that helps to create strong, yarnlike piecings, which are undetectable in fabrics.

Rieter manufacture following machines:

2. Saurer Schlafhorst GmbH & CO. KG, Übach Palenberg, Germany:
Saurer Schlafhorst GmbH & CO. KG, Übach Palenberg, Germany produces machinery for ring- and rotor spinning and winding. Saurer is the one of the top spinning machine manufacturers in the world. The “Zinser 351” is the premium model for ring spinning at Saurer AG, Wattwil, Switzerland. The Zinser 351 model promises increased productivity and can be individually tailored to a variety of production requirement through the installation of additional modules and automation components. The most important spinning parameter and machine component, e.g., spindle drive, FancyDraft, and CoWeMat, is centrally controlled. Central settings minimize adjustment errors and eliminate inaccuracies.

The winding machine of Saurer AG, Wattwil, Switzerland is called “Autoconer 6.” The highlights of this new development are:

  • Self-adjusting winding unit with Eco-Drum-Drive System and SmartCycle,
  • Power on demand with intelligent vacuum control,
  • Intelligent doffer functions,
  • New feed principle and up to 80 winding units on the type RM machine,
  • State-of-the-art automation with VarioReserve, Intelligent Bobbin Sharing, and High-Speed Feeding,
  • Intelligence inside for maximum reliability,
  • Schlafhorst quality packages with standard tension control and optimized splicing technology.

The rotor spinning machine of Saurer AG, Wattwil, Switzerland is called “Autocoro 9”. The highlights of this new development are:

  • Reduce energy costs by up to 25%,
  • Maximize efficiency with the unique individual spinning position technology,
  • High rotor speeds of up to 180,000 rotations per minute (RPM) and take-off speeds of up to 300 m/min—on all lengths of machine and also for very large packages up to 350 mm in diameter,
  • Individually customizable machine length, perfectly automated spinning positions with up to 6 doffers and SynchroPiecing 24,
  • Maximum productivity/m2, which leads to optimal space utilization,
  • Reduced maintenance time and personnel requirements,
  • Maximum economic efficiency in all markets.

Saurer manufacture following machines:

  • Blowroom machine
  • Carding machine
  • Speed frame machine
  • Ring frame machine
  • Auto winder
  • Open end rotor machine

3. Trützschler, Germany:
Trützschler is the technological and market leader in spinning preparation for the cotton and man made fibers sectors. Trützschler is the one of the top spinning machine manufacturers in the world. Trützschler has been building machines for spinning preparation since it was founded in 1888. Today, the company is recognized as technology and market leader for openers, mixers, high production cards, draw frames and combing. Whether cotton or man-made fibers – Trützschler stands for innovation, quality and economic efficiency. Trützschler offers all the spinning preparation technologies to the market; and is moving very fast in terms of digitalization and Industry 4.0.

Trützschler carding machine
Fig: Trützschler carding machine

Trützschler manufacture following machines:

4. Murata Machinery, Ltd., Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan:
Murata Machinery, Ltd., Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan produces machines for winding and air spinning. Their air-spinning machine is called VORTEX. The first generation of VORTEX spinning machine contains an automatic yarn piecer for continuous spinning. The second generation of VORTEX implies self-spinning technologies and splicers were added. These lead to more stable and improved joint for all types of yarn.

The third generation of VORTEX will answer the expectations in the three concepts of value, vantage, and versatility.

Another product of Murata Machinery, Ltd., Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan is the Spinning Tension Stabilizing System (STS). This STS System is the key technology for VORTEX. This mechanism draws the yarn from the spinning nozzle where a friction roller is adopted instead of a nip roller. This system and newly developed spinning sensor realize stable yarn structures as well as consistent and reliable yarn qualities for the third generation of VORTEX.

Furthermore, Murata Machinery, Ltd., Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan produces the automatic winder, called PROCESS CONER II QPRO Plus. This automatic winder ensures high quality through auto setting. This keeps uniformity of tension, consistency of package density, and optimized positioning of bobbin.

Murata manufacture following machines:

  • VORTEX spinning machine
  • Automatic winder

5. Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A., Pordenone, Italy:
Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A., Pordenone, Italy produces rotor spinning frames. Their rotor spinning frame is called “FlexirotorS 3000.” For Savio Macchine Tessili S.p.A., Pordenone, Italy production flexibility is the main feature they want to offer their clients. Therefore, FlexirotorS 3000 is designed to meet the most different needs of flexibility in open end processing line.

The use of a Suessen spinning unit, together with two separate fronts, associated with a completely electronic machine, offer the customers the ideal solution for production control. Furthermore, FlexirotorS 3000 guarantees the highest speed and take-up performances. It ensures best production planning, high quality yarn and packages, and it minimizes unproductive time.

6. Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore, India:
The Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore, India produces the “LR60” line for ring spinning frames. The variants in “LR60” Ring frames are

  • LR60/A: spinning frame without doffer,
  • LRJ 60/A: spinning frame without doffer and with suction compact,
  • LR60/AX: spinning frame with doffer, and
  • LR60/AXL: spinning frame with link coner.

All LR60 ring frames contain an inverter drive. This inverter drive controls the speed through the inverter system and leads to less speed variation during the spinning process. The optional features of ring frame “LR60” series are auto doffer, link coner, and compact spinning. The series is an automated and user-friendly machine. The auto doffer leads to rationalization of labor. With it the doff time is less than 3 min. Because of the gentle removal of cops, the life expectancy of spindles is increased.

Another product of Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore, India is the Lakshmi Winder “LW72.” This winder implies the following features concerning automation and quality assurance of the process:

  • Digital signal control technology,
  • Square type unwinding accelerator with variable speed control system,
  • Variable timing antikink system,
  • Electronic antipatterning,
  • Dual drive cycle shaft to increase splicing cycle,
  • Twin-disc type pneumatic yarn tensioner, and
  • Inverter controlled suction motor.


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