Scope and Future of Fashion Designing in India

Scope and Future of Fashion Designing in India

Shubham Anil Jain
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1. Introduction
Today’s world is full of fashion, trends, design and style. When the fashion designer’s job is considered it is combined with creativity, imagination, and natural beauty to create costumes and other accessories items. Fashion design process basically evolves over time and from location to location, reflecting a vast range of social and cultural attitudes. Nowadays, fashion design is becoming increasingly hot topic among the creative because this highly competitive industry has a wide range of opportunities and scopes both in India and abroad. Upon completion of their specialized studies in fashion design, students can have an abundance of opportunities in this industry. They can find employment in different sectors such as fashion industry, manufacturing and exporting units, or start their own business and sell their products on the market.

2. Career Opportunities in Fashion Designing in India
There might be many reasons why one wants to pursue fashion designing, while one can explore outwards, search within yourself, what you are good at? Maybe do you have an good sense of matching colors and patterns, your doodles mostly are ideas for garments, good at styling fabrics, or have a keen sense of an understanding of fabrics and textiles. One can leverage the core strengths in future career. One can choose from one of the following careers:

2.1 Fashion Designer
It is one of the most ambitious career options for all. A Fashion Designer is someone who builds up new ideas based on the latest trends and innovation that are leading the world. Designing concepts and apparel is what they essentially do. The person who dreams up creative concepts and are always up to date about what’s happening in the fashion world, may wish to choose this path.

Fashion Designer

2.2 Fashion Illustrator
As the name suggests, a Fashion Illustrator presents drawings and illustrates the ideas of a fashion designer on paper and/or on computers. To pursue career in this, one need to be really good at drawing and illustration. One will get to work closely with designers to bring their ideas and designs to reality.

Fashion Illustrator

2.3 Fashion Stylist
Here, what Fashion Designers and Illustrators design, stylists put them beautifully. They manage for makeup, accessories, hair styles, and everything else to make sure the model looks awesome wearing the designs. For this, one need to have an amazing sense of style and should be skillful with accessorizing to shine in this path.

Fashion Stylist

2.4 Fashion Consultant:
The demand for fashion consultants are increasing nowadays. They are someone who help individuals choose their style based on their image, their personality, and looks. One should know the trends of the industry as well as basics of fashion designing to take on this route.

fashion consultants

2.5 Fashion Director
The work of fashion director is to manage fashion companies or houses and also directs fashion shows. They need to have overall understanding of how the industry works, have amazing research and network skills to run the shows successfully. Apart from this consumer behavior, the main skill to become fashion director is advertising tactics and marketing skills.

Fashion Director

2.6 Fashion Merchandiser
This job involves to help fashion companies merchandise and selling their products. To be able to successfully fulfill this role, one not only need know the past, present, and future trends but also need to understand the ups and downs of business as well. The one who loves multiple responsibilities, this role would suit best to them.

Fashion Merchandiser

2.7 Fashion Model
Even it is seen that, some fashion designers represent themselves by wearing their own clothes, while others pay models to advertise their work and garments. Modeling is another good career in fashion and that comes with a lot of glitz and glamour.

Fashion Model

3. Future Scope of Fashion Design in India
There has been a huge growth and demand for fashion-related courses in today’s academic world because of its booming future. The fashion has been used in terms of clothing, interiors, jewellery, and other goods have expanded the field’s capacity. Many new work opportunities for persons interested in fashion design have grown as the global and domestic fashion sectors. Many of the international and domestic fashion corporations and companies, as well as journals and popular design labels, seek out graduates of Fashion Design programmes. As a result, there are many new talents emerging every year with their unique designs. Find some of them below.

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Here is some of the Notable Young Indian Designers Who’ve Made a Mark with Their Designs:

3.1 Suket Dhir
Suket is particularly the designer behind his own label, who has created some genuinely unique pieces with intrinsic designs. In 2016, he has been awarded by International Woolmark Prize, which was previously given to the late Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent.

Suket Dhir

3.2 Ura Maku
Ura Maku, in design terms it means ‘flying shuttle,’ offers contemporary and timeless silhouettes. This label showcased tea dyed mulberry Eri and Muga silk, as well as organic cotton and Chanderi, in the GenNext category at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019. Recently, Tara Sutaria wears monochrome Ura Maku overalls on the cover of Grazia.

Ura Maku

3.3 Poochki
Designer team Ishanee and Anirudh have given block printing a more modern spin through their collections, working with craftsmen in Pilkhwa, Uttar Pradesh. This deserves to be bookmarked because it creates comfortable clothes that are suitable for all body shapes.


4. Conclusion
It is very clear that, the future of fashion designing is very bright in India. In other words, one can have job opportunities with the creativity. In India, as fashion is also very versatile, it is defined by diverse cultures, traditions and Western trends. As fashion designing is considered as a demanding career, therefore it has unprincipled competition. And hence one will require to be always on your toes to reach the heights. Also, the scope of fashion designing doesn’t always restrict to India, it would take talents all over the world. In addition, one always needs to keep updated on fashion with the industry because trends change.

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