Difference between Fashion and Style

Difference between Fashion and Style

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When it comes to fashion and style, they are two common terms which are now popularly used by the majorly young and almost all the generation, though they are totally confused about it, and cannot differentiate between fashion and style. Not talking about just young generation, there are so many who still don’t know the actual meaning and difference between fashion and style. “Fashion is more connected about dressing, whereas Style is more about being yourself”.

fashion and style

What is Fashion?
When it comes fashion, it is a way of dressing that is elegant, important and valued socially due to its innovativeness, novelty, and cultural relevance. The word “fashion” indicates compliance to that which is of the moment, not that which looks good on you as an individual. An important point to consider is that we refer to the apparel industry as the “fashion” industry, not the “style” industry. Fashion is, at its centre, considered as a business model. To go ahead with making money and keep companies afloat, fashions must necessarily change after every few intervals so that people are encouraged to buy the newest and latest things. If there was ever a reason to explore customized garments or dresses, not having to deal with fashion trends ever again is it. Fashion is what everyone continuously keeps on doing and wearing at any particular moment in time, a fad or trend that lasts for a short period. When fashion is concerned, there are no “staple” or timeless pieces. Currently, fashion is a very versatile matter and very popular, which is being featured and showcased in magazines, on TV, and on the fashion runways. From another view, fashion is also the newest and the latest creations made by designers. Fashion found in anything and everything such as clothes, shoes, make-up and accessories, etc which is being made do demanding by the fashion house, models, actors, and actresses.

In fact, in today’s world, a phrase coined “fast fashion” has been a hot topic in environmental movements. Criticisms of fast fashion majorly involves its negative environmental impact, water pollution, the utilization of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste.

What is Style?
Basically, style can be defined in many ways, but broadly, when it means to be stylish is to be yourself. Truly stylish individualities are able to express their personalities, tastes, and preference to occasion with the help of clothes, grooming, communication, and overall presence as well as attire. Style is something that is unique nature to everyone. Style is specifically the person’s own choice and preference in clothes, accessories, etc. Style is not purely dependent on clothing; it can be co-related to anything that makes the person look stylish and amazing.

In another view, style is the extended version of fashion which does not change like fashion. It’s more of your overall persona. Style is found to be less technical than fashion, and in turn, it’s more personal in nature. When it comes to man’s style it is not directly affected by trends in magazines, books, etc. Instead of that, the stylish man will look at trends and put his own personal, unique spin on it. It is the most distinctive way of dressing that enhances the wearer’s personal style, all while motivating self-confidence and still being generally appealing and attractive to others. We can take this definition one step further by stating that, classic style assumes all aspects of style generally and is grounded in time-tested principles of aesthetics.

Difference between Fashion and Style:

Sr. NoFashionStyle
1It is mostly genericIt is more about individualistic.
2 When it comes to fashion, it must be adapted by the society or group of people.Whereas, style can be adapted by a specific group of people.
3It is mostly variable, which keeps on changing.It is constant in nature.
4Fashion doesn’t rely on Style.Style relies on Fashion.
5It has a lot of strong attraction.It has no attraction as compared to fashion.
6It is generally what everybody wears.It is specifically what you wear.
7Fashion raises the connectivity.Style raises our uniqueness.
8It is generally countless.It is limited.
9Fashion is dated.Style is versatile.
10It is temporary.It is timeless.
11Fashion majorly seeks convenienceStyle typically seeks quality.
12Fashion is found difficult to attain.Whereas, style is attainable.
13It is versatile in nature.It is unique in nature.
14It is a kind of relationship to external.It is a kind of relationship to internal.
15It is being made famous by the fashion house, models, actor, and actress, etc.The person is enough for trending the popularity of a style.

In today’s scenario, fashion is being trending now for both men and women that are being featured, showcased or telecasted in Magazines, TV, or fashion runways; fashion trends and tastes differ gender as well as age-wise. On the other side, style differs from man to man and is unique to everyone and denotes individuals’ personality. And also depend on a person’s individual opinion and actions. But we sometimes confuse two things and many people find it tough to distinguish between them. In these modern days, Fashion & Style are common words but usually the terms are often being used interchangeably, but there are a few important distinctions. Fashion and style are two related concepts but also differs in some aspects. They are both referred to a kind of clothing, aesthetics, or ways of doing things and activities.


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Q1. What is the difference between fashion and style?
Ans: Fashion more deals with the latest trends and clothing items that are popular at a given time, whereas style has to do more is a personal expression of one’s individuality and taste.

Q2. Is fashion more important than style?
Ans: None is more important than the other. Fashion gives you freedom to experiment with new trends, while style is about showcasing your unique personality.

Q3. Can you have style without following fashion trends?
Ans: Absolutely! Style is all about personal expression and individuality, and you can create a unique look without strictly following fashion trends.

Q4. Does fashion influence personal style?
Ans: Fashion can influence personal style by enhancing new trends and ideas, but ultimately, it’s up to the individual to incorporate them into their own unique style.

Q5. Is fashion temporary while style is timeless?
Ans: Fashion is more about temporary as it keeps on changing with trends, while style is more enduring and reflects one’s personal taste and personality.

Q6. Can personal style be influenced by fashion icons?
Ans: Absolutely! Many people find inspiration in fashion icons and incorporate elements of their style into their own unique look.

Q7. Can fashion and style coexist?
Ans: Definitely! Fashion and style can coexist harmoniously. Fashion can inspire and inform personal style choices, allowing individuals to create their own unique looks.

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