Features and Technical Parameters of Rotawash Color Fastness Tester

Last Updated on 20/12/2021

Rotawash Color Fastness Tester:
Rotawash is one kind of textile testing instrument to determine color fastness to washing or dry cleaning of cotton, wool, silk, jute and chemical fiber textiles. It is available in an 8 or 12 washpot model, this instrument can handle either the 550 ml or 1200 ml washpots. The Rotawash Colorfastness Tester is suitable for color fastness testing to many standards and methods, including ISO, AATCC, IWS, Marks and Spencer, and NEXT. Fitted with programmer allowing automatic selection of all AATCC, ISO and other test methods with individual parameters displayed, select one of last 3 tests, select user defined program, COM port for updates. Now features a newly improved color touch control panel. Includes drain pump, inching facility and lid interlock. Rotawash colorfastness tester is the perfect instrument for smaller testing needs.

Rotawash Color Fastness Tester
Fig: Rotawash color fastness tester

Features of Rotawash Color Fastness Tester:
The redesigned Rotawash colorfastness tester offers many features upgrades that make it more efficient and easier for the lab technician to operate. The new graphical display and integrated controller provide an easy operating interface. All functions of the Rotawash are precisely controlled.

  • Water temperature
  • Test duration
  • Rate of temperature rise
  • Water level adjustment (drain and fill)
  • Rotation of containers for loading and unloading
  • Test method selection

Important features of Rotawash color fastness tester are given below:

  1. Stainless steel body which gives long life operations and durability;
  2. To determine the colour fastness to washing or dry cleaning;
  3. High-precision temperature controller, accurate temperature control cabinets;
  4. Latest Ergonomic design with customer friendly control panel;
  5. High-precision timer to set the time accurately stops;
  6. Control interface is friendly, easy to operate;
  7. Temperature upto 95°C with a digital temperature controller;
  8. Equipped with two steel cup sizes, quantity can be configured according to customer needs;
  9. Water bath is heated by stainless steel heater in a temperature rise rate of 2°C per minute;
  10. Touch control panel equipped with ISO & AATCC testing programs for easy operation.

Technical Parameters of Rotawash Color Fastness Tester:

  • Large steel cup capacity: 1200ml
  • Small steel cup capacity: 550ml
  • Dimension: 1120×600×1130mm(LxWxH)
  • Weight: 120KG
  • Temperature Controller: TI-LM35 type (up to 99.9°C) L/C – 0.5°C
  • Power: 380V/10A, 6.5KW
  • Temperature Regulation: ± 2.0°C (as per ISO)
  • Standards: ISO 105, M&S C4A/5/37/P3B/C10A, IWSTM 7/115/177/193/199/240/241, AATCC 28/61/86/132, BS 1006, NEXT 2/3/5

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