Role of Tight Fitting Dress and Its Impact on Human Health

Last Updated on 30/04/2023

Role of Tight Fitting Dress and Its Impact on Human Health

Reena Tyagi
Dept. of Fashion & Textiles
Monad University,
Hapur, India


Apparel what health effects on the human body? Clothing is not only the beauty & human psychology is closely related to affect people’s mental outlook & demeanor, but also have an effect on human health.

Clothing for human health has the many effects like:

1. Climate Control: People use clothing to alleviate the conditions of the external environment, causing the body temperature around the appropriate’ which is the clothing of the climate regulation

2. To Protect Skin Surface Is Clean: The skin to the body in direct contact with the outside world, the relationship between human health & life protection. One of the main functions of skin excretion of body wastes. Excretion of sebum, shed skin cells is a major source of pollution clothes.

Tight fitting dress
Fig: Tight fitting dress (Image source:

3. Protect The Body: To protect the body from environmental damage, is the clothing, especially the key function of clothes. For example-to prevent harmful external mechanical force, clothing have strength & toughness, to prevent pest damage, clothing must be penetration.

4. Facilitate Activities: The lighter the clothing & more health benefits, there is no constraint on human action, without prejudice to the breathing & blood circulation, does not affect development.

5. Clothing Is Conducive To Growth & Development: The growth & development is beneficial to infants & an important condition for children’s clothing. In addition, the cold weather plus clothing is justifiable. However, more clothes will unduly elevated temperature, prevent heat, moisture gain, weakening the body’s ability to adapt to the outside world and anti disaster capabilities, as well as cold.

Fashion trends change from day to day, but tight clothing trends more and more to get back in style. While in the sixties and the seventies, men were usually the victims of tight clothing, today women are more and more drawn to wear articles that fit their bodies perfectly. Combining a tight blouse with a pair of jeans guarantee a sexy attractive look.

But on the other hand there are some negative effects of modern clothing & costumes on health. As it is tight fitted on body, hence definitely it becomes uncomfortable feel like exhausted & more over unhealthy for below of some reason-

6. Heartburn & Acid Reflux: If someone ever suffered with a burning chest and an acidic taste in his/her mouth; he/she has probably experienced the discomfort of acid reflux. Many people struggle with this condition every day, while others only have it on rare occasion. If someone falls into the first group, he/she may be making the problem worse by wearing tight, constrictive clothing. The pressure of the clothing against his/her stomach can raise intra-abdominal pressure and cause acid to squirt back into his/her esophagus, giving his/her a nasty case of heartburn. Yeast infections are a common medical condition, particularly among women. Yeast thrives in a warm, moist environment where they set up an infection that’s itchy, irritating, and sometimes painful. Wearing tight clothing, particularly constrictive pants, sets up the ideal environment for yeast to grow and flourish. This is particularly true when the weather is warm outside and you’re wearing an outfit that restricts airflow.

7. Nerve Compression: Yes, even nerves can be affected by clothing that’s too tight. Tight, low riding pants that have been so trendy recently can compress the nerves in the back resulting in numbness and tingling in the legs.

8. Fainting: Back in the days when corsets were so popular, one of the risks of wearing these constrictive garments was the possibility of fainting. This occurred because these garments didn’t allow full expansion of the chest and cause breathing to be shallow. In some cases, this can decrease oxygen intake and result in fainting. An extremely tight spandex top or a constrictive could have the same effect.

Review of the study:

1. The health risks of wearing tight fitting dress …many of us women want a pair of jeans to fit like a fine pair of gloves and many times we buy them too tight to really fit and we squeeze ourselves into them regardless of the pain it causes us while wearing them. Women love to copy the fashion world and when celebrities go for tight jeans, we follow suit. 2 of 2by Barbara Kasey Smith June 30, 2009.

2. For men, the effects of tight clothing are not to be neglected. A tight pair of jeans can cause infertility in men and the testicles can suffer damage. Giovanna is a writer and publisher of Article Click.

3. Use of clothing. While dieting and exercise are popular methods of changing one’s body shape and body image, clothing is often the medium used to visibly project the change. Clothing can also be used to manage one’s appearance while experiencing weight loss. According to Apatura.

4. According to Markee, Carey, & Pedersen (1990), individuals might use clothing as a way to camouflage perceived figure faults or flaws and bring their bodies closer to their perceptions of the norm, thus temporarily improving body cathexis, or satisfaction with the body. They contend that clothing may create a new and better perception of the body.

To study the role of modern costume and its impact on women health.


  • Random sampling procedure was used for collecting the sample. The total sample was consist (150) women.
  • Questionnaire method was used for collecting the data.

Total samples – (150)

Working Women ……………….House Wife’s
…………75 ………………………………..75


  1. Only those respondents were taken in the study.
  2. Only those women who like to wear modern dresses were taken in the study.
  3. Only 150 women were taken in the study.
  4. To collect the data Meerut city were taken.

Result & Discussion:
In my study I got these responses from the respondents & these are-

Statement of working women:

  • 25 respondents think that they are only person who liking tight fitting clothes & they like tight fitted clothes very much.
  • 25 respondents like to wear tight fitting clothes because its expose their actual figure.
  • 25 respondents don’t have sensory issue with clothing because they only prefer to wear tight fitting clothing due to its good looking.

Statement of non-working women:

  • 25 respondents whom are none working said that they never keep their costume tight because due to uneasy or feeling uncomfortable during work.
  • 25 respondents said that they are not hugely overweight, but the extra weight they have around their middle. So if clothing is too tight, it’s too tight there, which can be painful.
  • 25 respondents said that they never want to wear tight fitted clothes because their home environment & family condition does not allow them.

Most of women know that yeast infections are a common medical condition for the majority of us. Yeast infection thrives in warm, moist places and they will cause an itchy, painful, and irritating condition which leads us to make a doctor’s call. Tight clothing doesn’t provide enough airflow to particular areas and it becomes moist and the outcome will end up with a woman getting a terrible case of yeast infection.

There are certain implications for the health of a person wearing clothes so tight. There are some studies on the effect of tight clothing on the health. The body can develop a nerve condition called paresthesia that is similar to the carpal tunnel syndrome. The most widespread symptom of this condition is a burning sensation experienced right under the hip bone.

When garments are so tight around the middle area of the body, it can cause the chest not to fully expand causing breathing to be shallow. It has also been known to decrease oxygen intake and result in a person fainting.

The fashion is almost always set by celebrities and they become to wear tighter and tighter clothes. This seems to be a problem of the female sex, as men do not embrace too much such style, as it is considered unattractive by them. Women, on the other hand, feel they can become sexier and more attractive by showing all of their bodies through their clothes. This is the reason why women prefer low cut tight jeans and equally tight bras. Tight mini skirts are all the rage during the summer and the list for tight clothes can go on like this forever.

For men, the effects of tight fitting dress are not to be neglected. A tight pair of jeans can cause infertility in men and the testicles can suffer damage.


  1. Women have to avoid skin fitted clothes to cure them.
  2. Women all like to think that they are curvy & sexy in their tight fitting dress but actually they are causing damage to their bodies in many ares, so they should avoid tight fitted cloths.
  3. Wearing tight-fitting clothes can cause pain in a number of areas of the body during pregnancy. This includes the abdomen, chest and arms. To avoid these problems women should not wear the tight fitting dress.
  4. To secure their self from the cheap people with their cheap mentality & eve teasing.



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