Saree Shapewear vs Petticoat – An Overview

Saree Shapewear vs Petticoat – An Overview

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Indian women take great pride in their heritage. Wearing the conventional saree is one way they do this. This outfit is a stylish choice that you may wear to numerous events and that shows off your body. Yet, physical bulges that are visible might ruin your confidence. A piece of clothing called shapewear can help you prevent these bulges. Saree shapewear is a type of shapewear that is specifically designed for sarees. Under the saree lies a piece of clothing called a saree shapewear. You can achieve a graceful body form with its aid. We’ll discuss what saree shapewear is and how to apply it in this article.

Saree Shapewear vs Petticoat

Replacing Traditional Petticoats with Saree Shapewear:
Saree Shapewear is now trending among Indian girls, especially those who want to wear saree, at parties, wedding ceremonies, and other special occasions. Though saree shape wear is a new fashion in India for many girls, we have observed that many girls are skeptical about it. They do not know how to wear the saree shapewear or are not confident about wearing it. Especially because it does not have the tape or flat string (nara) like a traditional petticoat. The tape holds the saree well. But the this shapewear has elastic instead of tape. Thus, it is a prevalent misconception that saree shapewear cannot hold the saree securely. It can be really embarrassing if the saree drape emerges suddenly.

Traditional Petticoat
Fig: Traditional petticoat

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The saree shapewear is fully seamless, has no pleats, and does not have drawstrings like the traditional petticoat had. With this figure-hugging underskirt, you may get the desired mermaid shape. Your figure is ruined by your typical petticoat strings bunching up at your stomach. This saree shape wear is made with a thick seamless waistband rather than strings, thus there is no possibility of it happening. This belt prevents chaffing and holds your saree in place for lengthy periods of time while maintaining a perfect midsection.

Saree Shapewear
Fig: Saree shapewear

Because petticoats have drawstrings and are awkward to wear while wearing a saree, most ladies choose not to wear them. This is completely fixed by the saree shapewear. Given that it is composed of soft fabric and has side slits, it is incredibly pleasant to wear. And the elastic waistband is completely painless! Also, you won’t need to rush to the tailor to acquire the ideal fit with saree shape wear. The saree shapewear fits all shapes and sizes, slim or voluptuous. Women, the Saree Shapewear is unquestionably superior to a simple petticoat. Upgrade to this incredible saree shapewear to effortlessly wear a saree to events.

What Makes Traditional Petticoats Different from Saree Shapewear?

1. Comfort:
Most of the time, the traditional petticoat is not stretchy and gathers at the waist. Contrarily, shapewear can be stretched to fit the wearer’s postural requirements.

2. Drawstrings:
Unlike to shapewear, which has a weaved drawstring with enough thickness to carry the heaviest of sarees, traditional petticoats have drawstrings that are composed of scrap fabric and are sewn. Because they are elastic, shapewear drawstrings don’t leave bruises even when they are carrying most of the saree’s weight.

3. Extenders:
For the conventional underskirts, heights are a fixed variable just like size. I AM offers extenders for the D’coat or shapewear depending on the wearer’s height. You can now choose to wear the same petticoats with or without heels.

4. Agility:
You may walk around gracefully and dance your heart out thanks to the shapewear’s bottom end slit.

5. Stitching:
Traditional underskirts are constructed from cutout pieces, thus under sarees in bright colours, the sewing lines are evident. In contrast, shapewear provides a nice finish and is seamless.

6. Size:
The guiding principle of conventional petticoats is that one size fits all. On the other hand, contemporary shapewear is sized and produced according to your body measurement.

Top Saree Shapewear Brands

1. Zivame:
It is dedicated to helping ladies, which makes it one of the best saree shape wear brands in India. It successfully improves the experience of women shopping for intimate wear by providing high-quality products and a variety of choices. The brand consistently introduces new items to the wardrobe and stays current with current trends. It guarantees the highest caliber. By doing so, the brand encourages ongoing innovation and contributes to defying convention.

2. Clovia:
It offers a variety of high-quality products that are all available to you. You can select from fashionable items when you shop with the brand. Clovia is one name that ought to be on your list if you’re looking to get the greatest saree shapewear. Here is a list of the best saree manufacturers in India that you can peruse to choose the ideal saree to wear with this Clovia shapewear. Clovia has everything from loungewear to innerwear and nightwear to activewear and swimwear. The brand established itself in India by providing the highest quality, and it currently has a sizable consumer base.

3. Dermawear:
You look for good quality, style, and comfort when purchasing saree shapewear. Dermawear provides each one. Its goods are real and provide you a lovely appearance. These are the justifications for choosing this brand. A fantastic consumer response inspired the firm to introduce denim and sportswear. It has improved through time to rank among the greatest saree Shape wear brand in India.

4. Nykd by Nykaa:
Nykd prioritises comfort while maintaining the latest trends in design. Everyone looks for this quality in a piece of clothes. You can count on the brand’s saree shape wear to be comfortable and of high quality. The house of Nykaa launches Nykd. Similar to Nykaa, Nykd is a platform that women frequently use. The company hopes to make shopping for intimate apparel easier. It creates a variety of chic intimate clothing for that purpose, paying close attention to comfort. It flawlessly combines style and functionality. The brand also makes stylish shape wear, innerwear, and innerwear accessories.

5. Inddus:
It is a well-known ethnic clothing brand in India. The company began operating in 2015 as a producer of unstitched fabrics and home furnishings. Later, it changed to include kurtis, sarees, and other clothing. The brand’s indo-western and fusion collections are worth checking out. There are also available handbags and clutches. You may see out the brand’s shapewear for sarees right now.

One gorgeous ethnic garment that really draws attention to a woman’s form is the saree. Women always want to appear a size smaller, but wearing those traditional cotton petticoats only makes us appear larger. The purpose of saree shapewear is to enhance your form when wearing sarees and give you a mermaid-like shape. You look thinner and more toned because to the skirt-like style, which is also quite comfortable to wear. Women, the Saree Shapewear is unquestionably superior to a simple petticoat. Upgrade to this incredible shapewear to effortlessly wear a saree to events.



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